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Goddess of Night in Paperback!

eBooks are amazing, but sometimes there’s nothing like holding a real book in your hands; the feel of the paper, that new book smell… ahhhhhh. Breathe it in…

And to help with your book sniffing addiction (I know. I saw you.) Goddess of Night is now available in paperback, in both the standard and Collectors’ Editions!

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The Standard Edition features the same Goddess of Night story you’ll get in the ebooks, only with that new book smell!

Get your copy and start sniffing!


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The Collector’s Edition features the same story you get in the Standard, as well as an art-style cover and seventeen character interviews (originally posted on my blog) where YOU asked the questions!

Get almost 100 extra pages to sniff!


Whether you like book sniffing, or prefer the gentle glow of an ereader, I’ve got you covered. Goddess of Night is also available on preorder from:


Looking for an autographed copy? Message me on Facebook or drop me an email and I’ll send you the details!

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The Time Draws Nigh…


Pre-Order at the special $2.99 price today!

What’s Next?


The Amaranthine series may be at an end with Goddess of Night, but the Amaranthine Universe is far from done. There are too many characters who want their day in the spotlight, and too many stories to be told. So, without the series proper, what’s next? Here are my tentative plans:


2017/2018 will be the year of the short stories. I plan to at least finish the Executioner collection. To find out when a new FREE short story is published, be sure to follow my blog and sign up for the newsletter. In 2018, the plan is to start on some new…


Micah & Loren – Though the gang was out west, Micah still didn’t make it to California. It’s time he remedied that with a vampire road trip!

Jorick – Everyone wants to know what Jorick did before he met Katelina.

Jamie & Verchiel – Is it a murder mystery? A coven war? What kind of assignment could send these two off on their own? Hopefully, we’ll find out!

Amaranthine Reloaded – Fast-forward eighteen years. Paylin and Jayleth are all grown up, but their trouble is just beginning. When Paylin falls in with some unsavory characters, his adopted twin will do anything to save him, including call on some help from the usual suspects. A story spanning three books, this trilogy will certainly need a better name.

I can’t promise that everything listed here will happen as described (or happen at all), but those are my plans at the moment. Have a short story you’d like to see? You can drop me a line and let me know.

Can’t wait? Have you read all the freebies? Check out fifty plus free shorts 

You can find a complete list of all my books and short stories in a printable book list. signature for white

It’s Almost Here…


Pre-Order at the special $2.99 price today!

Dedication and Acknowledgements

I know a lot of people skip reading these in a book (I do unless I know the author), so I thought I’d share the dedication and acknowledgement from Goddess of Night in a venue where you were trapped into reading it. Bwahahahahaha!

Dedication – I had too many people this time, so y’all have to share. Sorry:

To Christine Connolly for all she’s done, for her friendship, and for being so amazingly supportive.

To Maegan Provan and Tricia Drammeh for their friendship, support, and encouragement. Y’all rock.


I’d like to thank the following people:

My husband, for giving up his NCIS time with only marginal complaining.

My mother, for her enthusiasm and beta reading, and my brother, Chris, for his twisted ideas. He’s the real psycho in the family, I just leech from his imagination.

Sharon Stogner, Penny Shortt, Donna Yates, Barbara Tarn, Steve Evans, Amy Wilson, Sherry Hamby, and Carolyn Cason for their beta reading and editing. Because of them, this book kind of makes sense.

Teresa Todd, my awesome PA who gallantly took on the street team duties, as well as all the street team members. You’re all awesome.

The Cool Kids and Fan Girl chats for listening to me vent (you know who you are.) Also Book Born for welcoming me and making me feel at home. It really is one of the most awesome book groups on Facebook.

To anyone who prodded me or left kind words of encouragement on Facebook, Twitter, email, or my blog. Those messages are like coffee, and we know how important coffee is.

To anyone who posted links, recommended the books to their friends and family, left a review, or shared one of my posts. You know who you are and it would take a page to list you all. You are the awesomest of the awesome. I really have the coolest, most interesting fans in the world.

Lastly, a special thanks to God for life, the universe, and everything, including towels.


Goddess of Night officially releases April 30th – but you can pre-order your copy now!


Amazon | | Barnes & Noble |Apple iBooks | Kobo



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Any Day Now…


Pre-Order at the special $2.99 price today!

It’s Getting Close…


Pre-Order at the special $2.99 price today!

We’re Closer to the Day…


Pre-Order at the special $2.99 price today!

The Anticipation Builds…


Pre-Order at the special $2.99 price today!

  • Goddess of Night

    A war four-thousand years in the making.

    The final installment of the Amaranthine series raises the stakes. No longer the weak woman she was, Katelina will have to step up or lose everything she’s ever cared about.

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    Apple iBooks
    Collectors' Edition Paperback

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