Happy Holidays with Ghosts, Murder, and Gold

holiday sales

Yes, it’s time to start finding gifts for friends and families. Why not make it easy this year?

Stop shopping until you drop. This year, support Indie Authors. Through November and December several of us will be promoting Indie Authors’ books along with our own. It’s so simple to purchase an e-book these days. You just need the recipient’s email address to buy a gift from either Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble. As our gift to you, some of us will be selling at just 99cents, so take advantage of the holiday prices to load up your friends’ and families’ libraries. And while you’re at it, why not grab yourself a copy?

Today I am featuring Steve Evan’s brand new thriller Attila’s Angels available for $3.99

As the search for Attila’s tomb gets into gear, rivals circle with murder in mind. The body count mounts but things go a little bit strange when ghosts connected to the prize begin to interfere with the living.

Since the description is so short, I’ll add my review!

Terrence is elbow deep in the search for the legendary – and lost – tomb of Attila the Hunn. He and his partner Simone have a clever method that is sure to yield results – that is until his dead wife Zoe returns and throws a cog in the works.

As a ghost, Zoe can come and go when she pleases. But she’s not the only one. In the afterlife she’s found herself trapped with a little group of spirits including a former nazi, a dead Russian commander and none other than Attila himself. What is it they all have in common? The missing tomb of course!

Terrence soon learns that he’s not the only one hunting for it. A cast of characters, both living and dead, have great interest in the missing tomb, said to be made of gold and silver. It’s a the ultimate treasure hunt, and it just may drive the participants to madness or death.

This is one of Steve Evan’s best books, in my humble opinion. It has everything; ghosts, violence, sex, blood, murder, mystery, and history. He has woven together several different characters, and time lines, to create an exciting tapestry that kept me turning the figurative pages. Five stars!

Buy it: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/501084

Children’s Christmas Story

holiday sales

Yes, it’s time to start finding gifts for friends and families. Why not make it easy this year?

Stop shopping until you drop. This year, support Indie Authors. Through November and December several of us will be promoting Indie Authors’ books along with our own. It’s so simple to purchase an e-book these days. You just need the recipient’s email address to buy a gift from either Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes and Noble. As our gift to you, some of us will be selling at just 99cents, so take advantage of the holiday prices to load up your friends’ and families’ libraries. And while you’re at it, why not grab yourself a copy?

Today I am featuring DM Yate’s holiday story Gingerbread Castle. Perfect for bedtime, or anytime, and it’s only $.99!

Gingerbread Castle is a holiday rhyme book for children ages 7 to 9 years old and is available in ebook (for 99cents) or paperback. It can be purchased online where-ever ebooks and paperbacks are sold.

Gingerbread Castle is a place in Dreamland only where children can visit and enjoy lots of fun games and foods too. There’s a train to ride which even zooms along the roof and the only way to get there is on Jimmy the Elf’s sleigh pulled by reindeer.


Get it on: Amazon | Smashwords | B&N

DM yates also writes books for adults. If you’d like a free sample of her writing, grab yourself the Strange Portals Anthology, available at Smashwords.

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Happy Holidays with Stepping Stones by DM Yates

holiday sales

Yes, it’s time to start finding gifts for friends and families. Why not make it easy this year? Like myself, DM Yates will be posting great bargains, and in the spirit of the holidays I thought I’d share!

From DM Yate’s blog:



Poetry can warm your heart and soul this winter

As I mentioned in my last post, I feel that my heart belongs to writing but my soul belongs to poetry. I have written poetry since I was young. I wish I would have kept what I wrote but I didn’t.

I have put all my books on sale as a gift to you for all your support including my treasured book of poetry. All my works are available for just 99 cents from Nov 2014 through Jan 2015. Later, I’ll list where you can find my books.

Happy Holidays with Ebooks – from DM Yates

Check out the first of the series by DM Yates as she gears up for the Holiday season by showcasing some awesome christmas gift ideas for both the readers and authors in your life. Today’s featured gift idea is a book cover gift certificate. Get the details at her blog and be sure to subscribe to receive more great Christmas gift deals as she showcases quality ebooks and more at prices sure to make your pocket book happy.


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Holiday Wish List Blog Hop

Katelina here. Glitterary Girl is hosting the Holiday Wishlist Blog Hop, with plenty of holiday giveaways, and you know Jo can’t resist a good blog hop and giveaway! Sadly, though, she’s busy working on book 6, Children of Shadow, and getting us into all sorts of trouble, so she left me, the protagonist in the Amaranthine series, to come up with a blog post.

Yes, she’s that kind of lazy author.

My holiday wishlist would be a simple one:

I’d like a Christmas Tree that isn’t dripping with gore (long story there), a cup of egg nog,  a nicely wrapped present from my boyfriend Jorick (vampires are capable of shopping too, after all. Wouldn’t hurt him), and a nice, long vacation on a tropical island. After submitting my requests to my author, she has graciously, sort of, granted one of those. of course, she has to let Verchiel come along, so I don’t know how much of a vacation it really is.

See for yourself what I mean:

Katelina slipped from bed and tiptoed out of the large, airy bedroom in search of a bathroom. It wouldn’t be long before the sun was up. Already the sky beyond outside had a thin, colorless quality along the horizon. Soon all the protective plates would be in place to block the burning sunlight and protect the house’s occupants. Through the windows she could already see some of the island’s occupants struggling to put them in place.

When she was finished, she slipped through one of the corridor doors to a broad balcony. The last of the night breezes blew her long hair back from her face and tried to tell her stories of others who’d stood on the sandy beaches and bathed in the surf.

She surveyed the lush lawn below and traced the line of palm trees that marched down to the beach. The whole place was almost too perfect.

“That’s why it’s expensive,” a voice volunteered from the shadows. Katelina turned to see Verchiel step out onto the balcony. Dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of baggy shorts, his ridiculous red hair was wet and the faint smell of soap wafted from him. He stopped next to her and leaned on the railing. Like she had, he scanned the beach scene, and something strange passed across his face.

“What?” she asked.

“It just seems… I don’t know. Maybe I’ve been here before.” He shrugged and stepped back, his usual smile plastered on his face. He nodded towards the humans hurriedly fastening up the last of the metal plates. “The sun will be up soon, and since I don’t fancy a third degree sunburn I’ll leave you to it.”

He started back for the door and Katelina asked absently, “Don’t you miss it? The sunrise, I mean.”

“Nah. I’ve already told you I don’t remember anything from before Kateesha turned me, including sunrises. Besides, I have a rather snazzy tropical sunrise calendar in my apartment back at the Citadel, so I can see one every day if I want.” He gave her a wink. “Don’t stay out too late or Jorick will worry.”

And then he disappeared.

And now for the giveaway! One lucky commenter will win a copy of the 2014 Sunrise calender, so just like Verchiel you can look at the sunrise anytime you want.


The calender! (Yes, that IS a homemade Jorick ornament to the right. I got creative with sculpy)

To enter: Leave a comment below telling me what YOU want for the holidays. I will use Random.org on December 21st (or thereabouts) to choose a winner. winner will be contacted via email or facebook so PLEASE leave your contact info in you comment or email it to me (Joleene at JoleeneNaylor dot com) or your entry is ineligible. It’s too hard for me to chase people down.


Standard disclaimers apply: I’m not being compensated for this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Open to international residents where permitted by applicable law.

Be sure to check out the hop and the other participants in this blog hop and enter their great giveaways, too! You can click the image below for the Linky List:

And also be sure to enter at Gliterary Girl’s page for a chance to win: A Book Bag Filled With Swag and Books (Some autographed), A Gliterary Girl Media Holiday Book Sampler, Your Choice of Two of the Books Within the Sampler, $25 Gift Card, and a GGM Personalized Notepad

Happy Holidays!!

A Message from the Gang….


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Super Sweet Blogging Award

Yes, I am supposed to be writing. As you can see by the snazzy bar over there ( —>) I am making progress, but I’m not quite done. Soon. I promise. But, an award from Barb is worth the pause, don’t you think?

Yes, the great Barbara G. Tarn has given me the Super Sweet Blogging Award! She may not be a fan of sweets but, unfortunately, I am  and it shows. 😉

The rules are:

  •   Show-off the award on your blog.
  •   Thank the super-sweet blogger who nominated you.
  •   Answer five super-sweet questions about yourself.
  •   Nominate your favorite super-sweet bloggers.

The super-sweet questions and my answers:

1. Cookies or cakes?

Cookies because I don’t like frosting – it’s *too* sweet. I will actually skim the frosting off of a piece of cake or a cupcake before I eat it.

2. Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate for the win! Vanilla can be good, though.

3. Favorite sweet treat?

It changes depending on the season, but the constants are anything chocolate-peppermint or chocolate raspberry.

4. When do you crave for sweets the most?

Most of the time. Even if I am craving salt, I still like a sweet flavored drink. Though, Christmas is the big chocolate holiday, of course. (Not Valentine’s Day because, until I got with he-who-is-now-hubby, I didn’t get chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Now I do sometimes, LOL!)

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

When I was in high school, my CB handle was actually “Sweetness”, so, I guess I’ve already had one.


I now nominate the following super-sweet bloggers:

And by the way, speaking of Christmas, the Special Editions are still on holiday sale for $2.99 on Amazon. Waiting for the price to catch up elsewhere (sadly it’s slow the promo may be over before they do!)

Special Guest Appearance!

Jorick and Katelina are making a special guest appearance over on the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy site. Stop by and see what Christmassy hijinks are afoot!

“Heck yeah! I want to see what Jonathan’s done to them….”



Special 50% off Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale!

As a thank you to ll my wonderful readers, between now and January 3rd get 50% off Ties of Blood at Smashwords by entering the coupon code HY74B at checkout. You can choose to download the book in a variety of formats, including .mobi for Kindle and epub for Nook, Kobo, Apple and more.  Just save it to your computer and then load it to your device via your usb cable.

After all, what goes better with Christmas than vampires?

Feel free to share the code with your friends! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Season’s Greetings, Happy Hanukkah etc etc.

Lots-O-Links #19

This is the nineteenth edition of Lots-O-Links, posts where I randomly share links. Fun, huh? I can now call it the weekly post that two people have gone on record as liking. Pretty cool!

Ever wondered where that movie location REALLY is? The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations may be able to tell you!

With the apocalypse just around the corner (dec 21, 2012), and Christmas coming, what better present to get your loved one than an Apocalypse calendar? Even better, why not an apocalypse survival kit. This site has ’em both! (I want the calendar!)

Speaking of Christmas, how many Christmas carols do you know – I mean REALLY know? Yeah, I don’t know the full versions to very many, either. Never fear. We can print our own miniature caroling book, courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens. I intend to carry it with me so I can replace the “something, something, something” in my songs with real words.

If you have any links to share please mail them to me at Joleene (at) JoleeneNaylor (dot) com or else post them in the comments! And that’s all I have right now. Have a great week everyone!

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