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Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

This is the last of our interviews, so before we get into it I want to thank everyone for their questions, and for checking these out! This is the eighteenth of the set, the most I’ve ever done, and I’ve had so much fun  – and it’s all because of you! So, thank YOU!

troyJo: And now, the least for last.. erm, I mean, the meanest for last – can you tell I really don’t like Troy?

Troy: Pffft. Whatever. You need me to be the villain.

J: True, but I don’t have to like you just because I need a villain. You might like to know though, that Steve likes you. (He’s reading Patrick right now, where Troy has a bigger part.)

T: Not as big as I deserve, but whatever. Let’s get on with this shit, huh?

J: Fine with me. Since I mentioned Steve, we’ll start with him. He asks: What kind of aftershave does he use?

T: Ha! Aftershave. Well, all right. There wasn’t no aftershave back in “my day”. That shit didn’t get popular until the 30s. But I always like aqua velva.

J: Nice. That should help their advertising campaign. Wait. Do they even make it anymore?

T: *Snickers* You’re bein’ hostile.

J: Not at all. Sherry asks: Troy, what was it like trying to pick up the pieces after your parents left you and your brother alone?

T: Ha ha! This is where I’m supposed to get all emotional and touchy-feely, right? Well, it ain’t happenin’. We managed. I was old enough to know what the fuck was goin’ on, and my brother and my sister were pretty enough to be worth a little cash. I found the clients, they did their jobs, I made sure they got paid, and we all ate a goddamn meal. We had a good racket too, ‘til my sister went septic from the damn abortion and died-

J: Yeah, I’m gonna stop you right there. Amy asks: What are your top three regrets, and what would you do differently?

T: Ha! You ain’t ready to hear my confessions, sister! But to keep my author a happy little girl, I’ll see what I can come up with, huh? I regret underestimating Jorick – not that I underestimated what he *could* do, but what he *would* do. I knew he had the hots for the bitch, but I didn’t think it went far enough for him to storm the den. I also regret that I wasn’t the one who got give it to her, but I needed Claudius to do it. Truth be told, I figured since Jorick was there, he’d kill Claudius over it and I could get the coven. And the third…I regret not getting Patrick made immortal. He was better than his brother by a long shot.


You can read Troy’s short story in the Vampire Morsels Collection (Free everywhere except Amazon)

J: Dawn asks: What did you feel for Patrick?

T: *laughs* he was a pretty little thing, wasn’t he? Ah, what does anyone feel, huh? He was fun to break, and the best part of him was that since he got to escape in between he had time to put himself back together and I could do it again, and again, and-

J: We’re done with that. Dawn also asks: Are you Jealous of Katelina?

T: Ha! Jealous? Of what? That Patrick thought he loved her? No. Truth is, he needed her to keep his head together. That bitch he had at first didn’t do much for him, so she was a nice change. Though it’s funny how fast she forgot he even existed.

J: And that pissed you off?

T: What? That she went for Jorick before the boy’s body was even cold? Nah. I don’t care. Just saying it says something about her. Made it easier to give her to the wolves, if you know what I mean. Had she been loyal, I might have had a soft spot for her. Or a hard spot.

J: Oh God. Steve asks: When he is rogering his victims, does he feel hottest with a male or a female?

T: *laughs* The girls are fun, but the best are the pretty boys – even better are the ones that hate it but like it at the same time. Makes them ashamed for enjoying it, and that shame tastes delicious.

J: Ugh. Steve also asks: Is he shunned by straight vamps?

T: Nah, not for the most part. Once the fangs sink in, they all feel the same. You’d be surprised how many of the so-called straight vampires hop the fences.

J: Sharon asks: If you change one thing, anything, what would it be?

T: We’d go back to the moment when Jorick stormed the den and got the better of me. A smarter way to do it would have been to set Claudius up doin’ what he was doin’, and then to stay down there instead of following orders and going upstairs. Jorick would have been busy killing Claudius, and wouldn’t have noticed me, and I could have been the bad guy in the rest of the book, or in the next one. Hell, maybe I could have teamed up with that bitch Kateesha. She was a dirty who-

J: Ahem! God! Steve asks: Does he have vamp playmates?

T: Ha ha, hell yeah. Of course. Yulia is always up for it, and there’s two or three others that are regulars. Don’t let their better-than-you bullshit attitudes fool ya. I’ve tasted most of that coven in one way or another. Even Joseff, for all his tough guy shit.

J: Right. Amy asks: Do you have any remorse for the horrible, evil things you did?

T: Sorry, sweetheart, but I can’t come up with anything horrible or evil that I did. Anyone who got hurt had it coming, one way or the other. Either they deserved it, or they liked it. It’s not like I went around breaking the wings off angels, just killin’ demons, coz that’s all there is in this world – no angels, just the goddamn demons. Some are just more obvious than others.


You’ll see more of Troy in the prequel Brothers of Darkness

J: God you’re bitter! Amy also asks: What do you think is your one redeeming quality?

T: *snickers* like what? You wanna hear how I love puppy dogs, or help old ladies across the street? Fuck that. My redeeming quality is that I did what I had to do to survive. I took care of my brother and my sister, ‘til she died and he found a dirty old woman to keep him, then I took care of me. I worked hard, I did what I was told when I needed to, rebelled when I needed to, and I survived. And I woulda had that coven if-

J: I’m not sure that’s redeeming, but whatever. And for our last question, Sharon asks: Where do you see yourself in, say 5yrs?

T: In your nightmares, sweetheart. *rough laughter*

J: And with that we are done. Thank god. Thanks so much to everyone who left a question and stopped in. Unfortunately, you can look forward to more of Troy in the upcoming prequel Brothers of Darkness, where I suppose he’s probably the main villain, just like he really was in the first book.

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  1. Dawn Muuss

     /  August 17, 2016

    Thank you Joleene the interviews have been so much fun.

  2. Amy

     /  August 17, 2016

    Good job, Jo!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Three hoodies save the world and commented:
    Excellent post.

  4. Um, nice interview, although maybe nice isn’t the right word when talking about Troy.

  5. OMG!! For once I agree with Troy. Katelina managed to get over Patrick really fast and he deserved better.

  6. JJ

     /  August 19, 2016

    Troy is easy to love to hate. I feel like Katelina only got over Patrick quickly because she (1) had never really let herself get attached due to the transient quality of their relationship (2) always felt something was missing because she wouldn’t allow herself to get attached to him [see #1] (3) was so horrifically traumatized by seeing him dead that the emotions cancelled each other out to an extent. and/or (4) emotional transference – she was hurting and shocked and scared and sexy, badass vampire saves her… I could be WAY off base… since I still have a ton of catching up to do, but that was my take on it from book 1. That being said, I’m totally Team Jorick at this point… 😉


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