The Vampire Challenge!

vampire challenge

The Vampire Challenge has officially begun!

Just what is the vampire challenge? Join the group and find out! (Joining the group does NOT mean that you are participating).

Oh, all right. I suppose I’ll tell you a little bit.

The vampire challenge begins today, and goes until October 31st. Participants will receive tasks to complete, and those who do everything will get a “special surprise” at the end.

But what vampire is running it, and why? What do I mean by daily tasks? All those answers and more are in the group! So come join us! (And no, you don’t even need to be a reader of the Amaranthine books to play along!)

Hope to see you there!

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#14 – The Final Video

Today is the final video! Did you unravel the riddle?

Looks like you’ll need to join the Facebook group to find out the answer! Joining does NOT mean you are participating in the Vampire Challenge, so what do you have to lose? Head over there and see for yourself. And who knows, you might want to stick around. I know I do.



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)



Only two days left until until October, and I suspect this is our next to last video:

Have you figured it out yet? Did you put the clues together? Or are you still confused like me? Join the Facebook group and tomorrow we’ll find out all the answers!



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)


The creepy videos are coming one a day this week! Hopefully the final pieces will fall into place with this mystery!

Um…so who do YOU think it is? This sadistic vampire has been toying with us all month using these creepy videos…what lunatic would do that? It’s not Oren, that’s for sure. He’s far too blunt for that. Could it be…Hmmmm….? Whoever it is, we know form yesterday’s video that we’ll be seeing them every day…

Who you think it is? Join me on Facebook and let’s unravel this mystery!



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)


It’s almost October, so that means the mystery behind these crazy videos should be cleared up soon – right? (Have you been watching them all month? You can catch them here on my blog or in the Facebook group.) Needless to say, we have another one today:

Well that was sinister. I’m not sure I want a mysterious, unknown vampire to “see me” every day. Do you? Join the facebook group and help us figure this out!



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)


It’s been a crazy month with all these weird videos from some unnamed vampire. If you’ve missed it, you can start with the first. Each video is supposed to contain clues to tell us what this “Vampire Challenge” is. Here’s the latest:

So now we know there is a vampire in charge, that we’ll need to “follow directions”, that we may need to work together, and that it is… random? Well that blew all of my theories out of the water. What about yours? Join me on facebook and help me figure this out!

Thank goodness it’s almost October 1st, which means the answers to all our questions should be coming, soon. Right?



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)


Have you been keeping up with the strange videos I’ve posted on my blog? They all contain “hints” about something called The Vampire Challenge, which start on October 1st in a special facebook group. You can start from the first one, or if you’ve seen them already, here’s the newest:

So we know our host is an unnamed vampire who likes games, and wants us to follow him or her without question in some kind of challenge where we may need teamwork that, of course, concerns vampires. Hmmmm… What do you think it is? Help me solve the mystery on Facebook!



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)


Have you seen the mysterious Vampire Challenge videos? If not you can see them all on my blog starting with the first one. I’ll tell you this much, the videos are coming from an unnamed vampire and contain clues about an upcoming Vampire Challenge that begins October 1st.

Wow. That was…ominous. So we know this vampire wants us to play games, follow his/her lead wherever they go, and NOW they say we need the help of our friends? Hmmmm. What do you think is going on? Help me solve the mystery on facebook!



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)


Have you been keeping up with the weird videos that I’ve been receiving, about something called “The Vampire Challenge”? If not, you can go back through my blog and check them out. The mysterious perpetrator is dropping us clues about what the challenge is. Here is today’s.

So far we know it’s a vampire – though we don’t know which one – who likes games, and apparently thinks that there is such a thing as “too much vampire”. Is there? What do you think? What do you think this whole challenge thing is? Join me on facebook and help me solve the mystery!



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)


For the last two weeks we’ve been receiving mysterious videos, hinting about a Vampire Challenge that starts October 1st. Here’s today’s message:

So we know it’s a vampire who is sending us cryptic videos, that he/she likes games, and now wants to know if we will follow them? I dunno. I think it might depend on where they were going. Like, I’m not to excited about a dark alley. What about you? Come help us solve this weirdness on Facebook!



*(Of course I *really* know what it is, but come on, play along!)
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