Fan Fiction Fling Entry #8

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I’ll post each of the eight fan fiction entries, one a day, and then on August 15th we’ll vote on our favorites! (Voting will be anonymous – no one will know who you voted for!)

Today we have:

Verchiel’s Wedding Day Dilemma By Sherry Bohach

Verchiel sat next to Brad and watched as Kately (her Mom gave her that nick name, she hated it, he liked it) walked down the aisle to Jorick.  He still could not understand what she saw in him.  Ok, so he was tall, dark and handsome, but he was moody and who wants peace and quiet all the time? Especially when she could have him, Verchiel.  He was fun, fast (windwalker fast) and fantastic to look at (red was so his color) what more could she want?  And after everything they had been through she was still going to marry Jorick?  What the HELL! There was defiantly  something wrong with this picture (he wanted a re-write).  As he watched he thought back to all the times over the last number of months that he was there to always help and to keep her safe whether Jorick like it or not.  Verchiel and if he was being honest a couple of others helped too, was the reason Kately was even there to be able to get married today.  And he knew Kately really liked him because every time Jorick threatened to kill him Kately always, ALWAYS, stopped him, that proved she liked him and wanted him around.


Their first meeting was tense to say the least, that was while he was helping (sort of) Hectia claim one of Claudius’s old dens in order to get close to Jorick.  Malick (Jorick’s master and head of the Guild, who thinks he is a God, eye roll) had sent him to find Jorick and bring him back to the citadel.  And knowing that Jorick was not about to return of his own free will, he needed a plan.  Jorick being arrested, while they were visiting Kately’s  Mom, on possible kidnapping (Kately) and murder of Patrick, her  boyfriend, was a stroke of luck.  Ok, so he made his own luck and called the police and told them where to find him, but it was so much easier this way.  Now he still needed a way to get him back to the citadel with preferable little or no pain or blood loss, especially his own.  So kidnapping Kately was again the easiest way to accomplish his assignment, he should get a medal for his creativity.   While at the citadel he made sure to keep Kately entertained and fed while Jorick was off doing whatever Malick wanted.  But, does anyone say thank you? NO! it’s “stay away from her or I will kill you!”  “Go away no one want’s you here!”  “Why are you always hanging around Katelina?”  You would almost think they really did not want him around, jealous much?

Of course landing in detention and being starved for disobeying Malick by helping Kately and Jorick, when they rescued Kale from humans that were experimenting on him, was not part of the his plan.  As a way to punish Jorick for not being obedient (surprise, surprise) Malick (Psycho with a capital P no less) brought Kately into see him, not his best look.  After being starved then having fresh blood dangled in front of you what do you expect to happen, it was instinct to feed. Then Kately biting him back while he was in a feeding frenzy was just a reflex (maybe), of course Jorick over reacted, again.   Why was he blaming him, it was all Malick’s fault.  He apologized a couple of times, wonder what Mr. Perfect would have done in his place? He did feel a little sorry for him when Malick forced Kately to watch Jorick execute Dahlia by ripping out her throat and breaking her neck. Who could blame her for screaming and running from the room, but it made Jorick feel like even more of a monster then he already did.  Verchiel talked to Kately about it and suggested that she might want to rethink being involved with the Hand Of Death (Jorick’s nick name and for good reason) if she was not prepared for all violence.  It’s hard on a guy’s ego when his girlfriend thinks he is a monster and afraid of him.  You would think that Jorick would appreciate the help, right? NOT!

And when Oren attacked the citadel, he again was just trying to keep her safe, how was he to know that the veranda railing would give way and she would almost fall to her death, he did catch her, so no harm done.

And then in Russia when he kept her from freezing to death. While everyone was arguing about whether Jorick should carry her or let her walk and hold everyone up, he whisked her (she would thank him later) into town a head of everyone, safe and warm.  Equality was good but not while you are freezing.  She even admitted that it was faster this way, which did not go over well with Jorick (imagine that, another eye roll).

On their little impromptu island vacation Kately may have protested his choice in swimwear, a very small speedo, but he knew she secretly enjoyed seeing him in it why else would she always be looking.  Jorick’s idea of beach wear? A black t-shirt and slacks, really it’s a beach?

And when Kately was taken by Samael who rescued her? Him not Jorick and what did he get? Threats! Jorick really needs to get a grip.  If they had waited for him to rescue her, Samael would have turned her and made her his concubine.  So really Jorick should be kissing his boots for that one.

And when Malick had Kately kidnapped and tortured in hopes of drawing Samael into a fight, which Samael did not see fit to attend, he had her killed.  Luckily Micah and Loren found her but almost too late, Micah had to turn her in order to save her.  At least Jorick could not blame that on him, but I’m sure he tried to think of a way.

Ok, so maybe driving his new sports car into a raging fire was not the smartest decision especially since Kately was in said car, had Micah not risked his life to dislodge the car from the stump it would have been very bad for everyone, more than his car would have suffered.

He did not want to think about how many times Kately was hurt or almost killed and usually because of Jorick,  she would be much safer with himself.   He knew if he had just a little more time with her (away from Jorick) she would see that she really loved him and not mister grumpy pants, I want peace and quiet but I’m always going to be in the middle of the action, Jorick.  How can he keep her from saying “I do”?  Being a windwalker has it’s perks, he could grab her and be long gone before Jorick could stop him.  Where could he take her? Mountains? Too cold, all though they could snuggle by a fire.  Desert? Too much sand not enough water (to play in).  Some place tropical? But where? Hawaii? Cancun? Belize?  so many choices.  No need to worry about clothing (speedo time) on the beach, yeah this is sounding better all the time.

Now to just grab her before they say “I do”.  Of course fate decided to screw with his plans, just as he was getting ready to jump up he felt someone touch his arm and he looked over to see Sharon (one of his three dates for the wedding, see a lot of people liked him) watching Katelina and Jorick with a mixture hope and sadness in her eyes.  He knew why and if he was staying around he would have helped her, but he had a bride to snatch.  He turned back just in time to see them kissing, he had missed his chance.  Oh well, when he thought about it did he really want to be tied down (that could be fifty shades of grey fun) for eternity with a girlfriend/wife even if it was Kately?  That really was a long time to be with just one person and who knew what the future would bring or who, hopefully someone who likes red and much as him.


Check back tomorrow for the voting!

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