Hogwarts Tag

My friend Rami tagged anyone who was interested and being a Harry Potter geek I had to do it. Eventually. It’s taken me a bit but here I am.

While this seems better suited to a personal blog that my author one, I thought it would fit because Harry Potter is, in a roundabout way. the reason I am writing now. I’d quit writing for a few years (2001-2004) but then I joined an HP yahoo group (originally just to spam them about my fun Harry Potter website). The “cool kids” in the group eventually started doing a sort of role play game. I wanted to play, too, so I had to get back into writing to do it. Eventually it morphed into its own group, complete with character sheets and class schedules, and yadda, yadda, that November I wrote a book (Jorick is actually based on my OC character’s vampire boyfriend) and here we are. I had a lot of fun back then, and still miss the old RP groups.

Anyway, to the tag!

What is your blood status?

Hmmm. Do I get to pick? Rami listed a couple of tests we can use if we want, so I’ll give those a try (here and here to try them out). I got Muggle on the first one and Half blood on the second, so your guess is as good as mine 😉

What wand chose you?

According to Pottermore, Hawthorn wood with a phoenix feather core, 11″ and hard flexibility. This gels with the tests I have taken in the past, or at least the phoenix feather does. I forget what wood I had before. Maybe it was holly? It’s been a minute, people!

Did you take a cat, an owl or a toad with you?

In the role play group I had a crow (Naktis) but of these options a cat, of course, because I love cats. My old cat Nermal would have been the best, but since she’s in the great kitty beyond now, I guess Shelob, who is a cantankerous, ancient thing and looks slightly moth-eaten.

Where did the Sorting Hat put you?

Ravenclaw, baby. The best house. I was even the official Ravenclaw Quidditch cheerleader. (Yes, we played online quidditch once a week, house vs house) I made up cheers and a house song and everything. I wonder if I have that somewhere? (goes to look) Yes. Yes, I do.

Bronzed eagle on a field of blue
forever we will be true
to our house, the one and only
mighty Ravenclaw!

Standing true against the storm,
We will rise, defeat them all,
Champions with brilliant minds,
Ravenclaw are we!

What house did you want to be put in?

I admit, waaay back when I was sorted (we’re talking 2004 here) I wanted Gryffindor because those cool kids I mentioned were all Gryffindor (the HP group had individual common room groups for each house), but once I was assigned Ravenclaw, that meant Ravenclaw MUST be the best since it’s mine 😉

What are your favorite and least favorite lessons?

History of Magic would be my least because of Binns’ teaching style, though I normally love history I think I’d go to sleep during it. And my favorite would probably be…Hmmm…Charms I guess would be the most useful because 99% of your real day to day spells come from there.

What is your Patronus?

While I had a bat back in the old group, Pottermore says it is a Marsh Harrier. It’s still a flying creature, though, so I think we can determine that it’s on to something there.

What does your boggart look like?

If you’ve seen the Lights Out (more tiny film that floated around a bit back than the movie), that’s it. That figure that is darker than the darkness. Yeeeeeaaaaah.

Do you partake in any magical hobbies or school sports?

Though they never mention artists or art classes, there are artists and photographers because of all the paintings and photos, so those would be two of my hobbies. Art would be especially cool since painting something sort of brings it to life. (as much as I doodle, though I hope you need to cast a spell for it to come alive or my room would get crowded. As for sports, I’ve never been big on them, and I can’t see being magical would change that too much. I’d watch Quidditch, but that’s about it.

Where would you spend your spare time?

The library, Ravenclaw common room, and some random unused tower where I could get some peace and quiet 🙂

What would you most likely get detention for?

Probably hexing someone after they’d made me mad.

What career do you want after graduating Hogwarts?

Nothing with the ministry, that’s for sure! Photographing for the Daily Prophet could be fun.


Anyone who wants to do this tag! I mean, it is a lot of fun, so why shouldn’t you? Just make sure to link back to me when you do.


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  1. Very nicely done, Joleene! I’m glad you were able to do the tag and had fun doing it.

  2. Hufflepuff is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fun answers! 🙂


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