Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Kale


Hair: blonde

Eyes: blue

Height: 5’10”

A former member of Claudius’ coven, Kale has let bygones be bygones. When he is kidnapped, Jorick and Oren  rescue him. Even when they have him back, questions remain, such as who kidnapped him, and how?

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Rachel



Hair: coppery red

Eyes: violet

Height: 5’ 7”

Kale’s wife. By vampire standards, Rachel is more than a little plain.  A former member of Claudius’  coven, both she and Kale swear that they’ve let bygones be bygones. Have they really? And can Katelina trust someone who used to follow Claudius?

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Fabian


Hair: Black

Eyes: brown

Height: 5’10”

Brother of the deceased Jesslynn, Fabian is Oren’s brother-in-law. despite the relationship, he doesn’t bother to disguise his dislike of Jorick or Katelina, and blames them for Jesslynn’s death. One of the main proponents of Oren’s war, Fabian is like a yapping Chihuahua with a bad temper. 

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Luna


Hair: Silver blonde

Eyes: sapphire blue

Height: 5’ 6”

A former member of Kateesha’s coven, Luna and Fabian seem to be involved in a relationship, though is that really reason enough for the  willowy, lady-like vampiress to risk her life in an assault on the Guild’s citadel, or does she have other motivations? 

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Torina


Hair: Red

Eye color: green

Height: 5’6”

Oren’s sister. One look at her slinky dresses, long nails and pouty lips and anyone can identify her as a man eater.  When she’s not toying with men, she’s helping her brother plan his assault on the Guild – or would be if there was much to plan. However, even she can see how hopeless their situation is. is she really willing to throw her life away avenging a sister-in-law she didn’t care for, or is it loyalty to her brother that keeps her there?

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Micah


Hair: bald

Eyes:  brown

Height: 5’ 11

 A vampire who could have dropped right out of a seventies’ biker movie, Micah comes equipped with a strong dislike for Jorick and a bad attitude, not to mention a propensity for calling Katelina “Lunch”. Despite that, will Katelina really be happy to see him die in Oren’s attempted rebellion? Though, with her luck, he’ll be the lone survivor. 

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Loren

Loren Drake:

Hair: curly, black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’ 11”

 A teenage vampire who is too busy helping Oren with his war to sparkle.  With a naturally cheerful attitude, he’s one of the few who seems to be fond of Katelina, which makes it even harder when she knows he and Oren’s coven are going to what could very well be their deaths. 

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Oren

Oren Cotterill:

Hair: Golden tawny

Eye color: amber

Height: 5’ 10”

Jorick’s friend and Fledgling, Oren suffers the recent loss of his wife and children at the hands of the Executioners. Though he plans to fight The Guild to avenge his murdered family, Jorick has refused to help him. Desperate for assistance, he has turned to various sources, including  Traven, a sneaky vampire. Now he hopes that rescuing Kale will net him more helpers. Will it be enough, or will he and his entire coven end up dead?

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Malick


Hair: white

Eyes: brown

Height; 5’ 4”

The  leader of The Guild, he is also the oldest vampire in North America, as well as Jorick ’s master. He dragged Jorick and Katelina to the Guild once to entertain himself, but was it enough? After all,  nothing is more dangerous than an ancient vampire who’s bored…

Characters from Ashes of Deceit: Jorick


Hair: Long black hair

Eye color: so dark they look black

Height: 6’1”

Katelina’s dark, enigmatic, vampire lover. Though he’s promised to take Katelina on a trip – and thereby avoid Oren’s attack on the Guild’s citadel – she’s suspicious, and no wonder. Though he hasn’t been an Executioner for over a hundred years, it sometimes seems as though he still thinks of himself as the vampire world’s police chief. Can he keep his nose out of everyone else’s business long enough to escape, or will he fall prey to the intrigue and mysteries that follow him?

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