12 Questions with Rae

Rae is the main character in Chloe Hammond’s Darkly Dreaming.  Let’s see what she has to say for herself!

1. Do you have any pets? What are they?

I have a little silver cat, called Babette. We hunt rats together, it’s
fun and rats taste better than cows or pigs.

 2. What’s you favourite colour? Why?

Red, I love rich, dark, velvety reds. They make me feel, mmmm,

 3. What do you hate about your appearance most?

 I hate my finger nails- they’re a pretty colour, an amethyst purple,
but they grow like claws now, thick and curved, and if I managed to
grind them down with an electric sander, they’d grow back within ten

 4. What do you like about your appearance most?

I love being hairless everywhere but my head, eyebrows and eyelashes. I
hated shaving my legs, I was crap at it, and always taking chunks out,
so now I don’t have to it’s great. And could you imagine if they grew
like my nails- I’d be shaving every five minutes.

 5. What’s you favourite song ever?

Wicked Game by Chris Issac, when I think of Guillaume, my heart clenches, and this song reflects that the  best.

 6. What’s you most embarrassing experience ever?

I didn’t know about the Need when I first transformed. I’d been told to
avoid touching anyone, but not why. There was this really boring chap, I
called him Mr Muesli because he wore chewy jumpers, anyway, he got
infected with the vampire virus too, and he was droning on down by the
river to me, and after I’d listened to me, he went and put his hand on
my arm, and, well, yeah, that was mortifying..

 7. Who is you fav. celeb crush?

Hmmmm, I have a bit of a thing for Tom Cruise when he’s Lestat. Who
doesn’t like a bad boy? Of course it’s Louis I’d fall for in real life,
in fact, now I think of it, Guillaume is not dissimilar.

 8. What’s your star sign? Are you typical?

I’m an aquarius, and I’m so typical. Nobody gets me, not even other
Aquarians. Gemini’s think it’s fun to come along for the ride, Librans
love me, and Aries get very frustrated when they can’t control me. Virgo
and I shouldn’t be left alone in a room together, we do not get along.

 9. What’s your favourite perfume / aftershave to wear?

My nose is far too sensitive for perfume now, but I do love a tiny drop
of natural Attar Of Roses smoothed through my hair so the scent
surrounds me.

 10. What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

I can’t drink anything but blood now, not even water. I do enjoy
sniffing coffee though, and last week a friend introduced me to the joy
of savouring the bouquet of a good Merlot.

 11.What’s your fav quote from a book or film? Why?

I have lots of quotes I love, but my absolute favourite is in
Shakespeare’s ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’, when she’s just run away from the
war she was supposed to help Anthony win, and he is furious with her,
ready to throttle her outraged, and she flounces in and asks ‘Not know
me yet?’ I love her lack of apology, her refusal to take responsibility
for him expecting her to behave in anyway other than true to her own
character. I try to keep that little nugget at the core of me while I
try not to be such a pleaser all the time.

 12. What’s the best or worst holiday you ever had? Why?

Ah ha ha. Really? I went on this little trip to France, to relive old
memories, rediscover me youth, joie de vivre, whatever. I only suggested
it to stop Layla having a go at me for drunkenly sleeping with my
ex-husband again. It was at a street festival in a French town called
Tours that I discovered there is such things as vampires. I’d rather not

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