Weekend Interview: Barbara G. Tarn

Hello, vampire lovers! This weekend we have the prolific Barbara G. Tarn with us! Though I know a lot about her, you may not, so let’s get to it!

Jo: Hi, Barb! Please tell us a little something about your newest release.

Barb: Mortals Apocalypse is the first for three books that take my vampires to the future. It starts in 2020 and ends in 2150. It’s followed by Through the Centuries with Ishaq’s story from 2040 to 2453 and Alain in Rainbow Town (21st-25th century), and finishes in Vampire War set in the 25th century. I’m thinking the paperback should contain all three, since two are short novels (under 40K) and one is a novella.

Mortals Apocalypse and Through the Centuries are already out, Vampire War comes out at the end of the month. More on the series and how it mingles with Future Earth Chronicles here.

Stay tuned for the bundle that will contain Mortals Apocalypse and other vampire novellas and short novels!

J: What inspired you to write Mortals Apocalypse?

B: I introduced vampires in Future Earth Chronicles in Book 2 – Wanderlust. I knew they’d survive the apocalypse that wiped away Western civilization in the second half of the 21st century. Covid happened right when I was considering writing more about that apocalypse, from the vampires’ point of view. So this is the story of our fall from grace, from five immortals’ point of view – Rajveer, Kris, Ingolf, Miyako and Claire. Rajveer and Kris had their own books in the series, but I still have to write about Ingolf, the Wandering Vampire. Miyako was already in the series, as secondary character, but became more important in the future, so I had to explore her. And Claire, who graces the cover, is a newcomer, although she appears in the last book of Future Earth Chronicles.

J: That sounds really intriguing! What was your favorite part of writing it?

B: Making up a plausible future that would lead to the apocalypse and the collapse of the various countries on Earth. Sometimes it’s human mistakes, sometimes it’s solar flares, sometimes it’s a horde of Romanian vampires… and I didn’t have to go too deep in technology details, since none of the point-of-view characters is a tech expert, although Kris, Miyako and Claire are all fairly updated, being born in the 20th century and everything.

J: That does sound fun. What was your least favorite?

B: Going into technological details, although I was helped by articles on smart-cities and AI and brain-computer interfaces and all that futuristic stuff!

Jo: Yeah, sometimes research can be fun and sometimes… Moving on, do you have a favorite character? Why are they your favorite?

B: Rajveer, of course. He’s the one who started the whole series, so he opens and closes the longer books of this “trilogy”. He came a long way since that night in Chittor when he became a vampire! Like me, he doesn’t like the changes much, but he goes along with them. In previous books he had to fight Mighty Menka, the Asian vampire, in this one he’ll have to fight Zalmoxis and the strigoi… no spoilers on who he’ll be fighting in the vampires war!

Jo: Ha ha! I should have guessed that! So, what do you have planned next?

B: I have already written, but will publish them in January and February, the prequels to Future Earth Chronicles, or the apocalypse seen from the alien humans’ point of view, as well as the sequels a few years later. It has been an interesting journey so far, and I even got to write an inheritor story. Then I’ll probably go back to those vampires and write more about them. Tell Helios’s full story (you can check Olympia Nights in The Phantom Games), Ingolf’s travels, Solveig’s eternal search… We’ll sea. I love historical fantasy and alternate history!

Jo: Okay, we’re getting close to the end here. Tell us one interesting thing about yourself or your book.

B: My series deals with vampires through history – now even going into the future – but it’s not really paranormal romance. Actually, there is very little romance, although in Mortals Apocalypse we see Rajveer and Kaylyn celebrating anniversaries like a married couple (although they never got married with any country’s law or religious ceremony, but they’ve been together since 2005). So I always have trouble finding the right shelf and keywords when I publish books in this series!

Flash fun round!

Last vacation?

Las Vegas for the Anthology Workshop (where I sold another vampire story that will come out on Halloween 2021) just before the Covid outbreak.

Favorite planet?

Good question! This one is fucked up, but reaching the closest similar to it is impossible… except with imagination, of course!

Your spirit animal?

The unicorn, of course. Or a horse if you don’t believe in unicorns…

Thanks so much for joining us Barb! Be sure to check out her work at:

Her blog https://creativebarbwire.wordpress.com/

Her books https://www.unicornproductionsbooks.com/

You can also find her work in the Nightly Bites bundles from Bundle Rabbit!

Nightly Bites Bundle!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying your turkey and pie, or at least just taking a moment for yourself. A moment I am interrupting to tell you about vampire goodness, ha ha!

Not to be confused with the Nightly Bites 3 Anthology that I mentioned the other day. While it has a bunch of short stories in a single book, this bundle is just that; a bundle of longer works. Not quite novels, but long for short stories, you get more bite for your buck!

A collection of mid-length works, longer than a short story, shorter than a novel, dealing with vampires. A limited-time run companion to the Nightly Bites anthology series to discover more authors and their longer works.


“The Vampire’s Throne” by AJ Tipton

2. “The Magic of Fabulous” by Michele Lang

3. “Teeth” by Chele Cooke

4. “Pure” by Catherine Mesick

5. “Mortals Apocalypse” by Barbara G.Tarn

6. “And Then He Bit Me” by Kate Russell

7. “Cyprus: Future’s Promise” by Joleene Naylor

8. “The Night Killers” by Rebecca M. Senese

Get your bundle today from your favorite retailers!

I’m on a Podcast!

Mark at the Masquerade crew was awesome enough to invite me to join his podcast. I’d planned to do a piece on how authors can use holidays to offer free stories, do facebook parties, or even have special sales, but my segment got interrupted by Verchiel. Yeah. Who knew he could that??

Check it out!

At least I got a few words in…


The awesome Barbara G. Tarn has been kind enough to interview me on her blog! Check it out; she asked some great questions, like:

What is it about vampires that draws you to them? 

The variety. The stories can be gothic, contemporary, historic, futuristic. It can be scary, funny, romantic. Anything you feel like doing. As to why the vampires themselves are appealing, it’s the immortality, isn’t it? If I could live forever, I’m pretty sure I’d jump at the chance. So much time to get to do all the things you want to do.

Stop in, leave a comment, and be sure to check out Barb’s work while you’re there!

Weekend Excerpt!

This week we have an excerpt from Remains to be Seen, available as a standalone short story from Danielle de Valera.

Undercover narcotics agents Michael O’Neill and buddy Baby Johnson, still suffering PTSD from the Vietnam War, decide to quit their jobs in the Australian Bureau of Narcotics and move to the far north coast of New South Wales. Johnson hopes to renew his relationship with Star, whom he met when tracking down the notorious heroin dealer, God, while O’Neill thinks settling down with long-time girlfriend Azure might be the solution to his problems. But that remains to be seen.


Baby’s in jail again. He went back and got the doorman after I fell asleep. He chose to go into Brunswick Heads lock-up, for word on the street has it that’s the best place to work your fines off. He took in his portable record player, a swatch of vinyl records and a dozen Robert E Howard novels.

“You and those bloody Conan novels,” I told him.

“You can laugh, y’ bastard,” he said. “I’d give anything to wake up one day in one of those Robert E Howard kingdoms. ‘Stead of hanging around this shithouse planet.”

We drive to Brunswick Heads to visit him in the afternoon, Azure and I, though we’re still separated. At the last moment David and Doreen aka Crystal arrive. Rather than leaving them there to wreck the place—they’re already well into the port and on the way to one of their innumerable arguments—we cram them in with us, flagons of port and all, and drive into Brunswick Heads.

We find Baby doing the police station’s laundry at the laundromat down the road, drinking a can of Fosters and eating a pie as he aimlessly watches the dryers whirling around.

“Where’re the cops?” asks Crystal Doreen, who has warrants out for her all over south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

“Aw, they’re off duty, the place’s all locked up. The sergeant’s taken ‘is wife down t’ Ballina t’ do ‘er shopping.”

“How are you going to get back in?” I ask him.

Baby looks sheepish. “Well, I can’t. Not until they open the place at four.”

“You mean you’re locked out?! They’ve gone away and locked you out?”

“Get fucked, O’Neill.”

“Want a snort of the port?” Crystal asks him. “It’s in the car. Two flagons.”

When Baby has got the laundry out of the dryers, we go back to the police station and lie on the front lawn in the sun, drinking port out of empty Coca-Cola bottles. It’s a beautiful day. Little clouds are scudding across the sky, seagulls wheel overhead, and dimly in the distance you can hear the sound of the breakers smashing against the rock walls at the river’s entrance.

I stare up into the sky and watch the seagulls, while Crystal keeps on refilling the Coke bottles and the levels of the flagons in the car go down.

Up the path to the police station comes a little old lady carrying a straw basket and looking confused at finding the place locked up. Baby lurches off the lawn and lumbers across to her in his board shorts, tank top and thongs.

“Can I help ya, ma’am?”

“Oh, officer,” she begins; she’s mistaken him for an off-duty cop. I don’t bother to listen to the rest, she’s probably lost her cat or something, poor bitch, it’ll only ruin my day.

Baby takes down all the details with a pencil and pad he’s miraculously whipped out of his back pocket. He asks her to come back at four.

“So’s the sergeant can see ya, ma’am.”

“Thank you, officer,” she smiles at him bravely. “You’re very kind.”

“Think nothin’ of it, ma’am. That’s what we’re here for.”

David and Crystal are fighting again, and the grog is running out. They say they’ll go round to the Brunswick Pub and get some more, but I know they won’t come back. They’ll end up going nine rounds in Casuarina Park and throwing one another off the bridge to Main Beach. I don’t care. It’s good just lying here, listening to the drone of everyone’s voices and watching Azure laugh. She laughs a lot, when she isn’t crying.

I think a great deal about Azure and me that day. I wonder if it might’ve worked if we’d had more money, but there’s a catch-22 in that. As long as Az is poor, she can’t reacquire a habit. If she gets a job (and she’s applied for one at the Top Pub back in town), she’ll have the money to start again, and I won’t be there to keep her on the rails.

The heat comes up out of the ground and soaks pleasantly through my body. I gaze up into the sky. My head is in Azure’s lap and I’m not thinking straight—or maybe I’m thinking too straight. It’ll be my birthday in five more days. In five days’ time I’ll be thirty-seven. Half my life’s gone, probably more; four combat wounds ’ve got to do something, and I don’t mean something good.

What if we’d had a kid, Azure and I? She’d wanted one but I told her I was scared of the Agent Orange. Christ knows I saw enough of it, so that part’s true. But the real truth of the matter is I don’t want a kid. I lose my head completely every time the subject comes up.

Grab your free copy at Amazon

Nightly Bites Vol 3

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the spirit the rest of the year. Here to help with that is the third volume of the Nightly Bites anthologies!

A varied collection of vampire stories from flash to novella-length, from the past to the future. Sometimes they mingle with other supernatural creatures, sometimes they’re the only non-human of the story.


“Blood on the Ice” by David H. Hendrickson

“Nun Survived” by Rebecca M. Senese

“Job Interview”, “Dracula Makes House Calls” and “Don’t Move” by Trent Walters

“Jamie: Blood of Betrayal” by Joleene Naylor

“The Vampire vs. The High Court” by Laura Ware

“Blood” by Kate Pavelle

“A More Ancient Killer” by Bonnie Elizabeth

“One Who Cannot Be Destroyed” by Barbara G.Tarn

“Young Monster Hunters in Love” by Stefon Mears

“Rebels of Seduction” by Meyari McFarland

Looks like a pretty good collection, and the awesome part is that it’s available in ebook AND paperback. So why not add some vampire fiction to your horror library today? Check it out here where you can choose your retailer!

Cover Wars! Round 2!

It’s time for round 2 of Cover Wars! This time I’ve entered Legacy of Ghosts. If you have a minute, please stop by and give it – or another favorite – a vote. No need to sign in, or verify anything, just scroll through the covers and below them is a poll where you vote by checking the box next to the title of your favorite. It’s so fast and easy that a monkey can do it! 🙂

Stop in today and check it out!

#IOWAWrites20 Meet the Authors Part 6

The IOWA Writer’s Room Virtual Event starts tomorrow (November 7-8). Leading up to it, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my fellow authors who will also be participating! If you missed my last five posts, be sure to check them out.

And now for the last round up!


Check out her website at: https://t.co/5TJXmvZg9A?amp=1


Find her on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Beth-Hudson/e/B01BQWF1L8


I know you recognize this mug 😉

Come meet these great authors and more starting tomorrow, November 7-8 online at http://Facebook.com/iaotherworlds . Hope to see you there!

#IOWAWrites20 Meet the Authors Part 5

The IOWA Writer’s Room Virtual Event starts soon (November 7-8). Leading up to it, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my fellow authors who will also be participating! If you missed my last four posts, be sure to check them out.

And now on with the show!


Check out her website at: https://akibbie.wordpress.com/


Check out his website at: http://randyroeder.com/


Check out her website at: https://ckoepp.com/


Find her on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Mary-Griffith-Chalupsky/e/B018AUAT3E

Come meet these great authors and more, November 7-8 online at http://Facebook.com/iaotherworlds . Hope to see you there!

#IOWAWrites20 Meet the Authors Part 4

The IOWA Writer’s Room Virtual Event starts in one week (November 7-8). Leading up to it, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my fellow authors who will also be participating! If you missed my last three posts, be sure to check them out.

And on to the authors of the day!


Check out his website at: https://bkmorris56.wixsite.com/fl-rising-tide-spe


Check out her website at: https://solveigeggerz.com/


Check out her website at: https://www.patriciatiffanymorris.com/


Check out her blog at: http://sandwichmomonwry.blogspot.com/

Come meet these great authors and more, November 7-8 online at http://Facebook.com/iaotherworlds . Hope to see you there!

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