Verchiel’s New Cover

Yes, it’s here, the last of the new Tales of the Executioner covers!



(I know his hair is not long enough, but as I preach to other authors, a cover doesn’t need to be perfect. it’s a representation, not an exact re-creation)

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Verchiel wakes up in an unfamiliar room with a busty woman standing over him. He can’t recall who she is – or even who he is – let alone how he’s become an immortal blood drinker. As he tries to discover the answers, he must also learn to control his blood lust or fight an entire village of panicked people.

And to answer the burning question: When will there be new Tales of the Executioners? I’m planning to spend the next year writing short stories (Starting in May) so stay tuned to the blog for updates!

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  1. Reblogged this on Authors to Watch and commented:
    Yippee! A free short story about one of my favorite Amaranthine characters!

  2. I still prefer YOUR representation of your characters instead of those pesky pictures, but it’s just me! 😉

    • LOL! the trouble is I don’t have them all done – when I wrote Lisiantha I didn’t have her drawn so had to use a photo, same with the one I am working on right now. I might do the drawn covers again in the future when I have more time to draw but not the original ToE ones – I’ve never liked them. Not sure if it’s the fonts or what, but something just isn’t right.

  3. This was a good read. Loved the fluency.


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