Character Questions Part II

cover thingy cropppedAs you may know, the facebook party was a lot of fun (the last of the prizes are even going out today!), though I know some of you couldn’t make it. Because of that, I wanted to share some of the fun with you!

One of the games we played was to ask characters questions. There were some really good ones! So many that I had to break this up. If you missed it, check out Character Questions Part I.

And now for part II: (note there are some spoilers in this one if you haven’t made it through book 7 yet)

Sorino: What are you really after?

Sorino: “To complete my collection, of course. You should see what I have amassed already. Gleaming and glittering under display lights – it is beautiful.”

Sorino, Why do you collect things ?

Sorino: “Why, to keep every one else from having them, of course!”

Sorino, Is Kai part of your collection?

Sorino: “Kai was a whim – a spur of the moment decision. I will keep him so long as he is interesting.”

Verchiel: What kind of women would you settle down with?

Verchiel: “Settle down? Hmmm. How settled?And how long? A week? A month? A year? The answers are different for each. Call it different requirements.”

Verchiel, have you ever killed children? Did you have to feed off more than one to get enough energy?

Verchiel: “When you say ‘children’ it makes it sound bad. I mean, I didn’t *kill* them. And they weren’t toddlers. They were maybe twelve…and I was really starving… I just had a snack to give me enough strength to find a full sized person… It’s a long story.”

Verchiel, you’re a mind reader. What’s Micah secret?

Verchiel: “Let’s see… Micah. For one thing he can’t swim. For another he doesn’t like me because he thinks I hit on Kately and that pisses him off – not because he’s interested in her, but because he has this weird honor code thing.”

Jorick are you ever going to get to know Verchiel?

Jorick: “What’s there to know? He’s suspicious, sneaky, and even I can tell that his cheerful friendly show is just that – a show. He’s up to something. I just don’t know what.”

Across the board question!! Before your turning what was your favorite food?

Verchiel: “I don’t remember.”

Jorick: “There was a meat I enjoyed…I don’t recall the name.”

Micah: “F*** that not remembering s***. Cheeseburgers, man, with everything on them. And fries.”

Loren: “Pizza!”

Oren: “Bread with jam, actually.”

How about what did you do before you were turned for entertainment?

Micah: ” I used to work on bikes. I still do when I’m home, but I ain’t been there in a while since I’ve been with these morons.”

Loren: “Hey, who you calling a moron? I used to hang out with my friends on the beach and watch MTV and eat. I miss eating still.”

Torina: “I enjoyed dancing and buggy rides with young men.”


This is for anyone if you were human for one day what would you do

Micah: “I would have a mother f***in’ cheeseburger.”

Loren: “I’d spend the day at the beach.”

Verchiel: “I think I’d try food and see what all the fuss is.”

Oren: “I would watch the sun rise.”

Jamie: What are you looking for in a mate? What does your apartment look like? Are you neat or messy?

Jamie: “Um…I wouldn’t say I was looking at the moment. I suppose she would have to be able to deal with my duties. My apartment looks like everyone else’s I suppose. I’m not as neat as Beldren but it’s certainly cleaner than Verchiel’s dump. There’s a sword collection displayed in the extra room – it’s supposed to be a human bedroom installed for the human guard dogs some time back, but the fad is long gone and I’m using it to store overflow items in.”

Oren are you ever going to man up and confess your love ? Are you that afraid?

Oren: “What? No. Why would I be… Ahem.”

Verchiel: (interrupts) “You mean why would you be afraid of falling in love after what happened to your wife? I’m not a psychology major, but…”

Oren: “But nothing. You don’t know anything.”

Verchiel *taps side of head* “You’d be surprised what I know. Besides, I read that Tales from the Island story that’s in your point of view.”

Oren: ” What’s your point? “

Verchiel: “So I got a good look in your head! Besides, I’ve also read that conversation coming up in the next book between you and Jorick about both of your ‘feewings’ and-“

Oren: “Be silent, you annoying monkey!”

Verchiel are you ever going to tell Katelina (Kately) your real feeling for her or are you that afraid of Jorick?

Verchiel: “Afraid? Nah. I’m not afraid of Jorick. I think I could take him, if it really can’t down to it, but I’d hate to. I think it’s Kateesha’s fault but I’m actually sort of fond of old cranky boots.”

Kai are you ever going to tell your master where to go?

Kai: *stares uncomprehending through his bangs.*

(Author’s Note: Call it Stockholm Syndrome if you want, but poor Kai doesn’t see anything wrong with his life.)

Hey Lunch you are at last a vampire and I know you are loving it after all!!

Katelina: “There are definitely some plusses. This not having to pee is nice, but I miss food and I don’t know how I’m going to deal with my mom!”

Jorick, do you think your author will ever tell us the story of your making?

Jorick: “Since living it again would be torturous, I imagine she’d love to. I also imagine she’d be happy to tell you about my first wife.”

(Author’s Note: I am actually considering a Jorick book after book 9 is completed.)

Xandria what are you going to do? Something bad??

Xandria: *looks innocent* “Hey, I’m just happy to be away from that old guy. I’ll tell you, though, I am a bit worried about my master – former master. He was a twerp but he wasn’t bad.”

Micah how does it feel to have beat Jorick changing Katelina and now being her Master ?

Micah: “Ha ha! About time someone appreciated that! I hadn’t actually planned on it, but I think it’s the best option. Those other guys would all be too soft. It’s about time someone listened to me, whether they wanted to or not!”

 Weren’t those some great questions? Do you have a question of your own for someone? if so, post it in the comments below and I’ll try to make them answer it. signature for white


Character Questions Part I

cover thingy croppped(I had planned to post this last week, but computer issues delayed me. Hopefully everything is fixed now)

The Facebook party was a huge success! Thanks so much to everyone who came and played with us. I had so much fun! But, I know that not everyone could make it and, though I’m not giving away prizes, I wanted you to have some fun too!

Today’s post is part one of the character questions from the party. But why stop there? Do you have a question for a character that didn’t get asked? If so, put them in the comments and I will post them with Part II!

Now for the questions (and there are some good ones!)

Verchiel, if you wrote a personal ad what would it say?

Verchiel: “Single hot male vampire seeks female companion, immortality a bonus. I like video games, anime, and bright lights. Enjoy walks on the beach, especially if there’s a party going on. Own my own car and have my own digs, and not looking to move. Will reply to the first thirty eligible ladies, but I can only handle so many at once.”

For Micah. Do you Ever see yourself with a love interest? 

Micah: “WTF? Romance. Pfffft. Like I need all that flowery s**t and some woman nagging my butt off all the time. I mean, look at Oren. Look how what’s-her-nut used to boss him around before she got burnt to a crisp? Like I’d stand for all that.”

Loren (interrupts) “Ah, he talks a good game, but if he could find a burly trucker woman he’d be all over that!”

Micah: “Burly trucker woman? You pipsqueak! That’s not my type at all!”

Loren: “So you have a type!”

Micah: “Of course I have a type, numskull! And if I found it – maybe – MAYBE – I ain’t guaranteeing…”

Loren: ‘Uh-huh. Then I guess that’s your answer. “

Oren are you ever gonna stop being a stubborn ass and give it up? Etsuko should be worshiped the way she worships you.

Oren: “What?” *blinks* “I-she…um…”*clears throat uncomfortably* “No one asked her to.” *looks away uncomfortably and fiddles with his shirt button.*

Verchiel, any plans to make a fledgling?

Verchiel: “Eh, I dunno. It might be fun for awhile, I mean, if you could scrape them off, but what if you got stuck with them trailing around after you FOREVER?” *shivers* “But, I might already have some hidden away somewhere… or maybe not. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Jorick if Patrick had not died would you have tried to meet Katelina, and if so how?

Jorick: “I’d like to say no and pretend to be honorable but yes, I would have. No doubt Patrick would have eventually needed relocated and I imagine he’d have taken her with him, or been open to the suggestion. Things would certainly have been messier, I’ll admit… Not that they weren’t anyway, which everyone would know if my lazy author would get the Patrick prequel edited.”

Jorick how do you plan to spend your life with Kately?

Jorick: “Hopefully in peace and quiet. I can’t imagine Eileifr wanting to keep me as an Executioner, so we are going to go home and I plan to lock the doors and refuse to let anyone in for the next decade!”

Jorick, will you ever wear any fancy COLORFUL clothing?

Jorick: “I have before…and no doubt Katelina will try to shove me into some eventually. I don’t understand women’s obsession with clothing. Once you find something comfortable, breathable, and flexible, why change? Of course, I’ve had to over the years, to an extent, as mortal clothing manufacturers have the same ridiculous illusion as women that wardrobes must be changed every couple of decades…*sigh* Have you tried to buy a comfortable pair of jeans lately?”

Katelina, if you could force Jorick to watch any chick flick as punishment, which would it be?

Katelina: “As punishment? Twilight.” *evil smile*

Verchiel, I wish you had been the one to turn Katelina… What is the one piece of advice you would give to a newly turned vampire?

Verchiel: “I’ll tell you a secret – my illustrious author had actually sort of planned that I would get to do it, until DM Yates asked an interview question about it (I still love Donna anyway *bats eyes*) and then the big lug was all excited and my author was all ‘hmmm’ and, well, you know the rest. Anyway… advice… I would tell them to relax, chill out, and have fun. They have eternity now so they might as well enjoy it.”

Samuel do you for see you and Katelina being together somehow with your ancient powers of knowledge .

Samael: “If you are implying romance, I have long given up seeking such a thing as the centuries have taught me the bitter truth of a lover’s betrayal. However, if you mean in the literal sense of occupying the same room, then yes, I believe we will see on another again. Perhaps to destroy the black demoness of evil.”

Author’s note: “He means Lilith”

Jorick, in the last book you didn’t know it was Katelina’s birthday. If you had remembered what would you have given her as a gift?

Jorick: “Hmmm. Apparently she is in need of jewelry, given her predilection for wearing that old necklace. If not that then I would have found something.Modern humans expect those things and I hate to see her disappointed. I suppose I’d have even done something for that wretched Valentines Day if I’d known.”

Jorick, are you concerned Katelina maybe stronger than you?

Jorick: ” Erm…well…” (Author prods him with a pointed stick) “Perhaps…a little…”

Verchiel what is your connection to Katelina?

Verchiel: Besides that whole blood sharing incident? (Author prods him as he sighs* I don’t know. It might be because she drank from Kateesha’s heart and Kateesha was my master…

For Verchiel: Being a ginger I tend to be the rump of ginger jokes, as a ginger vamp do you get ribbed about being ginger?

Verchiel: “Really? But being ginger is the best! I always assume they are coming from a place of jealousy because they know we are so awesome.”

Micah, do you think that your relationship with Lunch is making you soft? I mean, I think it’s great to see you adapt and care for her like you do, but you have to wonder if your rep has taken a hit.

Micah: “What? Caring? No way! Is that how it’s coming off? Pffft. I’m just tired of having to help the jack a**es save her all the damn time. If she wants to run with the wolves she needs some damn teeth. But caring… Bah!”

Loren: “Heh-heh. You are caring. Ha ha!”

Micah *gives Loren a noogie* “What the hell, kid? Now you’re turning on me? I ain’t no soft, mushy, caring kinda guy. Now shut up before I knock your teeth out.”

Verchiel, why do you pester everyone so much? Why are you so friendly to Katelina when you know it pisses Jorick off so bad?

Verchiel: I don’t pester people! I’m just fun…they all need to lighten up a little bit. I don’t know why they think immortality has to be sooooo serious! And I’m friendly to Kately because I’m a friendly guy! I can’t help it if Jorick gets jealous so easy! He’s one of those over-serious vampires I was just talking about.”

Katelina why did you meet a stranger out in the middle of nowhere? That’s dangerous these days!

Katelina: “That’s a good question, especially since I KNEW better. I’ve seen the movies, and the Facebook horror stories. I guess it was just too tempting to finally have answers to all of Patrick’s weirdness. I’d been… spending time with him for over a year by the time he was killed and there were so many things that didn’t make sense, and I guess I hoped that whoever had called me would be able to finally fit all those pieces together for me. That or else Jorick somehow hypnotized me, but he swears he can’t do that over the phone, so…”


Did you miss the party? Do you have a question you’d like to ask ANY of the characters? Put it in a comment below and I will make them answer in Part II!

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It’s New, It’s Shiny!

2 - jorickIt’s the spanky new Character Gallery! That’s right, the character gallery I have been promising people for over a year is finally up – on my blog, that is. Alas my webtech has not gotten it working on the website yet, so I have superseded him and put it here.  You can access the bios and concept drawings of 28 characters and 12 Executioners on the Meet the Characters page. Not only will it help you keep track of who all those pesky characters are, but it gives me somewhere to post the artwork I keep churning out.

Speaking of the website, I am in the middle of redesigning it. Okay, not the middle, the beginning stages, but a redesgin and streamline is eventually coming. Now’s your chance to tell me what you like or don’t like about the site, what you’d like to see, or what you think can go, go, go. Of course the main focus is going to be on the books with a minor focus on the cover art, and I think I may leave the photography section just because it’s cool. However, I think the short stories, poems and artwork sections may bite the big one.

So, if you haven’t checked it out before, do so now – – sometimes it takes a moment or two to load on slower connections, and in some browsers the “loading” does not show up for some reason, so give it a moment before you say “It’s not working”. (this is one of the things that will be addressed in the new design). Then, share your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great day! signature for white

Winners of the Interview Poll

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Character Interview Poll! Here are the results:

  1. Verchiel
  2. Jorick
  3. Katelina
  4. Patrick
  5. Claudius
  6. Oren
  7. Malick
  8. Jamie
  9. Torina
  10. Micah
  11. Loren
  12. Kateesha

So, that is the order they will be interviewed in 🙂  Sue has volunteered her character Mistress to interview Katelina, so that should be fun!

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