Fan Fiction Fling Entry #1

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I’ll post each of the eight fan fiction entries, one a day, and then on August 15th we’ll vote on our favorites! (Voting will be anonymous – no one will know who you voted for!)

Today we have:

Micah’s Sweet Treat by Amy Wilson


“Hey, Pipsqueak! Hurry up, would ya? I ain’t got all night! I’m dyin’ over here,” Micah gritted through his teeth. He was Loren’s lookout while he fed, and Loren looked out for him, in turn. Yeah, the kid turned out to be pretty useful, both as a fighter and a friend. But tonight, he was getting on Micah’s last nerve. They’d been hunting in their usual territory for over an hour before they finally found a donor they could feed on without drawing unwanted attention. Donor…that’s what Loren started calling them after the final battle. If that wasn’t bad enough, he didn’t want to drain them dry anymore, either. “Just enough to satisfy us, then we let the donor go. We shouldn’t keep killing innocent people if we don’t have to,” Loren told him. Micah argued with him, reminding him of what they were and how the real world worked, but he couldn’t reason with him. And now, here he was, starving to death while Loren took his sweet time.  “Fuck that,” Micah muttered under his breath. As he turned to pull Loren off the donor and dig in, he caught a whiff of something that stopped him in his tracks.  His head spun until he found the source; it was coming from a bakery down the street, and his feet were moving before his brain caught up with them. They’d passed the place a thousand times on their way to and from their hunting grounds, but he’d never given it more than a sideways glance. A few minutes later, he found himself standing outside the door of the bakery, trying to get his head together.

Through the front window, he saw the source of his weakness. Hot damn, he was right. A freshly baked sweet potato pie sat on the counter–the rich, nutty scent drawing him in, making his mouth water. He cursed himself for letting it get the best of him. He knew he should get back to Loren, but he was still annoyed with the kid; plus, he was a glutton for punishment, and he wanted to pretend he could have his favorite childhood treat just one more time. His granny used to make it for him every time he came to visit. That old woman spoiled him till the day she died, and he took pride in letting her. He was devastated when she passed on, and her death played a part in his decision to take his own life. She was the last person on this earth who truly loved him, and when she was gone, he had nobody. He felt an old ache start in his chest, work its way up, and force its way out through his eyes. He looked up at the clear, night sky and blinked back the tears, willing the ache to go away. The faint sound of a woman humming a tune he didn’t know brought his eyes back down to the interior of the little shop. There was the humming woman, weaving around the chairs as she made her way to the pie on counter. Her curly, strawberry blonde hair bounced against her shoulders as she moved, and her green eyes were looking at the path she took instead of at him. That gave him time to look the rest of her over. He couldn’t tell anything about her figure because of the frumpy clothes she wore, but she looked to be in her late twenties, and probably only stood as tall as his shoulders. She stopped humming and paused briefly when she finally noticed him standing there, then resumed her song and started in his direction. He was entranced by her simple melody, and he couldn’t pull his eyes from the sway of her body. He was trying to figure out if there were curves under those baggy clothes when the door suddenly opened, and her bright, green eyes locked on his. “Hey, there, sugar. Sorry to keep you waiting outside, but I closed up early and forgot to put up a sign,” she said with a quiet, southern draw as she gave him an apologetic smile. When the only response she received was silence, her smile wavered, and she rushed on to say, “I wasn’t expecting anyone, and business was slower than usual, so I put everything away already. But…I do have this sweet potato pie, and I just took it out of the oven. It’s not much, but, if you’d like some, you’re welcome to it,” and she stepped aside to let him through. Micah didn’t move from his spot on the sidewalk, but instead crossed his arms and opened his mouth to tell her how incredibly stupid and dangerous it was to invite him in. But, before he could get a word out, he was stopped short by a thoroughly confused Loren. “Micah! Seriously, man, that’s not cool! Why’d you bail on me? What are you doing? Did you already-“ 

“No,” Micah interrupted, wondering if Loren even noticed the woman standing in the open doorway. “Not yet. Look, I’m sorry, man…just go back to the house without me. I’ll hitch a ride later.” Loren stared at him like he had three heads, and then slowly shifted his gaze to the wide-eyed woman holding the door open. A mischievous grin sprouted on his boyish face as he looked to Micah again, and then back to the woman. “Hi, I’m Loren! Sorry, I didn’t see you there until now. If my buddy, here, is giving you trouble, just say the word and I’ll-“ 

“Scram, Pipsqueak…don’t make me embarrass you in front of a lady.” Micah was preparing to beat the smirk off of Loren’s face when he heard a muffled giggle escape from the bakery. Narrowing his eyes, he turned slightly to catch a glimpse of the giggling woman. She was leaning casually against the open door, with one hand on her hip and the other trying to cover her smile. He knew it was there, though…the sparkle in her eyes gave it away. Much to his surprise, he couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from sneaking up into its own little grin, and he was rewarded for it when she dropped her hand from her face and let her smile stretch from ear to ear. They were still smiling at each other when Loren spoke again; Micah had actually forgotten he was there. “Ok, ok. I get it. I’ll see you at the house, Micah. Have a good night, Miss…?” Loren turned to Micah for assistance with her name, but Micah could only shrug and shake his head. “Josie,” she offered, still smiling as she pushed herself off from the door. “You can call me Josie.” 

“Josie,” Micah whispered to himself before speaking to her for the first time.  “Well, Josie, as much as I’d love to take you up on your offer, there’s something else I need to take care of. I’m sorry.” 

“Well, Micah,” she said as she moseyed back into the restaurant.  “How ’bout a rain check, then?”  Micah nodded without hesitation, and he caught the blush on her cheeks as she shut the door and bid them goodnight. As they turned to leave, Loren let out a long, low whistle, and earned a punch in the back from his friend. Micah looked back at the little shop over his shoulder before heading out into the night to finally find his dinner. He wondered what Josie would be doing tonight…wondered what he would’ve been doing tonight if he’d stayed. One thing he knew for sure: he would take Josie up on that rain check soon. He let another small grin spread slowly as he murmured to himself, “I’ll have my pie, and I’ll eat it, too.”


Check back tomorrow for the next entry!

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