Links You Should Know


Self Published Authors’ Lounge

Cool sites:

Bertena Varney – Vampire Sociologist

I Smell Sheep – Reviews, Giveaways and More!

Lariats and Lavender – Vampires, New Age, Crafts and More

Sharon’s Sunlit Memories – Paperdoll artist, writer and more

March House Books

Flickr Comments by Frizztext

Great Authors:

Jonathan Harvey – Psuedo Inspirationalist & Author

Bonnie Mutchler – Poet

Barbara G. Tarn – Fantasy Author

D.M. Yates – Author

C.G. Coppola – Fantasy Author

Elizabeth Foshee – Horror Author

Steve Evans – Thriller Author

Emily Guiddo – Paranormal Romance Author

Tricia Drammeh – Paranormal Author

Rodney C. Johnson – Sci-Fi Author

Maegan Provan – Paranormal Author

Roger Lawrence – YA & Horror Author

Eric Robert Nolan – Sci-Fi Author

LC Cooper – Thriller & Romance Author

Susan Koenig – Paranormal Author

J. Lee Coulter – Historical Romance Author

Daven Anderson – Vampire Author

Stephannie Beman – Fantasy Romance Author

Ruth Anne Nordin – Romance Author

Juli Hoffman – Paranormal Author

David Knight – Spiritual Author

Dawn Colclasure – Author and Poet

Paige Addams – Fantasy Author

McCarty Griffin – Thriller Author

Valerie Maarten – Romance Author

Samantha Fury – Christian Romance Author

Simon Palmer – Contemporary Author

Beth Muscat – Author & Reviewer

Reena Jacobs – Romance Author & Reviewer

Victoria Hudson – Author & Poet


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