Celine Reissued


When Maegan Provan first published her vampire novel Celine, I gave it five stars. Now that she’s released a reworked second edition, I wish I could give it ten!

The basics are still the same, the title character is a girl who has been transformed into a “Night Touched”, a vampire created by the original vampire and then abandoned. With no one to guide her, she’s is quickly captured by Slayers, a group of humans who, in a world rife with paranormal creatures of all kinds, have dedicated themselves to protecting humanity – and that means killing vampires.

But instead of killing Celine, they see this as the perfect opportunity to study a Night Touched. Trapped, Celine reaches out in the only way she can – but psychically connecting with Harper.

When Harper was turned into a Night Touched, years ago, also abandoned. Since then, she has come to rely on her friends, as they move from town to town, always taking on personas, and leaving just before too many questions can be asked. But, despite their friendship, she feels alone. Perhaps that’s why the delicious human Silas catches her eyes, or maybe it’s because they’re fated to be together. Whatever the cause, she’s hooked, even though she knows she shouldn’t be, and then she starts getting visions of a young girl held prisoner – another Night Touched like herself. She knows she has to find her, but how can she, when Celine doesn’t even know where she’s being held?

As for what has changed, just… yes! Can I shout that? Now told through alternating points of view, we get to crawl inside not just Harper, but also celine, and the ever-tasty Silas. Flashbacks and other scenes give us a sense of why he’s doing what he’s doing, how he ended up where he is, and of course show us his confused, but irresistible attachment to Harper. Not just that, but the storyline is tighter, the word flow even better than before, still coupled with some great prose, and one heck of a big battle scene. I love, love, love this book, and I need to get it in paperback!

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    Outstanding review for Celine by Maegan Provan!

  2. Totally agree. The first edition was awesome, but now it’s just incredible. I love it so much.

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    Kind words from the amazing Joleene Naylor! ❤

  4. Looks interesting.


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