12 Questions with Willy Osborn

Willy Osborn is the creation of Jonathan Harvey and star of the forthcoming Vampire Prophecy. Until then, you can find him in Fangs and Fun short story collection.

  1. Do you have any pets? What are they? Pets? I didn’t know we still called them that! I thought they decided it wasn’t very PC! I used to have a pet. Her name was Francesca.  We met at a International House of Breakfast of all places! Alas, she didn’t last long.  I forgot to feed and water her properly.  She dried up rather quickly.
  2. What’s you favourite colour? Why? That’s a no Brainer! I love red. When I plan to strap the feed bag on, (I prefer o- from the blood bank.  The got the coolest little feed bags) I like to wear red because, if I get messy it blends right in.
  3. What do you hate about your appearance most? What’s to hate. I do wish I could change into a bat, like in the movies!  That would be awesome!
  4. What do you like about your appearance most? Everything,except the not being able to to change into a bat or mist. I could make the ladies all misty eyed.
  5. What’s you favourite song ever? “Can’t Smile Without You” by Barry Manilow. It’s just real pretty. I show my fangs when I sing it to the ladies!
  6. What’s you most embarrasing experience ever? This is very embarrassing.   I actually attacked Zomberella: Queen of the Undead.   I don’t know I was really hungry!  You know the green skin should have been a giveaway.   Luckily she forgave me .  We’re friends now.
  7. Who is you fav. celeb crush? Well I wouldn’t call him a crush, because I don’t roll like that, but the Fast Food Strangler was a real genius. You know he struck in my home town. Right at Jiklemier’s Burger Barns.  He never got caught!  Someday, they’re going to talk about me the way they talk about him.
  8. What’s your star sign? Are you typical? You know? I should have my own constellation. It could be “The Sign of the Fangs.” Anyone born under that sign would probably be very tasty. I might find a telescope right away.  This would be a good month for it, right?
  9. What’s your favourite perfume / aftershave to wear? There’s this cologne for the distinguished gentleman that’s very hard to find. I believe it’s made by Arabian Monks or something. It’s called “Castration of the Infidels.”  It has a sweet coppery scent.  I don’t know what it does for the ladies, but it drives me mad.
  10. What’s your favourite alcocholic drink? Black Rumble! Hands down! If you feed that to an underaged drinker then go for the jugular.   It’s heaven for everyone involved! (Singing) Oh Black Rumble has me in its spell. Oh Black Rumble makes the world just swell.  Oh Black Rumble smashing through my brain.   Oh Black Rumble making me insane! Oh Black Rumble…
  11. What’s your fav quote from a book or film? Why? My favorite quote is “Don’t Panic” from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy .  I never panic and I don’t want my next meal to panic either. If I am going to feed and you are going to die, we might as well both have a great time while we are doing it.
  12. What’s the best or worst holiday you ever had? Why? Every day with Willy Osborn is a jolly holiday. One of my favorite ones was a Thanksgiving I went to visit The Scourge’s dear old Aunt in Tuttlesville! I had an awesome time with the old broad. I sent pictures to the Scourge and he went absolutely nuts.  It’s not like I  killed her or anything.  I just tasted her.  It was a little like stale fruitcake.   It’s good for the Scourge to know that I am looking after his family.  It helps to keep him in line.

You can find Willy in Fangs and Fun or you can come and meet him and his author in Book Born RIGHT NOW! (7pm – 9pm Central)

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