When the Lights Go Out: The Ink Slingers Halloween Anthology

WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUTYesterday was the official release of the spooky, sometimes scary, sometimes funny, but always entertaining anthology from the Ink Slingers’ League: When the Lights Go Out.

When the Lights go Out is a collection of twenty-five short stories just in time for Halloween. Enjoy thrills, chills, and mysteries. Meet ghosts, demons, vampires, and monsters everywhere from dark city streets to the English countryside. Scares lurk in the most unexpected places and, when the lights go out, no where is safe and no one will be spared.

Get your copy at:

Smashwords  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo  |  Apple iBooks  |  Amazon*

And read great stories like:

  • Midnight Summons by Tricia Drammeh 

Karen has been a medium for a long time and she’s seen it all. Until now. A late night phone call summons her to a stranger’s house to help with what she thinks will be a routine haunting, but Karen is unprepared for what awaits. A young man’s life hangs in the balance as Karen faces the toughest—and possibly final—case of her career.

  •  An Arm and a Leg by Adan Ramie

Della and Rosie want desperately to be a part of the most exclusive club in their school. When their invitation finally comes, will they be able to meet the demands of the Society for the Preservation of Old Souls?

  • Loving Reflections by LC Cooper 

Soon after Damon moved into his house, a beautiful woman began appearing in his dreams. Unbeknownst to his fiancee, Damon and the woman carried on a year-long affair. Halloween night was to be their joyous and climactic reunion, but their celebration will far exceed Damon’s expectations.

  • The Blue Die by Bonnie Mutchler

Hitchhiking can be a 50/50 thing. Maybe you’ll make it home safe or maybe you’ll be chopped up in a bathtub somewhere, but Matlyn has little choice. Her date has dumped her by the roadside in the dark and cold, so when the limo pulls up next to her with a handsome man in a business suit, what can she do but climb in?

  • Unforgotten by Joleene Naylor 

It’s time for Marjorie and Gordon’s annual holiday, but it’s complicated this year by a missing wife and a ghost who wants her body found.

  • The Midnight Ritual by Carolyn Cason

David is wakened by the sound of strangers in his home; but who he finds are not strangers, and what they want from him could be the biggest threat he’s ever faced.

  • Behind the Door by CG Coppola 

All Louise wants is to get off the ship. But when she’s finally selected to pass through the mysterious ‘door,’ everything she’s ever known changes.

  • The Midnight Zone by Anne Franklin

A city dweller is disturbed by creepy goings on in her small apartment.

  • Legends and Lies by Jason Gilbert

 Cassie Crane has been hunting the Headless Horseman for years, and finally gets her chance at him. But her family secrets may scar her for life!

  • The Return of the Crusader by Barbara Tarn

Kaylyn is a widow on All Saints’ Eve, not easy for a young woman in twelfth century England torn by the struggle between King Stephen and Empress Mathilda. And then her husband comes back from the crusade at last. But things are never going to be the same again. Revenants and vampires might be more real than what we thought.

  • Short Cut by Roger Lawrence 

Martin didn’t care if it magically transported him back to his front room. No way was he going through any graveyard, but specifically not this graveyard and not on Halloween. maybe he should have.

  • Reapers by Nikki Hess 

Halloween proves to be a challenging night for a pair of reapers, Jack and his young partner Kristy, to do their jobs. And this undead duo’s work is truly a life or death matter…

  • Tigress Lizzy by Rami Ungar

The story revolves a young girl who gets revenge on the bullies in her life when she gains the power to transform into a tiger-like monster.

  • Through the Willow Tree by DM Yates 

Chad and Ginger have begun to hear strange murmurings from the Willow tree after Ginger’s father had an encounter with unusually large birds in his attic. They discover another world filled with dangers, but to get home they must solve the sphinx’s riddle and continue through the unusual underground world.

  • Halloween’s Perfect Storm by LC Cooper

What happens when all elements come together one fateful night to create Halloween’s “Perfect Storm?

  • Afterglow by Russ Towne 

A couple gets far more than they bargained for when they buy and move into a lonely old house near the edge of a cliff on a stormy night.

  • The Body by the Tree by Yawatta Hosby 

When Lisa is forced to visit the Haunted Fairgrounds instead of going trick-or-treating, she gets a frightening scare. Is the man really dead? Or a Halloween prop?

  • Becoming Celine by Maegan Provan  

Celine was just an ordinary high schooler before her world completely changed. The first Night Touched Harper saved tells the story of her final moments in the latest Becoming Night Touched Prequel story.

  • The Mirror by Carolyn Cason

 The story narrator inherits an old mirror when a friend dies under mysterious circumstances, and soon discovers the mirror’s hidden secrets.

  •  The Cat and the Coin by Sean Morain 

There’s more to the feline world than we ever guessed.

  • The Leprechaun’s Trick or Treat by Terry Compton 

Sometimes being fourteen sucks.  Cheyenne Wilson held a highly coveted invitation from the new boy in school in her hand, but the time and the circumstances would bring a big no-no from her Dad.  Then fate stepped in to hand her a much more exciting Halloween night – almost too exciting for her fourteen year old heart.

  •  Malediction by Roger Lawrence

When you have eternity you find it’s not the blessing everyone thinks it is.

  •  Beldren by Joleene Naylor

When Beldren and his friends, former indentured servants, set out to “take what they deserve” they get just that and more. (This is a Tales of the Executioners story)

  • Heart’s Lust by LC Cooper

Be careful what you wish for … you might get more than you ever imagined.

  •  Night of the Loving Kitty by Christopher Mitchell 

A couples pet kitten is more than he seems, and after a transformation they share a night they will ever forget .

So what are you waiting for? The collection is FREE* and just waiting to help you get in the Halloween mood! Come see what happens in the dark, When the Lights Go Out!

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* As of this publication, Amazon has yet to price match the anthology to FREE. Please check that they have done so before purchasing. If not, I recommend downloading the collection from Smashwords, choosing the .mobi option, and placing it on your kindle manually.

Featured on Books Direct

Heart of the Raven is featured on Books Direct today. Stop by their post and let them know what a great job they did – it looks wonderful and they were kind enough to include links/covers to previous books as well as Halloween my sale graphic.  While you’re there be sure to browse around at their other featured books and/or sign up for their email list to get notices sent to you.

And, of course, feel free to share it. 😉

Have a good day and thanks for stopping in!

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Heart of the Raven Halloween Sale

halloweensaleHalloween is one of my favorite holidays, and what better way to celebrate than to curl up on a stormy night with a nice cup of cider and a hawt vampire (or two)? Or, even better, hawt vampires that are on sale!

Through the month of October, Heart of the Raven, the newest in the Amaranthine series, is on sale for 66% off! So, instead of paying $2.99 you’ll only pay $.99 – a $2.00 savings – and you’ll still get all the Jorick and Verchiel yumminess that you can handle.  Or why not send someone else the gift of vampires? Nothing says you care like bloody battles, steamy scenes, and fanged creatures of the night.

Join Katelina, Jorick, Verchiel and a host of others as they hop across the globe in an effort to find the powerful relic, the heart of the raven, before Malick and his henchmen do. It’s a trip fraught with fear, betrayal, and passions that could unleash a nightmare worse than any of them have ever imagined.

Grab your copy today at:

Amazon  | Smashwords  | Kobo  | Barnes and Noble  | Apple  | Sony

And have a happy Halloween!

Shades of Gray Second Edition

SoG thumbIt’s officially uploaded and available at Smashwords (and will follow elsewhere as other retailers catch up)! No, not a new book, just the second edition of Shades of Gray.

Say what?

I’ll let the second edition notes speak for themselves:

I hate authors who rewrite their books, don’t you? That’s a little bit of ironic sarcasm, since I’ve done just that, though this isn’t a complete re-write. The original goal was to add some information and (hopefully) clear up some questions, but once I started I tidied up a few conversations, cut some words here, added some words there, and, well, now it’s a second edition. For the most part it’s the same; the same things happen in the same places (sorry, the scene at Claudius’ is what it is), the same people die, and Senya still smirks evilly. But in some instances what the characters say has changed. I’ve tried to make a couple of incidents more obvious, for instance how Katelina is able to recover after Claudius’ lair and why Troy does what he does, and updated Katelina’s answering machine (who has those nowadays?). If, in the process, I ended up chopping out a couple thousand words, know that they must have been superfluous and that you’re not missing anything. It just means you can get to book two faster, and that’s always a good thing. Right?

Do you need to rush out and get it? Probably not, but if you want it and you purchased it via Smashwords you can redownload it for free. I’m going to mail Amazon to see if I can get them to do the same for the kindle customers, but I don’t know how to do that for Barnes and Noble or anyone else. If you do, by all means leave me some directions in a comment.

And there’s still a couple days to enter the raven giveaway for your chance to win a fluffy, decorative raven just in time for Halloween.

And speaking of ravens, if you haven’t gotten a copy of Heart of the Raven yet, then look for October’s $.99 Halloween special sale and grab a copy.

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A Gift – Happy Halloween!

By me 🙂

To celebrate one of my favorite holidays, i want to give you a gift, so, until Nov 2, 2012, download Vampire Morsels Short Story Collection FREE!

Just visit smashwords at :


and add the book to your cart. At checkout enter the code:


and that’s it! Feel free to share the promotion with your friends, family, coworkers… anyone who could do with a little vampire fun and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Why am I So Twisted? (And a Bonus Contest!)

Why am I so twisted? why do I write stories where people’s heads get ripped off? Why is there always murder, mayhem and monsters? Today I answer that question on A Thousand Lives blog. Check it out and enjoy a never before published short story, The Beasts, written just for Halloween 2012!

If that wasn’t enough, you can enter to win autographed  paperback copies of the Amaranthine Special Editions:

A $31.00 value!

It’s easy. Just check out their facebook page at – https://www.facebook.com/Pageturnersbookaddicts?fref=ts – for details! (Hint: all you have to do is caption a fun photo on their page and like my author page, so if you’ve already liked it, you’re half entered!) be sure to check it out as it’s a fun idea with, in my opinion, a pretty cool prize!


The Ten Wussiest Vampires of All Time

While randomly searching the web I found an interesting article on Reelz Channel called, you guessed it, The Ten Wussiest Vampires.  though I don’t agree with all of their choices, there are some that I have to give a resounding “hell yeah!” to. Take a look and see what you think. Do you agree with their selections? Who would you have added? Who would you take off the list? 


2011 Paranormal Convention Gearing Up

A Day of Mystical Blood Lust in Lexington, Kentucky, is already organizing for the  October 22nd, 2011 event. They are looking for speakers, vendors and sponsors to help fill up the Hilton Homewood Suites on Bryan Road in Lexington. They’re also looking for people who want to hold workshops pertaining to vampires, werewolves, witches, or any other “Halloween” theme.

For more information please visit Bertena Varney’s blog at:


October Newsletter

So, the newsletter is more than a week late. I know everyone’s been waiting on tenterhooks for the new edition, but you must wait no more! At last! It is here – and it is full of news!

Legacy of Ghosts, the second installment in the Amaranthine series, is finally available for purchase! You can pick up your digital copy at Smashwords or Amazon Kindle, or grab a paper back. If you’re interested in an autographed copy then drop me a line at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com.

Legacy of Ghosts cover - fixed

After the events of Shades of Gray, Katelina seeks peace with Jorick, but it’s hard to come by in a world shrouded in secrets and threatened by a brewing storm. Though Kateesha plans to fight the same battle as Jorick’s fledgling, a common enemy isn’t enough to overcome past betrayals, and the tempest explodes into a violent frenzy. Drawn into a deathly conflict, Jorick and Katelina must learn to overcome old regrets, or risk losing their future to the ghosts of their past.

Legacy of Ghosts, the second installment of the Amaranthine series, plunges back into a world of blood and cruelty where the darkness hold dominion and vampires don’t sparkle.

You can read sample chapters at https://joleenenaylor.wordpress.com/ in either whole chapter format or in tiny, blog sized nuggets. Yeah, I’m all about choice.

Winners in the Legacy of Ghosts contest have also been announced. I want to thank everyone who entered, and I hope you had some fun with the questions. The winner of the Bonus contest was Sharon Stogner, who will be getting a double prize pack containing both the books in the Amaranthine series, while Jonathan Harvey and Falcon both won a copy of Legacy of Ghosts. Congratulations guys! If you want to watch the official drawing, you can do so here.

Also out last month is the nonfiction title How to Get a Cheap Book Cover: from how to woo your cover artist to simple DIY.


A great book cover doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This book covers everything from hiring someone else, to all the DIY tips you need like finding the right font, locating the perfect picture, and illustrated step by step instructions on how to put the cover together in three popular art programs. At the moment it’s only available through Smashwords, but I may expand the market later.

And if you’re in the market for a book cover, or book cover art, you might want to check out Coverart.JoleeneNaylor.com and see what I have to offer. This last month I completed 7 book covers:

Bracelets of Light cover

Dangerous Times Mai Tai butterfly - yellow

Waiting for Pops Write a eulogy with photo

Legacy by LC Cooper

On a side note, I can also format documents for publication on Smashwords.

Now, let’s get on to the

Random Fun

The Interesting link: All About Halloween.com The name says it all. Learn the history of Halloween, decorating tricks, or pick up some fun recipes and how to tips on pumpkin carving. If it’s Halloween, then it’s here!

The Lots-O-Fun link: Halloween Fun Pages Download scary music, play online games, do jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages and even listen to old episodes of Tales from The Crypt. Suitable for all ages; go get your Halloween on!

The Read of the month: The Outsiders (from smashwords) The Outsiders is a collection of 13 dark fantasy stories from some of the best names and bright new names in dark fiction. An eclectic mix of styles and genres lurk within these pages…so uncork a glass of wine, dim the lights, sit back in a comfy chair…and enjoy this offering from Ghostwriter Publications.

The Music of the month: Spooky Halloween Music Looking for spooky sound effects or some good, creepy music to play at your Halloween party? Then look no further! Download MP3’s with titles such as Halloween Graveyard or Halloween Psycoz. There’s even sheet music, should you be of the more talented persuasion.

The Video of the month: Art’s Web Show Episode Three by Richard North. Kseverney gets his heart broken, though one can’t help sniggering along to his pain. Meanwhile, Sir Richard critiques Cornered’s painting, only the artist doesn’t take the comments with such good grace… The third in the series, Richard North continues to perfect his different characters, each one of which represents a facet, or aspect, of his personality.

(if you have suggestions for the links of the month please email them to me at joleene@joleenenaylor.com – you will be credited by whatever name you choose.)

My Updates


I am currently looking for some Affiliates to trade links with. If you have a website and would be interested please let me know!

Looking for Reader Reviews! Have you read the book? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Well write a blurb and let the world know what you think! Please send all reviews to joleene@joleenenaylor.com and I’ll post them on the site!

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy:

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy is a weekly manga/comic written by Jonathan Harvey and illustrated by Joleene Naylor that tells the story of the giant turtle attack in Tuttlesville and the interconnected aftermath.

OF NOTE: the website is still down, so Jonathan and I have decided to make a new one at Terribleturtles.com Look for the new site sometime next month. In the meantime….

In September we finished Chapter Four: Let There be Dragons, in which the disgruntled characters from Day & Dark Comics find valiantly rescue Veronica from the clutches of a Speedy – a dog turned dragon. However, they left things behind and, in Chapter 5: Missing, Harold’s friend Rich seeks the aid of a detective to find his missing friends…
Read Chapter Four!

Read Chapter Five!

Check out the Table of Contents for past chapters

Can’t access MySpace, but you want to get in on the Turtle Action? You can read the comics on Blogspot as well – both Chapter Four and Chapter Five. So, if MySpace won’t work for you, then check it out there!

Website Updates

I had hoped to have the new website up as of this newsletter, but alas it’s not done yet. There is a problem with the loading screen and a few other items – but if you want to see a preview you can check it out at Joleenenaylor.com/beta In the meantime, I’ve added a few new things to the old version of the Ramblings from the Darkness website at www.JoleeneNaylor.com

I added two new poems to the Poetry Section of the site, Making a Memory, written for the CPC and Internal Struggle.

I’ve also added 13 new photos. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of them:


ink pen cup

Flickr Updates

In the last month I added the following albums to my Flickr account. All of my photography is licensed under Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted. You do not need a Flickr account to view these. Clicking on the links will take you to a photo album with thumbnails.

54 photos of various hospital things; from the view out the windows to oxygen hook ups, empty beds, visitor chairs and more.

September Misc
55 photos including “retro” images, water, reflectors, parking lots and more.

Mid Autumn
31 photos including sunsets, rust colored grass, tire tracks and flowers.

Flowers, Bugs N Butterflies
24 photos of flowers, a cicada, a leaf bug and some pretty butterflies..

Blog Updates:


The Book Cover is Here
The original book cover for Legacy of Ghosts

September Newsletter
Another successful attempt to blog the newsletters. Yay.

Google is a Girl’s Best Friend
What you post online can hurt your author – or other professional – image. You’d be surprised what pops up in search engine results.

Who Has Square Feet?
Not Oren, or at least not anymore….

The New Hickie
Teenagers bite one another until they draw blood and call it romantic – what do you think?

Where’s the Trailer, Naylor?
That’s a really good question….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 1
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 2
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 3
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 4
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 5
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 6
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 7
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter One: Part 8
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter Two: Part 1
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter Two: Part 2
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter Two: Part 3
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

The Proof is Here
There’s a semi colon here, and a typo there, here a misspelling, there a misspelling, everywhere an extra period…

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter Two: Part 4
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Legacy of Ghosts – Chapter Two: Part 5
Sample of the new book – in bite sized pieces….

Help Spread the Word!
Tags and Banners you can post to help spread the word about Legacy of Ghosts!


A Trip to the Store
Come grocery shopping with me! includes a bonus random video

Spiffy Old Stuff: Babette, a paper doll
A paper doll from 1998; free to download, print, use, etc.

Postcards from Bilbo Volume 6
Bilbo, the amazing pencil guy, shares more of his adventures.

Morning Randomness
Some very cool photos, plans and a couple of videos I took with my phone.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 1
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 2
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 3
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 4
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 5
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

How to Draw With No Money and No Talent Part 6
A six part series on how to draw with seemingly no talent and no money.

Stress an Cool Retro Camera Photos
A long whiney blog with some neat photos at the end.

The Proof is Here
The Legacy of Ghosts proof arrive, finally….


Out and About
for Blogophilia: grocery shopping was never so much fun before.

Post Cards from Bilbo Volume VI
More post cards from the intrepid traveling Pencil Guy

Spiffy Old Stuff: Babette
A paper doll from 1998

Morning Randomness
Some whining, some cool photos and a couple of videos. Wow.

Stress and Cool Retro Photos/a>
More whining and more photos.

The Proof is Here
The typo filled proof for Legacy of Ghosts finally arrives….


Projects I hope to finish in October are

Legacy of Ghosts Trailer
Update all my profiles
book covers for other people
The new TTTC website
The special Bonus comic for the super secret TTTC Publishing Project
I wouldn’t mind finishing up some other misc artwork, but we’ll see about that

If you have ideas or suggestions on what could make this newsletter better, or just want to give me your opinion on something, drop me a line at Joleene@joleenenaylor.com.

If you would like to unsubscribe from this mailing, please send a mail to Joleene@joleenenaylor.com with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE.

Have a great month and a happy Halloween!

Jo 😀

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