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Author Live Reads


I will be doing a live reading on Friday, August 18th, at 8pm Eastern/7 Central in Book Born. It’s going to be  alot of fun BUT, before I can read, I need to know WHAT you want to hear from me. That means it’s poll time!

Thanks for your input and hope to see you on the 18th!


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Writer’s Tag

I was tagged (sort of) by the creative horror writer Rami Ungar. If you haven’t read his work yet, why not? And don’t give me the “My TBR list is too full excuse.” because he has short stories. (I’m almost done with one such collection).

Now on to the tag!

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

My series and universe is Urban Fantasy (though it should be called Rural Fantasy, really.) I also enjoy horror, fantasy, and what I like to call contemporary misery. There’s something cathartic about writing a character whose life is abject misery. I love it.

How long have you been writing?

Since before I could spell. My first children’s book was about a girl who got a phone call and went roller skating. I also illustrated it, but couldn’t decide her dress color, so every page has a different one.

Why do you write?

Because people want me to, ha ha! Seriously, though, if it gets to where no one cares, I’ll quit and focus just on art instead. Maybe learn animation. Or else do a comic/manga.

What is the best time to write?

When everyone has gone to bed and I have the house to myself. That’s roughly 3 a.m. now.

What parts of writing do you love and hate?

I love:

  • When characters revel things I didn’t know
  • Re-reading it later and thinking, “Hey! That’s good!”
  • Knowing other people enjoyed the story
  • Creating universes and cultures; all the mundane details like holidays or intricate social conventions (don’t get to do a lot of that with vampires though)
  • Figuring out motivations or details
  • Creating covers, teasers, banners, websites, etc.

I hate:

  • The pressure from other authors to do this or do that
  • The constant need to “sell, sell, sell” in order to be legitimate
  • My inability to attract a large audience
  • Feeling inferior to romance and erotica author who ave huge rabid audiences
  • Not making any money

How do you overcome writer’s block?

Just like Rami said, usually it’s because what I am trying to do doesn’t fit, so I need to go back and manipulate the characters/events to make it work.

Are you working on something at the moment?

It’s a year of short stories. I’m working on Dismas right now.

What are your writing goals this year?

I’m just concentrating on short stories for the Amaranthine universe, and working on the Vampire Prophesy with Jonathan Harvey – it’s a comedic vampire story that fits into the Terrible Turtle Universe.


Do you write? You do! Great, you’re tagged. Have fun, and make sure to link back to me when you do.

Anatomy of Love Cover Reveal


ANATOMY OF LOVE by Kitty Berry will be live on August 14th on Amazon.
The Anatomy of Love Trilogy by Kitty Berry (The Stone Series) centers around three physicians and longtime friends who practice medicine together at a world renown New York City hospital.
The first book (Anatomy of Love) focuses on the wealthy and handsome Dr. Wilson Anderson, the infamous Damian Stone’s (The Stone Series) unlucky in love neurosurgeon.
Dr. Wilson Anderson is in control in the operating room, but when it comes to his love life, he’s a mess. Will didn’t plan to be a single father, but that’s been his reality since his college sweetheart walked out of the hospital hours after giving birth to their daughter. Since then, Will has focused on his role career and his role as a father, pushing aside his own desires as a man.
The single doctor wasn’t looking for love the night he found himself entrenched in a bachelorette party. He still can’t believe that he let the beautiful stranger talk him into going to a Gentleman’s Club, or that he woke up in a hotel room with only a note to remind him of their night of passion.
When it comes to matters of the heart, Will may not always have a steady hand, but his new nurse is about to steam up his operating room and reminded him of the fierce passion he’s been lacking in his life.
Will is finally ready to open his heart and explore…The Anatomy of Love.
*Please note that this is a Trilogy and the story will continue in Dissection of Love then conclude in Sutures of Love*

Catch Kitty Berry LIVE on Facebook at 1:30 pm EASTERN (12:30 Central)


Fan Fiction Extension


I extended the Fan Fiction Fling until August 1st – so if you were working on something and ran out of time, no worries! There is one week left, so get that Amaranthine fan fiction sent to me via Facebook messenger or in an email to joleene (at)

Full details can be found here:


It’s Coming…And Updates

The first of the Year of Short Stories will be available everywhere shortly. It’s a Tales of the Executioners, staring Cyprus:


Cant’s wait for it to hit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, or Kobo? Early birds can grab it on Smashwords now – for FREE.


Yes, I did mention Amazon. Thanks to Pronoun, the Tales of the Executioners are going to Amazon – for FREE! Aine: Another Complication and Ark: Echo of the Past are both already there. If you have a kindle, grab a copy and get the shiny new covers!


Don’t forget that the deadline for the Fan Fiction Fling is coming up. You have until July 16th to get your entries in! Right now Heather has it in the bag with the only entry! Details are here. 


Join me July 7th for Amaranthine Incognito in The Kitty’s Den! Details here.


honeymoon cover 200Do you wonder what happened on Jorick and Katelina’s honeymoon? Do you want an exclusive FREE short story all about it? Join the Great Amaranthine Typo Hunt! 


July’s Street Team prize is a 20$ Amazon Gift Certificate! How do you win? 1) Join the Street Team on Facebook. 2) Read the Amaranthine books and/or free short stories. 3) submit any typos you find (including weird spaces or missing or extra line breaks). August 1st, the person who has submitted the most walks away with 20$ to spend on Amazon! Everyone else will be entered in a random drawing for a surprise (each typo submitted is worth one entry). You can submit the same typos as someone else and it still counts. Plus, you get that free Honeymoon short story!


There are new polls on the website. Check them out and vote!


And that’s all for now! Until next time!

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Amaranthine Incognito: July 7th


Pssssst. Verchiel here. You know, the awesome redhead from the Amaranthine books?


I know it doesn’t look like me because I’m in disguise, but trust me, it’s me. Okay now that’s cleared up… What? Why am I in disguise? I’m getting there. As I was…. What? No, I can’t speak any louder. I don’t want my author to hear. Shhhhhhh!

Anyway, as I have been trying to tell you, on July 7th I’m going to be sneaking into Kitty Berry’s Den for a two hour takeover. I know, I know, imagine me, a character from the Amaranthine series, hanging out in Kitty Berry’s secret group….Craziness, right? I think the folks at NUFF (National Union of Fictional Folks) would have a fit. That’s why I’m in disguise. It’s also why I have to tell you about this on the down low. I don’t want to attract too much attention, you know.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your friends that there’s something fun going down on July 7th in Kitty’s Den. Between 8-10 Central/9-11 eastern there will be games, prizes and lots more secret (but fun) stuff. Very mysterious, huh?

So be sure to join me. Since the group contains adult content, it’s set to private, which means you will have to join in order to participate. (That means NUFF can’t find out what’s going on, either! Ha ha!) So join the fun and be ready to party on the 7th!

P.S. Don’t tell my author, either!v sig

The Party Starts Soon!

celebration thing
The party starts at 2pm Central! Come join us until 10pm for a day of fun, games, and prizes! Once Upon a Page is now an open group meaning you do NOT have to be a member to join in the fun! (But hey, you could join while you’re there!)
(If you’re not familiar with a facebook party, all you do is follow the link and when someone posts you participate by commenting – whether it’s a teaser or a game or whatever. You don;t have to go anywhere and you don;t need to be there for the whole party. You can just stop in once or twice if you want, or you can hang out all day. However you want to do it!)

The Great Amaranthine Typo Hunt


Though I (and my team of beta editors) try really hard to keep the Amaranthine Universe free of typos, we miss stuff. (Plus, I’ve gone through and changed a few things without letting the beta editors in on it. Bad, I know). Wouldn’t it be nice if we could kill ALL the typos? Imagine a typo free Universe. Sadly, I can’t realize the dream alone. I need YOUR help.

Have you found a typo? Use the contact form or just drop me an email at Joleene (at) and let me know which book/story and what the typo is (If you can include some of the text around it, that really helps!) As a thank you, I will send you an EXCLUSIVE short story. How does that sound?

Want to be sure you’ve got the newest version(s)? Don’t rebuy them! Just drop me an email with a list of the books/stories you have and I’ll email you the newest editions (in ebook format) because sometimes ebook retailers don’t let you know that there’s an update out there.

So, my typo hunters, let’s start killing those typos!

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(PS – and if you find a typo in the exclusive short story, let me know that, too! Ha ha!)

New Covers – 2.5

A few months ago I redid the covers to the Executioner short stories because 1) I didn’t like the old ones and 2) I don’t have all the Executioners drawn, so it was getting a bit sticky about putting non-existent drawings on covers. Anyway, the new covers had a new font (because I might love Optimus Princeps, but…) and photo images. A couple of people (okay, Jonathan and my brother) complained about them (“They don’t match the others!”) and while I initially chalked it up to whiny syndrome (I can say that because Jonathan is my non-biological twin and the brother is my biological brother), I have since decided that maybe they’re right about the new font. (But I still like Lemon Tuesday…) and I admit the fact that the covers have no color in common have bugged me to the point where I was considering adding a colored filter to them already…

Anyway, here is the new effort:

all new covers ex.png

I need to upload them to Smashwords still, and then I’m going to get the stories formatted for Pronoun (who will publish them to Amazon as FREE stories – yay!)

Of course, this week also marks the beginning of a year of short stories. I’m working on Cyprus, another Tales of the Executioners short.

So what do you think of the new covers? Did you like the old ones better? Or the old-old ones (That also had a different font, BTW, one I like a lot less than Lemon Tuesday)?

  • Goddess of Night

    A war four-thousand years in the making.

    The final installment of the Amaranthine series raises the stakes. No longer the weak woman she was, Katelina will have to step up or lose everything she’s ever cared about.

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