Should the Amaranthine Series Continue?

Jorick and Katelina have had may adventures, and they have two more left to finish (book 8 – Masque of the Vampire – and book 9 – Goddess of Night) before they could retire from the literary world. The question is: Should they? How many books do you want to see? Would you rather see a new series in the same universe, with a different character, or would you like Jorick and Katelina to keep going like the Anita Blake series? Now is your chance to weigh in anonymously and let me know what you think!

The polls are not showing for many people. If you can’t see it, please go to where they are showing up.

Thanks for stopping in and dropping a vote (or two)

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  1. Ranena Fladd

     /  October 14, 2015

    I absolutely love this series and each and every character. It never gets old no matter how many times I reread them. I would love to see the adventure continue with Jorick and Katelina and the rest of the crew! I’m sure there is a lot more trouble they can find to get into and maybe love interests for some of the others.


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