Goddess of Night News

First I have to announce that the publication date for Goddess of Night has changed. I’ve never moved a publishing date before, because I hate when people do that, but if I don’t, this book will not be properly edited. Period. Because it’s the last book and there are so many things I want to wrap up, I’ve had to restart it three times (this last time stuck, thank goodness!) but because of that, the rough draft isn’t  finished. There is no way I can get it done, edited, and off to beta readers, and then have time to implement their suggestions by the end of March. Not if you want a good book – and I know you do.

The new publishing date is April 30, 2017. I hadn’t set pre-orders up yet, so there’s nothing that is effected by it. I will probably do that in the next few weeks, after I have the cover reveal.

I can reveal the symbol for the chapter headings, though:


It’s a symbol used in a Goddess of Night ritual. I could get all bizarre on you with a bunch of symbolism (yeah, I made it up as I was working on it, because you can’t have a credible symbol unless you know why it is the way it is) but I’ll leave you to make your own inferences.

And as a bonus, here is the pretty snazzy new cover image for my Facebook author page:



And don’t forget that Saturday is the Very Vamp-y Valentines Party on facebook, co-hosted by myself and the talented Maegan Provan! More on that tomorrow.

Are you excited for the new book? What do YOU hope happens in it?

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  1. I’m so sad for the main series to be over, but so excited to read this book! I totally understand having to push back the date. I don’t mind waiting!

  2. Really excited! I have to find my Kindle now!


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