Masque of the Vampire Cover Reveal

Sadly, Annabel lost her spot for an even sadder reason – her hair clashed with the red cover. I know I could have changed the base color, but I LIKE this book being red, so, bye-bye Annabelle and hello Jamie! (Did you know that’s who it was?)

And for the big question, who will be on the next cover?

What do you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Want an autographed paperback copy? If so message me, otherwise leave your thoughts in the comments!

(It may take a few days for all retailers to update the listing with the new cover, so if you don’t see it yet, it’s coming!)

Paperback | Amazon Kindle | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Kobo

The new Collector’s cover will appear in October, so you have until then to grab the old collector version with Annabelle on the cover.

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Creature Feature Pre-order Special!

creature feature2

We have links, people! Real, live links! Links for what? For the amazing Creature Feature Anthology of course! Featuring short stories by the Awesome Amber Naralim, Amazing Gabriella Messina, and little old me.

Preorder today for the special price of $.99 – after June 21st it goes up to $2.99

Amazon | Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo

Vampires… Werewolves… Monsters… They stalk our dreams and nightmares… the stuff of legends and fantasies…

Featuring short stories by Joleene Naylor the Amaranthine series, Amber Naralim the Monsters series, and Gabriella Messina the Bloodline series, CREATURE FEATURE invites you to take a taste of the worlds these three authors have created, and the creatures you will never forget.

All proceeds benefit the Book Born children’s book drive


Deal with the Devil by Joleene Naylor
Jorick dreams of leaving his native country but, after poor harvests, he can’t raise the funds. When a mysterious foreigner arrives with a job offer – care for his animals and stay away from his house until sundown – it seems like easy money. Except, something is killing the herd one by one. When Jorick sets out to stop it, he’ll discover the horrifying truth about his employer and will have to decide: Is the money worth working for the devil?

Tales of the Bloodline: Ivan by Gabriella Messina
Surviving a concentration camp was only the beginning for Ivan Karolyi. On a journey to find the Nazi physician who has made him a werewolf, he is drawn into a search for a Jewish family’s legacy, and a love that will shape his destiny.

A Beautiful Lie by Amber Naralim
Consequences. Every choice we make has them. A split second decision and an enigmatic stranger is all it takes to send Ellie Fredrick’s life spinning in directions she never thought existed. Willing to do whatever it takes to save her brother, mercenaries, bloodshed and Monsters dog her first steps into Vincent’s twilight world.

Grab your preorder copy today and immerse yourself in a world of vampires, monsters, and werewolves (oh my!).

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Reality Bites Issue 5!

The fifth issue of Reality Bites is out with over 50 new releases, not to mention the opening of the 2018 book awards! Check out all the details as well as some great features like series spotlight, book spotlight, and flashback!


Twenty Questions

Horror author, and friend, Rami Ungar posted these on his blog, and I thought it looked like fun! (he was also thoughtful enough to tag me because he knows I love these things!) You should check out his very awesome answers (seriously, more than one made me literally laugh out loud).

I thought about answering these with funny replies, or do it as a character, but I decided once to play it straight.

What are some of your passions, hobbies and interests?

I don’t want to use my standard answer (drawing, writing, anime, photography), so let’s see. Right now I’m obsessed with a new-to-me musician, Aviators, and his album Dystopian Fiction. We’re a week behind on WWE because we’ve been watching season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Next week Dad and I are planning to start back up watching Babylon 5 (we’re on season 5 but stopped watching it because I’ve needed that time to finish painting the new covers – they’re all done now! Yay!) We’d start tonight but I’ll be drawing the weekly Terrible Turtles webcomic because right now (when I could be doing it) I’m working on book covers for a couple of other authors (and doing this!).

What were you known for in school?

For the twelve years I went to South Page I was “the girl who could draw good”. (Yeah, sad that my whole personality was boiled down to that one point.) In Mt. Pleasant few people knew I could draw, so there I got to be funny, cool, fun, silly, and all those other awesome things you get to be when you’re not saddled with one label. I loved that.

Scariest moment?

This is a hard one to choose. I almost went with the near tornado, but…. I grew up in a haunted house and the ghost in my closet hated me. When I was in my early twenties (and living in a different state) I dreamed that I was still a kid/teen, that everything that had happened since was the dream – and I was back in that room with that ghost. When I woke up I was afraid to open my eyes in case it was true. It was a minute or more before I would even move because I was afraid that, if I reached out, I’d discover I was in the old twin bed instead of the king size hubby and I had. Of course I finally shook out of it and here I am today, lol!

Best job?

The most fulfilling has been the author services because I’m helping people accomplish their dreams of getting a book out there. However looking at other people with the same services, I need to double or triple what I’m charging. Okay, not really, because I refuse to gouge people. If I charged 400$ for a wrap around cover I wouldn’t feel fulfilled anymore.

Stuffed animals or dolls or something else?

Both. I have waaaaay too many stuffed animals, and I wish I had waaaay too many dolls. Sadly I’m poor and cheap, so I don’t. I do have a lot of Barbie stuff, though, including a cool house my mom made forom a bookcase when I was a kid. I started expanding it, but haven’t finished it, yet. (Instead I moved into a real house that needs fixing up.)

Do you have any siblings? Are you close to them emotionally?

My brother is two years younger than me but people have always thought we were twins. To this day I’d say he is one of my best friends.

Do you like the outdoors, or do you only go out when you have to?

I actually like the outdoors. The trouble is finding a reason to be out there. As a kid you’re thrown outside all the time, and when I was a smoker I had the excuse of going out to smoke but now…Unless I’m working on the yard there aren’t many reasons to be there that don’t involve some big social thing (like camping or fishing or picnics). I try to talk the fam into eating outside on the deck, but no one ever wants to.

Are you married or partnered? If not, do you enjoy being single?

I’m married to my senior high school boyfriend. We met in Mount Pleasant (the school I mentioned earlier) and it was love at first sarcastic remark (he called someone a fruit basket – you had to be there to appreciate it). Good sarcasm is hard to find, and I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy it for twenty years.

What’s your nickname?

Jo. I like it better than Joleene, personally. That sarcastic hubby I mentioned above calls me Chicken, but I don’t own up to that one.

What would we typically find in your fridge?

Milk. Dole’s Poppy Seed Salad (I live on that stuff). Eggs (My dog has heart failure so he gets boiled eggs as treats because he can’t have salt). Some expired condiments. The hearts of my enemies neatly stored in Tupperware. Wait. Forget that last one.

Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family?

Eh, It’s complicated. I like cooking fancy stuff, I like setting things up, but I prefer to go to someone else’s house because mine is a mess (I mentioned it was in the middle of being fixed up? Right now most of the front room stuff is stacked in the dining room and there’s drywall piled up and…).

Are you outgoing and highly social, or do you prefer to be on your own?

People would tell you I’m outgoing, but really I’m anti social. I blame it on growing up in a rural location. We never had people just “drop in” or anything like that. The brother and I spent most of the summers with just us, and if anyone did come over it had to be a highly scheduled incident that involved m mother making us deep clean the house so that you could eat off every surface if you wanted to. I blame her for giving me unreasonable standards of house-keeping-for-company.

Most beautiful place you’ve visited?

Hmmm. This is a hard question because everywhere is beautiful. The place I want to go back to is Erie, Pennsylvania. It’s odd because the Great Lakes weren’t on my bucket list, but I was hooked. If I didn’t own that DIY house and have all those pets and family I’d have stayed there.

Secret hope?

Like Rami said, if I tell you it’s not a secret! A not-so-secret one involves the lottery, though, then a vacation to Japan while contractors finish redoing my house for me, and when I get home a maid comes over and cleans. Just saying.

Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself when you were younger/went to college?

I’m more of a short term goal maker. Baby steps. Like if I decide to write a book the goal is to write it. Then the goal is to edit it. Then the goal is to publish it. Etc.  Unless we go alllll the way back to when I was four or so.

What was it/what were they?

Okay, going back to when I was four. I wanted to write books (done), publish books (done), “draw” book covers (done), illustrate a book (done), draw comics (done), make paper dolls (done) and animate cartoons (not done).

If not, are you OK with that?

I’m planning to learn animation when the publishing community implodes. At the rate it’s going, that may be sooner than we think. (#Cockygate, Amazon review issues, author spitefulness, trolls, on and on)

Do you struggle with/manage a chronic medical condition?

I don’t know that I struggle, or particularly manage anything, it’s just there, but yes, I have Sjogren’s Syndrome (an autoimmune disorder), CREST syndrome (A collection of things), and the rheumatoid arthritis that goes with all of those. They complicate things, but everyone has something that complicates their life, so it is what it is.

Are you religious or do you follow a spiritual path/faith?

OOoo. I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about religion? I know it’s not socially acceptable right now, but I call myself a Christian because I believe in Jesus (and that IS the real definition of the word) but I also believe in reincarnation and some other interesting things (for instance I think most religions are really the same religion, but it’s like the game telephone where details have changed within each group over the years.)

What makes you laugh loudest and the most often?

Bad puns. Wordplay. Or some really unexpected, deadpan, sarcastic remark. Yeah, those are probably the winners.


What are your answers to these questions? If you’re reading this, then you’re tagged! You can answer in the comments or on your own blog.

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Clash of Legends Cover Reveal

Though there was some stiff competition, Samael got to keep his spot! Now, the real question: Who do you think will be on the next cover?

What do you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Want an autographed paperback copy? If so message me, otherwise leave your thoughts in the comments!

(It may take a few days for all retailers to update the listing with the new cover, so if you don’t see it yet, it’s coming!)

Paperback | Amazon Kindle | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Kobo

The new Collector’s cover will appear in September, so you have until then to grab the old collector version.

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Clash of Legends is Getting Updated!


Look for the new cover reveal right here on May 26, 2018! 

Can’t wait? Are you a fan of the Amaranthine books? Join the Street Team to get a heads up! (Please only request to join if you have read the books or stories. Thanks!)

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Pages from the Past: A Useful Item

Sadly the Pages of the Past event (where authors read of a story they’d written as children/teens) that should have been tonight, has been canceled. But, I don’t want you to miss out on the fun, so we’ll have our very own event right here!

Tonight I am sharing “A Useful Item”, a story I wrote in the summer of 1997 (when I was 17). My brother and I had just moved to Mt. Pleasant Iowa, and since we didn’t know anyone and had no TV, our main entertainment was walking (and walking, and walking, and…). One day, while walking, I found a blue and yellow hammer laying in the road. Being a hoarder, I snagged it. Later, sitting over my word processor, I wondered what might have happened had someone else found it…


By Joleene Robin Harris


Miranda sat on the wide front porch swinging her legs back and forth and listening to the sound of her heels hitting the wood.  She stared into the firey red sun setting behind the darkened house across the street.  The rain soaked grass glowed golden‑orange and the iridescent butterflies looked like flames dancing in the evening air.

It was only seven but it would be dark soon.  Miranda kicked her black clad feet into the porch and smiled to herself.  When darkness came she’d be ready for it, ready to explore it, encompass it, evaporate into it.  She loved the night.

In the distance a train whistle wailed and she felt disappointed that she couldn’t see the tracks from the lonely brick house she’d chosen to sit at.  Looking once more at the butterflies she hopped down and strode quickly across the grass, looking both ways before crossing the street like mama’d always told her to.

A lone pickup zoomed past leaving a trail of heavy rock music behind it.  Miranda skipped across the street and down the smooth gray sidewalk.  This town was big, very big.  Not that she’d ever been there before but she could sense it.

She could also sense something else on the air that most others couldn’t: Blood.  Blood waiting to pour from open wounds and pool in dark sticky puddles.  Blood waiting to soak into beige carpets and splatter on creme colored walls.  Gallons and gallons of hot oozing blood trapped inside of mortal bodies, running through confining, restricting veins.   Blood that needed released.

Miranda reached the train tracks and hopped down them one board at a time.  Hop, hop, hop, hop ‑ then something off to the side of the tracks  caught her eye.  It was a hammer abandoned in the rocky ditch.  Hmmmmm, a hammer…

Miranda stopped and picked it up, enjoying it’s weight in her hand, she could use this hammer.  Miranda was a natural opportunist, she saw an opportunity in everything.  Instead of waiting for it to knock on her door she went looking for it and always found it.

This hammer would have to be disposed of later if it didn’t fit in her backpack.  Of course there was probably something in it she could throw out.  But then again everything in life was useful in one way or another.  Especially her doll.  It was hers because she’d stolen it from another girl her age, taken it right out of the little red‑head’s hands, watching the tears run down the little freckled face.  That had been a delicious moment and even more delicious had been when the child had stopped breathing and lay perfectly still.  Ah, what a wonderful feeling, the power, the joy, the, the…

But she couldn’t think of anything else and she didn’t really want to.  She just wanted the night to swallow up the sun and make her invisible so that she became merely a shadow behind peoples’ footsteps.  Merely a figment of their paranoia.

Miranda swung the hammer against her legs hoping off the track and taking a dusky sidewalk instead.  There were several couples walking together, hands clasped in silent affection.  Miranda skipped past them and they paid no more attention to her then if she were a barn swallow.  Each pair was wrapped in their own non‑inclusive world.

She stopped at the darkened school park and, standing very still, watched the street lights come on one by one.  She stood so still that she wasn’t even sure she was breathing anymore.  She’d always been best at the statue game.

And so she pretended she was a statue standing in the school park, watching the swings move back and forth in the breeze, the ghosts of children out to recess.  Then she tired of it.

Miranda climbed up a large oak tree and nestled herself in its branches, safe from view.  Someone was coming, she could smell the salt of their sweat and the sweetness of their blood.  It would be the night’s first kill.

She waited patiently and soon she saw them, a girl and a boy.  They were teenagers and what they were doing there she couldn’t be sure.

The girl was tall and fair, and barefoot, her shoes were in her hands and she wore a smile that was dazzling.  The boy was shorter than the blonde, but he was her twin otherwise.  They were obviously a brother and sister, and tonight they would die.

Miranda waited until they’d seated themselves on the cold metal monkey bars, their backs to the tree.  She slowly slithered down the rough trunk, hanging on tightly to the hammer ‑ a very useful item.

Her feet touched the damp grass and she crept across it silently.  The girl was laughing and had dropped down to the ground.  She turned around, her pretty face registering shock when she saw Miranda.

But Miranda didn’t give her time to react.  One moment she was near the monkey bars and the next she was swinging the hammer at the girl’s pretty porcelain face.

A scream escaped her lips and then she lay motionless, a broken doll with a shattered head.

The brother leapt to the ground but soon lay beside his sister, his brains and blood splattered across the grainy dirt for the children to find the next day.

Miranda lay the hammer down and bathed her hands in the crimson fluid that had been their lives.  She soaked it in, smiling wickedly and digesting their energy, their essence.

When she’d fully enjoyed her kill she scooped up her hammer and plodded out of the park and down the street in no particular direction, looking for the next victim. As she walked, she hummed, happy that she’d been right. That hammer was a very useful item, and it was going to get a lot of use!


Why did she kill them? What is she, exactly? No idea, but I’m sure the story would be interesting.

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Tales from the Island Gets New Covers!

Since Children of Shadows got a new cover, the corresponding Tales from the Island needed one too!


Smashwords | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple iTunes

This is a collection of six short stories that fit between the Amaranthine novels Heart of the Raven and Children of Shadows.

They are meant as a supplement to the series may or may not make sense if you have not read the accompanying novels. They may also contain spoilers.

After five novels of bloodshed and terror, Katelina finally gets her island vacation, but it’s not all she expected. How can it be when her companions are vampires? Get ready for book 6 of the Amaranthine series, Children of Shadows, with these tasty bites. What happens on a vampire vacation, stays on a vampire vacation.


Micah: Micah is ready for some fun in the sand, but he’s not so excited about the ocean. The dark waters stir memories from his past that he’d rather forget.

Torina: Torina is ready for a vacation in the sand. But can she find peace on the tropical island, or will worries catch up to her under the swaying palms?

Oren: Haunted by ghosts of the past, Oren’s vacation is more torture than pleasure. But perhaps it’s time he let some of his old agonies go and tried to shape the life he has left.

Sadihra: Sadihra wants to return to the elite Scharfrichter force, but Wolfe has one condition. Can she accept it, or will their renewed relationship fall apart?

Loren: Loren seems to be the only one who understands what beach vacation means, or so he thinks until he and Micah stumble on Torina and a surprise friend.

Verchiel: It’s just a lazy day for Verchiel in the hot tub. Though his efforts at making friends go awry, he refuses to be deterred, much to the chagrin of his fellow vacationers.

BONUS: Chapter One of Children of Shadows


And even thought the stories exist in this collection, the single versions get more downloads (no idea why), so I updated those covers as well:


What do you think? Like them? Hate them? Think I need to make this available in paper back? Let me know!

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In Which I Get Interviewed

interviewOn Friday I was interviewed by the very awesome Don Massenzio. Check out the great questions he asked, like:

Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

Of course! There are some obscure references, such as the supplies closet in Ashes of Deceit, which is a nod to Weird Al’s UHF (Yes, a nod to Weird Al in a dark vampire book. Why not?) and a mention of Old Man Wickleberry in another…I’d tell you the rest, but then I’d have to, um, never mind.

See the other fun questions and be sure to check out the rest of his author interview series!

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Children of Shadows Cover Reveal

Ume got to keep her spot on Children of Shadows! How could I resist getting to see her in the flesh? Now, the real question: Who do you think will be on the next cover?

What do you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Want an autographed paperback copy? If so message me, otherwise leave your thoughts in the comments!

(It may take a few days for all retailers to update the listing with the new cover, so if you don’t see it yet, it’s coming!)

Paperback | Amazon Kindle | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Kobo


The new Collector’s cover will appear in August, so you have until then to grab the old collector version where Ume is hand drawn.

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    Dark, light, love, laughter, never know what you'll find in the shadows.

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