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Welcome to the Amaranthine Street team! Thanks so much for joining us! We love new members, and what we love even more is getting to know them. If you haven’t yet, please take a minute to introduce yourself in the facebook group and optionally you can fill out the member form. All the info on it is optional so only share as much or little as you are comfortable with. Of course, both are worth points.


Every month there are two giveaways – one goes to the person with the most “points” (we’ll get there in a minute) and the other is chosen randomly. Everyone who has at least one point is eligible for the random prize – each point earns one entry, so the more points, the more entries. (Of course Facebook has nothing to do with these).

How to get points: Each week I post a list of things you can do to earn points and pin it to the top of the group. Usually they are things like “comment on a blog” or “share a link”. Plus there are things posted as they pop up during the week.

Also, chatting earns “secret” chat points, as does introducing yourselves, and, because I know the peeps in here are some of the most creative and fun, you also get a point for sharing *your own promotions* – and everyone who shares them on their FB or Twitter gets a point too! Oh, and I can’t forget Writer Wednesday – every wednesday Lisa kicks us off and everyone who shares some piece of writing or an idea for a piece they wish someone would write gets a point.

*The easiest way to get points for sharing stuff is to either share the post directly (if it will let you) or to copy it, post it on your stream and then COMMENT that you shared it so I know. Same with Twitter – just tell me you did it. I believe you.
**If you’re not comfortable sharing a link or an event that I or someone has posted, then you don’t have to. In fact you never have to share ANYTHING if you don’t want to.

I total points on Mondays (or try to), and the month ends on a Monday close to the end of the month (I’ll let you know when that is coming up). If you feel I missed something you did then PLEASE tell me!

What is Writer Wednesday?

As I mentioned, on Wednesday Lisa posts the Writer Wednesday call and participants post a piece of writing. it does NOT need to be new, or about any particular topic, or even any certain KIND of writing – it can be a poem, a song, part of a story, a paragraph from a novel, or even a summary of a book you wish someone else would write. The important part of this is to HAVE FUN! (There’s no “heat” limit on posts, though if you’re worried you can post a warning, but we’re all grown ups!)

To post on Wednesday: You can either post in a reply to Lisa’s post, or you can make your own post. We’re not picky. If you miss Wednesday then share it when you remember – even if it’s Saturday.

Again, welcome to the group! If you have any questions or suggestions please post them – the main point of this group is to have fun! So post, chat, do whatever you want!



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