Fan Fiction Fling Entry #4

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I’ll post each of the eight fan fiction entries, one a day, and then on August 15th we’ll vote on our favorites! (Voting will be anonymous – no one will know who you voted for!)

Today we have:

Home by Bonnie Mutchler

Jamie leaned against the glass side of the elevator. It was very late and he was tired. They had skidded into the garage just as the sun rays had shown through the windows. And by the time they had wedged the prisoners out of the trunk (he often missed those nice big cars of the past with trunk space for a swimming pool), hustled them down to the cells and checked them in, he was only wishing for his comfortable bed with Autumn next to him. He should have called and let her know they would be in, but he didn’t like making personal calls with the other Executioners around. Especially that damned redhead who smirked and made kissy noises. Sometimes he understood Jorick’s desire to wring the fool’s neck. And who’d have guessed at that hour when he dropped his report off in the office that Eliefer would still be up and want to hear a verbal report. Of course Verchiel had disappeared as usual so he was left fielding questions for over an hour. Now Autumn would be sound asleep and he felt dead on his feet himself.

Autumn. He shook his head, wonderingly. She had tugged at his heart the moment he’d seen her dirty frightened face, looking up hopelessly from a corner of the tomb. An abandoned fledgling, not understanding she didn’t need to drain people. When the numbers had become noticeable, he and Verchiel had been dispatched to stop it immediately. They had agreed on the way the easiest thing would be to track the rogue and kill it. But then they’d found her and Verchiel had made an impassioned plea and he’d found he didn’t want to do the deed either, so they’d settled for taking her in and letting the Council decide. Long story short, Eliefer had agreed not to have her put to death if Verchiel accepted her as a fledgling, which he reluctantly had and for a few months he’d even stuck to it when he was in, then somehow he’d pestered him into double dating and that was that. He was training her with swords and about laws and vampires in general. Next thing he knew they’d become lovers and then they were living together. He still wasn’t certain about it all. Things moved so much faster now days but they also seemed to crumble faster.

The door swished open and Jamie walked down the deserted halls past empty arcades and spas to the solid door with the key card lockbox. Sliding his card down it he heard the click and followed the hall to his own door. Inside he dropped his bag on the floor, hung his long leather coat on the hook and sat down on the hall bench to pull his boots off. Stumbling into the bedroom, he gazed at the woman curled under the heavy duvet, her scarlet hair fanned out across the pale blue pillow. She looked even younger than her twenty years. He felt the familiar stirring in his chest that spread quickly to his groin. Lord, she was beautiful. He sighed, shaking himself as he turned and sat on the opposite side of the bed.

Autumn knew she was not alone even before she had clawed away the wisps of dream and sleep. Her heart pounded until it felt like it would come through her chest. She was young, practically a baby compared to the other vampires in the Citadel, especially the ones in this block, and though Jamie had promised to teach her to fight, the training had been sporadic to say the least. She took a tentative sniff, trying to peel back the layers of furniture oil, laundry detergent and other mundane household smells. It was faint at first, then stronger; the familiar beloved scent of mist and heather.

Autumn’s lips curled in a smile as she opened her eyes. Rolling over she slid across the bed, rising on her knees behind Jamie. She slipped her arms around him, leaning her head against his strong, muscular back.

“I missed you. Why didn’t you tell me you’d be home tonight?” she asked, kissing his neck.

“I wasn’t sure we’d make it, even with Verchiel driving,” Jamie replied. “It was ten hours hurtling over icy roads at breakneck speeds varying between Japanese anime pop stuff and his inane chatter. I’m not sure which is worse.”

Autumn laughed. She gripped the hem of his shirt and began peeling it off as he raised his arms, and tossed it on the floor. Gliding off the bed, she knelt in front of him, pulling off his socks. Then she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers.

“You handle the rest while I get you a little pick-me-up.” She sashayed towards the living room, the tiny silk nighty moving suggestively across her hips.

Jamie grinned. He stood to remove the rest of his clothing and climbed under the duvet. Pulling the band from around the bun, he tossed it on the table and shook his hair out, the long raven tresses tumbling down his shoulders and over his pale chest. Leaning back against the pillows, he ruled himself to keep his eyes opened. Once they closed he knew he’d be sound asleep.

Autumn opened the tall, heavy mahogany cabinet in the living room. Inside was a mini kitchen. On the bottom was a small freezer and on the shelves above was a small microwave and a variety of steins, goblets and mugs. She took out the last two, making a mental note she would need to get more tomorrow, and warmed them in the microwave. She poured them both into a large silver tankard. It was one of the few things he had been able to sneak out of his family’s castle when he left Scotland. She knew Jamie hated his brother in law with a passion and was bitter against his sister for allowing her husband to lay claim to everything that was rightfully his. You’d think after three hundred and sixty some years though he’d have let it go, but she’d read somewhere Scots never forgave or forgot, and considering their history she supposed it was true.

She returned to the bedroom, pausing to take in Jamie waiting for her, his raven hair framing a perfect face, pale as ivory. Soft brown eyes gazed at her tenderly and a self-assured smirk played on his full lips. Autumn felt her heart swell. How could someone as gorgeous as Jamie want her? She guessed it didn’t matter, just as long as he did. She handed him the tankard and crawled over him to the other side. Jamie drank deeply, gulping the ruby liquid down without pause.

Autumn blinked at him when he finally lowered the mug and licked his lips. He smiled at her, setting the tankard aside and raising a well sculpted brow. “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

“What?” She couldn’t think of anything she’d forgotten.

Jamie slid deeper into bed and turned on his side to face her, taking the thin strap of her nighty between his fingers. “I think this needs to go. Would you like me to do the honors?”

“By all means,” Autumn whispered. She trembled with excitement as his hands skimmed her flesh, sliding the silky material over her head. He pulled her close, gazing into her emerald eyes. There was an electricity that seemed to flow between them as she brushed her fingers down his jaw. He leaned down, brushing his lips over hers, before moving on to her neck and the sweet spot behind her ear that made her moan. She lifted her body into him, her fist tangle in his hair, every nerve alive as his lips feathered kisses over her shoulders.

It took a moment for the insistent tolling of the phone to penetrate their brains. As a joke Autumn had reset the ring tone for the Citadel on his phone to a military marching song and was surprised he hadn’t changed it back to his bagpipes. Both groaned.  She dropped back on the bed as Jamie released her and rolled over to grab his phone.

“Yes?” he snapped. “Do you realize what time it is?” He listened a moment and then snarled. “Can’t the humans handle it? Isn’t that what they’re paid to do?” His eyes went wide. “You woke him too? You are a fool. Never mind, I’ll deal with it, but you had better be aware I will not be in favor of you furthering your career as a guard, human or vampire.”

Jamie growled. “What’s wrong?” Autumn asked.

“It appears an armed band of vampires have broken into the Citadel in an effort to free the prisoners Verchiel and I brought in. They are well armed and dangerous apparently and despite all the upgrades in security they have blacked out the system and all the computers that run the cameras are down. No one knows where they are, so the guards woke Eliefer, who has now ordered all Executioners out, which is Verchiel, Mingina, and me. I’ll have to wake them.”  He made two quick calls to the other Executioners, then pulled his trousers on and sat back down to pull his socks on. Autumn moved over beside him, grasping his arm and kissing his shoulder. Jamie kissed her on top of her head. “I have to go, mo chridhe. It will be fine.” He moved her hands and stood, picking up his shirt and pulling it over his head.

Jamie leaned down and kissed her lips. Autumn felt the cold chill of fear crawl up her spine as she always did when he was leaving. She loved him so. His strength and sweetness overwhelmed her and her chest felt like it was being squeezed until it was hard to breathe. His fingers brushed her cheek and she wanted to stop him, beg him not to go but she knew that was the fastest way to lose him. He’d warned her well enough many times what it would be like and she had assured him being with him was worth the time alone and the worry.

“Might as well go to sleep. God knows when I’ll be back.” She heard him in the living room, buckling his sword belt and then the door closed. Autumn climbed back on the bed and curled up, caressing Jamie’s pillow. His lingering scent comforted her as she fell asleep.

Verchiel was already on the top floor when Jamie arrived. The redhead had assembled about two dozen human guards and had even managed to scrounge up a few vampires from the Greater Guard. No doubt ambitious ones who thought it would look good when promotions came around. They were dividing into search squads when Migina joined them. She apologized for her delay and they separated. Jamie led his squad into the elevator and they went down to the fifth floor, fanning out to begin the search. He knew it was a long shot that they would be found before they did something that would pinpoint their location. The Citadel was huge with too many hiding places. An army could hide themselves in this place and never be found.

He felt his phone vibrate and checked his text. The message from Miginan on the sixth floor read ‘They’ve raided the restaurant kitchen and are well supplied with blood’. Great, he thought they’re going to be fully fed too.


Five shadowy men in black carrying shotguns clustered around the thick door, while one in a black guard’s uniform stood look out at the end of the long hall as look out. He was thin and pock marked with dark spikey hair, his lips pursed and angry. He’d worked hard years for this position and now because Raynaurd had over reached his territory and his rights by wiping out too many other covens until the Executioners had come and arrested him and his second, Gavel, he’d been drug into this. Raynaurd should have released him fairly instead of putting conditions on his freedom. He hadn’t known until he came to the Citadel that that wasn’t the way it was supposed to be, but he’d sworn with blood. So here he was and he had no doubt they would all die for an ego maniac who didn’t give a damn about any of them.

Corbett held the little box in his hand and slid the card into the slot. Lights flickered on it as the number combinations played across it. A small click told him they were in. He pushed the door open moving as quietly as possible, the others behind him. He handed several others the card boxes and began working his system again on the first door.

The door clicked and the entered the darkened living room. Corbett looked around at the huge carved desk, mahogany cabinets and black marble fireplace. The couch was thick and heavy, dark leather. Along two walls were bookcases crammed with books from floor to ceiling.  He grinned to himself. He wouldn’t mind spending some time in here with a knife and an axe. Show that snotty Executioner who’s in charge.

He waved the man behind him forward and walked into the bedroom. He was almost to the bed when Autumn sat up. She gasped, reaching for the sword fastened to the side of the bed.

“Don’t.” The huge man behind Corbett growled, aiming his shot gun directly at her chest. “Out of the bed slowly, hands where I can see them.”

Autumn stared at him as she twisted the duvet around herself and slid out of bed. He would have made a great barbarian, massive, rough and unshaven.

“Drop it.” The man snarled, his mouth twisting to reveal his long fangs. “Now!”

“I don’t have anything on,” Autumn whispered. Her heart was hammering and terror gripped her. She couldn’t think of anything to do.

“Good, then we can see you in all your glory … weaponless. Now do it.” Autumn felt humiliation wash over her as the duvet dropped to the floor. If she got the chance she would personally drive a dagger through each eye before she twisted it in his heart. She heard him snigger. “At least the bastard has taste. Come.”

“Please?” she begged. Corbett picked up her robe from across the chest at the foot of the bed, quickly felt it for weapons and then tossed it to her. She gratefully wrapped it around her, tying the belt as she followed him out into the hall. Two more men with shotguns came up pushing a male vampire, tall with auburn hair and midnight blue eyes. His pale marbled chest was muscular and a pair of silky pajama pants hung from his hips. His feet were bare and his fury was palpable. Autumn thought his name was Josh and he was mate to Lisiantha. She’d spoken to them a few times in the hall. Another black clad man staggered up, his shirt tattered and scratches covering his face.

“What the hell happened to you?” demanded Corbett.

Elbert scowled. “One of them has a demon cat. I was lucky to get out with my life. It streaked out the door and was gone. I don’t know where it went but if I see the fucking thing again I’m blasting it.”

“You’re not blasting anything till you’re told,” the gruff man told him.

“Don’t you tell me, Vegger. That thing comes at me again, it’s dead.”

“Is this it?” Corbett asked. “You checked every apartment?” They all nodded. He raised his brows, but motioned them out the door, two in front of the hostages and two behind with Vegger beside them. When they reached the hall Autumn was surprised to see one of the Greater Guard join them. Her legs shook with fear and she nearly fell. Josh reached out to catch her, then snarled as the man behind him shoved the two barrels of the shotgun into his back. Autumn bit her lip. She had to be strong. She couldn’t shame Jamie.

“You’re sure no one knows about this place?” Corbett demanded.

“Positive. It’s been closed off for decades. They remodel around here constantly, or did when the old man was alive and running the place. The new boss doesn’t like spending money on nonsense. I found it by accident  myself when that bunch attacked the Citadel last winter. An explosion shook the wall board loose so I pulled it off, but once I saw it was empty I just knocked the nails back in. There’s some old benches and rubbish in it, so should be cozy for a bit.” Peter shook the heavy bag he carried in one hand, “And there’s still blood left if we need to feed again.”

Corbett nodded. He didn’t notice the silent shadow that stalked behind them.


Jamie moved silently along the hallway, checking the doors of the rooms that were supposed to be empty according to the information the office had sent through, his huge broad sword in his hand. He was feeling frustrated. Where the hell was Eliefer’s foresight? There were times he actually missed Malick. Yes, the asshole was a monster. He was cruel and vicious but he knew exactly what was going on in the Citadel and where everyone was.

His phone vibrated and he flicked over to text. One of the guards was informing him the further halls had all been checked. He sent back the message to go to the elevator and wait. Just as he was ready to flip back to the list of occupancies, the phone vibrated again. SECOND FLOOR, it nearly screamed with capital letters. HURRY HURRY. He raced towards the elevator, the rest of his squad speedily joining him. When the doors opened Migina’s squad was already there but they packed in anyway. There was barely breathing space. He called Verchiel telling him to take the back elevator or the stairs.

They popped out of the elevator like an explosion, reminding Jamie of the clown cars in old black and white movies. He had felt a panic set in in the elevator and felt sure he knew exactly where the invaders were. When he and Verchiel had gotten to California and the coven’s mountain compound, it had soon become clear of the trespass and murder they had been involved in for decades. They had taken the leader and his second out at sword point and one very large man had shouted, “Look to your loved ones.”

Of course they were always being threatened so he’d taken it with a grain of salt and comforted himself that she was safe in the Executioner’s block. Now he stood before the main door standing wide open and his heart sank. A sixth sense told him they were too late, but they had to look anyway. Jamie took a handful of guards and Migina with him while Verchiel stayed outside with the others. The redhead had tried to make a joke about how he was being left because he was the better man, but somehow it fell flat ad even he didn’t find it funny. Everyone was tense and angry. Someone had broken through their defenses and had dared to strike at innocents simply because their mates were upholding the law. The same could happen to them, only their mates were even more vulnerable. An example had to be made.

Jamie entered his own apartment and saw the duvet on the floor and Autumn’s robe gone. Rage threatened to engulf him but he realized he had to remain cool. Anger made people do stupid things as did fear. And for the first time in centuries he felt real terror for a woman he loved. One he had left at home, where he thought she was safe only to find she wasn’t at all. He heard Mingina swear, something she seldom did.

Moving back to the hall he met the dark eyed woman, her black hair pulled back in a braid. Some of the guards were milling around a small, almost elfin vampire with pale blonde hair and iris colored eyes.

“What’s going on, Mingina?”  Jamie asked, eyeing the girl. “Is she one of them?”

“No,” the Native American girl answered. “She apparently was waiting for Fallon to get in. He was supposed to be here last night but didn’t make it. She says he gave her a key card, which is illegal. This needs to stop! How is this block supposed to be secure when Executioners hand them out like candy to all their whor…”

Jamie waved it away. “That is a discussion for another time.”

“There’s worse.” The woman frowned. “They’ve let Aine’s demon cat out. There’s bloody paw prints so I’d say it got someone, but there’s no telling where the thing is.”

Jamie signed. “Bring the girl over so I can question her.” The guards pushed her to the black haired vampire and he skimmed quickly through her brain. “She doesn’t know anything. She heard something going on with Aine’s cat that woke her and then someone came through the front door. She rolled off the bed and hid under it. She saw a set of feet which looked in the closet and then left the room. She said she stayed there until one of the guards sensed her and told her to come out.”

They went back into the hall. Jamie assigned two guards to take the girl back to her own apartment and then looked around at the others. “Are there any trackers among you?”

“I am sir.” A tall, willowy brunette stepped forward in a new black uniform. “My name is Aimisa.”

Jamie cocked an eyebrow. “Well Aimisa, let’s start.” The girl nodded and began studying the carpet and sniffing the air. He hoped she was really good because with this mob it was going to be hard finding the scents to follow. He had already lost them.

His phone vibrated again. This time it was Eliefer’s  private number He flipped to the message, as the others did on their phones. ‘Six figures, unused space, I see a battle with firearms. Be careful.’

Aimisa was standing at the mouth of the hallway. She pointed down the long corridor towards the stairs. “Um, this way sir.” He nodded and they all followed.


They had managed to pick up two more hostages along the way, human cleaners who had had the bad luck to be in their path. The chubby raven haired girl with black gothic make up seemed mostly excited and ready for an adventure. Autumn suspected she’d join the other side just as easily as not. The guy looked about twelve. He had big ears and round terror stricken eyes. The moment he’d seen the guns he’d flicked off the floor cleaner and put his hands up.

They sat on the dusty pink padded bench that had been pushed in the back corner of a small square space cut out of the storeroom of a bridal store. Behind them was a huge antique coal or wood furnace covered in rust and cobwebs. Across from them on another bench sat Elbert, still patting his wounds and applying saliva. A shot gun rested between his body and his elbow on the left side. A muscular blonde with his hair slicked back and a tiny Hitler mustache rolled his eyes as he paced back and forth in front of the hostages waving his gun back and forth and rolling his eyes.

“That’s disgusting, man. People do that when they are five not two hundred,” he muttered with a strong German accent.

“Go to hell, Klaus. No one cares what an ex-Nazi thinks. Go back to Germany where you came from,” Elbert snarled.

“Shut up, both of you,” Vegger growled. “As far as I’m concerned you can both drop dead as soon as Raynaurd and Gavel are free. We’re going to go call from another location in case they can track our phone now. Myrick is in charge until we get back and there better not be any trouble or screw ups while we’re gone. Got it?” All the men nodded. Vegger and Corbett went out through the space they had created by removing the board and put it back in place. Autumn could hear them pounding the nails back into place with something metallic. A dagger handle maybe?

Peter sat down, his face in his hands, rocking back and forth. “This is all going to end badly no matter what we do. If anything happens to that woman or man they’ll make sure we suffer a hundred years of hell. Eliefer may not be as evil as Malick but the Executioners are the same. I say we make a deal and get out of here.”

Myrick whirled around to face the guard. “You lily livered coward! You’d stab your own in the back? Leave Vegger and Corbett to take the fall for this while we make a deal, and I’m sure that would include you being put somewhere safe and cozy.” He narrowed his cold blue eyes. “You made a blood vow to come whenever you’re called and do whatever you’re asked.”

“I was tricked into that,” Peter growled bitterly. “You know that isn’t how it’s supposed to work. Once the blood debt is paid I was supposed to go my own way in peace. God knows the debt was long enough.”

“You gave your vow and you’ll keep it, or I’ll see you dead on the floor. Do you understand? Do one thing to jeopardize this mission, you’ll be the first one on the pyre if I have to die to see to it,” Myrick snarled, wadding the front of Peter’s shirt.

The guard flashed his fangs and jerked loose. They eyed each other angrily for a moment then Myrick walked back to the two by four frame the boards were nailed to and leaned against one of them.


The phone vibrated. Jamie checked his text message as they continued down the stairs. ‘They’re on the phone.  They’ve demanded the release of the two prisoners recently brought in or they’ll kill the hostages.  We have the tracking system up finally and have pinpointed at least some of them walking along the terrace on the fifth floor. Eliefer says the battle will take place in the disused space still. He warns the time has nearly gone.‘ He cursed. They were doing the best they could.

The stairs ended with a heavy door in a narrow hallway next to a shabby night club, a human wiped tables while another swept the floor in the blue light glow. They passed on and followed a maze into the shopping area passing shops and “tea” rooms, taro rooms and pet salons. Jamie was beginning to question his tracker’s ability when she paused, checking the floor and frowning.

“Two have gone on to the atrium. They went inside with the others but they’ve left again,” Aimisa murmured.

“We know they’ve separated,” he answered quietly. “The hostages are our main concern.”

The girl nodded and led the way into the shop, through it and into the back room, nodding towards a wall in the back. A memory stirred of random coal furnaces built in after the Guild had changed to electric heat back in the1950s.

Jamie sniffed and caught the smell of five males and the gentle rain and lilac of Autumn.  He also knew any minute those inside would catch their scent. He nodded and everyone prepared their weapons, then he kicked in the board. It split in half creating a huge gash and knocking Myrick flat on the floor. For an instant those inside stood frozen, then one streak followed another as the kidnappers came to life.  Elbert raised his weapon, swiftly aiming at Josh’s chest. Just as he pulled the trigger the first streak landed in a ball of fur and claws and teeth.  The man screamed as shreds of flesh and cloth rose into the air.

Verchiel, the second streak, landed in front of Klaus who had turned and taken aim at Autumn. The katana he was swinging took off the German’s head neatly. It flew in an arc splattering blood behind it and landed on the floor next to Peter.

Meanwhile Migina had stepped forward and using her ghost hand abilities had gathered the shot from Elbert’s discharge and threw them at the former guard.  They went through his face and chest. Jamie extricated Myrick, cursing and fighting all the way, from beneath the shattered bits of the board. Myrick snarled and suddenly Jamie saw the dagger flash in his hand. Autumn screamed and Jamie grabbed Myrick’s wrist and twisted until a sharp crack was heard and the dagger fell to the floor.  He pulled both hands behind the man and Verchiel twisted bands around the kidnapper’s wrist.  Elbert was still screaming and rolling the cat screeching and tearing at him, while Peter howled from the wounds covering his face and chest, as Migina twisted bands around him.

The floor cleaner had fallen to the floor, blubbering, while the Gothic chick had latched onto Josh with a death grip. Autumn felt stinging scratches on her face and touching them, drew her fingers back with blood on them. She watched mesmerized as her lover fought briefly with Myrick, and once the criminal was under control, walked over to the heaving cat/man fight still rolling around the narrow space.  Frowning, he started to reach into the heaving battle when Verchiel stepped over.

“Want me to get that?” The redhead grinned wriggling his fingers. “I am a bit faster.”

“By all means.” Jamie stepped back, just as Autumn launched herself at him. He caught her, pulling her tight against him, her arms flying around his neck. Her lips clamped on his in a passionate, half hysterical kiss. When she finally stopped for air he touched the three scratches on her face, wiping the blood away with his thumb.

“Are you all right?” he asked huskily.

“Yes. I knew you’d come.” She gazed up into his chocolate brown eyes, usually so gentle. Now she saw a burning rage in them.  “There are two more.”

“Yes. I know. We’re going to go get them now.” He looked over her shoulder. Migina had Peter on his feet , though the man looked ready to swoon and with good reason too. Being a member of the Greater Guard he knew what he could expect for betrayal of his office. What was left of Ebert would need carried away. Myrick was still snarling but that was something a few good knocks on the head wouldn’t cure. In their midst was the redheaded Execution with a few battle scars, holding Satan by the scruff of his neck.

“Migina, you’re in charge of the prisoners. I’ll take Verchiel, Aimis and Luther with me.” He named two Greater Guards. “Take the rest with you. Once the prisoners are locked up the human guards can go back to their regular jobs.  The Greater Guards are dismissed.  Someone take that damned cat to Aine’s and make sure the latch is on when you leave it there.  I think for now the hostages should wait in the office. I don’t want them in harm’s way again. “

Autumn wanted to argue. She wanted to go home, curl up in their bed, hug his pillow against her, but she nodded. In the movies women always argued and they ended up dead or getting their lover killed. Jamie was over 300years old, so he knew what he was doing. He leaned down and kissed her on top of her head and then, squeezing her briefly, left with the other three behind him. Verchiel paused long enough to turn and give her a wink and a merry wave.  Migina formed the guards in two groups, one encircling the prisoners, the other around the hostages. She took her place at the rear and they moved towards the elevator.

Stopping at the third floor, Migina motioned the guards around Josh, Autumn and the two humans to get off. The others continued onto the sub floor and the cells below.  Their footsteps echoed as they marched along the white marble floor so hastily that she could not really take in the paintings that lined the walls. They came to the hub in the hallway. The hall to the left led to the audience chamber where she had watched Jamie several times during trials, however they turned right, stopping in front of a highly polished wooden door with frosted glass. Across it was emblazoned ‘Office’ in gilded letters.

The black clothed guard in front dismissed the other guards and then led the four through the door into a small area partitioned off by a re-enforced glass and wood wall. In the glass were two sliding panels the height of the counter behind where two human guards sat in cushioned desk chairs. Stacks of paper, phones and radios marked it as a working desk, while behind the guards were banks of file cabinets that rose to the ceiling.

The guard leading them went over and spoke quietly to one of the guards behind the glass. A hidden door popped open and they were ushered into the office space and back through another door into a pleasant room with several overstuffed recliners, scattered small tables and paintings on the wall. They were told to make themselves comfortable.

Autumn fell into the first chair she came to, curling herself up and reclining back. She watched, amused as Josh tried to extricate himself from the Goth girl who was clinging like ivy to his arm and chest. One of the guards came in and pulled blankets out of a chest. They weren’t necessary of course, but they were somehow comforting. She was so tired. It must be close to noon by now. Her chest tightened as she thought of Jamie still out there, still in danger. Weariness washed over her. She struggled to stay awake, but she felt as though she was sinking into the softness of the padded chair and she fell immediately to sleep.


Jamie padded along silently behind Aimis, up the stairs. They hadn’t dared to walk through the atrium where they could be seen from the terrace, so had taken the back way, coming out near the old chapel which had still not been repaired  after it was destroyed during Jorick’s fledgling’s nonsense and Malick’s betrayal.

They moved down temporary vampire housing, basically motel rooms for visiting vampires. Further over were apartments for those who lived in the Citadel permanently;  guards, technicians, secretaries, clerks, bankers and a hundred other  jobs that kept the place going. Aimis stopped when she reached the corner where the hall connected to the terrace. Jamie moved in front of her and peeked around. He could see Vegger leaning against the railing. Corbett was pacing back and forth, his shot gun hanging loosely under his arm, shouting into a cell phone. It was obvious that the man was becoming suspicious with the delay.

The Executioners and Guards held a quick conference, half mentally and half sign language. Finally everyone agreed. Jamie and Verchiel took another quick look out, then Verchiel shot off faster than eye could capture him, crashing into Corbett, sending the gun and the phone flying. Jamie was right behind him. Vegger whirled and fired off the shotgun towards Jamie, who curled into a ball, doing a flip and landing with his sword drawn in front of the huge man. Vegger grabbed the barrels of the gun and began swinging it at Jamie like a club. Sparks flew as the sword blade connected with the shotgun. Jamie felt the powerful strength of the man as they clanged and fought back with a series of quick blows of his own.

Corbett was up again on his feet, drawing an 18 inch hammer from a sling on his belt. One end was blunt the other a pointed spike. Verchiel twirled and smiled as he spied the weapon, taking another run at Corbett, grabbing his elbow and spinning him around.

Corbett was so furious flecks of spittle flew from his mouth as he roared, “Stop it, you asshole! Fight like a real man.” Verchiel just laughed and turned around, spinning the man again. Aimis had stepped out pulling out two of the five throwing knives she had fastened to her belt. She threw one, catching Vegger in the shoulder. The big man grunted and stumbled for a moment then made another lunge at Jamie.

“This can end,” Jamie announced, swinging his sword. “Right now, before one of you dies.”

“Right.” Corbett sneered, his eyes narrowed. “We all know the wise and wonderful Guild will forgive and forget. “ He turned, keeping Verchiel in his sight as the redhead circled him.  “But I don’t mind dying, knowing your bitch is bleeding right now with a hole in her chest. For once one of you can hurt.”

Verchiel grinned. “Sorry, man, but you’re mistaken. Autumn and the others are tucked up safe out of your reach. Three of your friends are in cells and one is dead. Now be good little villains and put down your weapons.”

Corbett loosed an unearthly howl, making a series of clumsy jabs with the pointed end of his hammer. He moved like a madman, totally out of control. Verchiel darted around the corner and Aimis loosed two more knives in rapid succession.  One went through the front of his skull and the other in his leg. Blood ran down into his face and he shook his head trying to clear his vision. Meanwhile, Michael, the other guard had moved up with a small crossbow behind Vegger, the arrow aimed directly at his heart.

“It’s time to quit now. Drop your weapon,”  the young man said quietly.

Vegger snarled, hesitated, then dropped the gun. Jamie pressed his sword against the man’s thick neck, quickly reading through his brain. “There are no other weapons. Take your first prisoner, Michael.”

His bright blue eyes lit up. “Seriously, Sir?” Jamie nodded as Michael quickly put the bands around Vegger’s hands.

Corbett had slammed Aimis against the wall behind them, cracking a window and beating her chest with his hammer. Verchiel raced up behind him slashing his katana. Corbett’s head flew down the hall spraying blood across the carpet and walls. His body stood there for a breathless moment before it fell to the floor and Aimis came down on top of it.

Jamie was there in a moment. He lifted her up, assessing the damage. Her ribs had been shattered and several broken bits had torn through her lungs, still it appeared her heart was intact. “I think she’ll be all right. Verchiel help Michael with his prisoner. I’ll contact the infirmary to come for Aimis and clean the mess.”

“Okay.” Verchiel  grinned. “I’ll let you handle Eliefer and the office then.” He waved to Michael and they headed towards the elevator with the prisoner.

“I’m sure you will,” Jamie muttered.


Autumn stirred and opened her eyes as Jamie lowered her down into their bed.

“Shhh,  mo leannan. All is well. Sleep.” She snuggled into the pillows and reached up to him.

“Are you hurt?”

Jamie smiled. “It’s not my blood. I’ll shower and join you. It’s been a hell of a night. I love you.”

“I love you too. Tomorrow I’ll show you,” she murmured as she drifted off.

Jamie stood gazing at her for a few moments and realized how very much he wanted to protect and care for this beautiful woman.  He realized it was far too late to try to not get in too deep. To reserve some part of his heart so he wouldn’t be devastated if it fell apart. Very few relationships lasted forever, but who knew? Maybe this one would. He only knew for once he felt like he was home.


Check back tomorrow for the next entry!

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