My Fantasy Circle Of Five

The awesome Page Adams tagged me on the Fantasy Circle of Five. Be sure to check out her five choices in a super multi-media blog!

The Rules:

1) List five fantasy characters you’d like to spend time with, and give a little info on why you chose them.

2) Pass it on! :)

I don’t think it must be *fantasy* characters – as in from the fantasy genre – but most of mine are, anyway. They’re also all men. Most are hot. I think this says something, though I’m not sure what. Hmmm. (hey, that kind of rhymed! Hot/what… never mind.)

Legolas in Ralph Bakshi's animated version of ...

Legolas in Ralph Bakshi’s animated version of The Lord of the Rings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Legolas

The word fantasy conjures Tolkien  and I’ve always loved Legolas, long before the movies. Why do I love Legolas? He’s immortal (I have an immortal fetish, I know), he’s hawt (trust me, even before Orlando Bloom I knew Legolas was smokin’ – he’s an elf and elves are gorgeous by definition!), he’s wicked with that bow (Hello! He shot down one of the nazgul’s winged steeds!) and he’s funny (I always cracked up at the scene where he walks on the snow while everyone was struggling in it. I was so glad to see that in the movie! And when he calls them all children in Fanghorn) and he’s sweet, I mean he willingly goes back later and hangs out with Gimli in the glittering caves, even though he’s an elf who isn’t fond of caves. However, an elf would have limited patience hanging out with me, so I think after a day he’d abandon me in the middle of Mirkwood and hope one of the spiders got me. Ah well, I’d have my memories.


by Guru Meditation under CC license

2. Eomer

Tolkien #2 – I will try to switch universes after this one. Why Eomer? Um, because he’s hawt? And I mean pre-movie. Again, Karl Urban was just a super lucky bonus. What makes Eomer hot? Because he’s borderline Norse (another fetish of mine) has long blonde hair, lots of armor and a sword. Plus, there’s that whole banished from the kingdom thing for awhile, and everyone loves the black sheep who has been unjustly labeled so and only wants to save his country. *swoon* And he’s nice to his sister. That’s always hot. And he rides that big horse and… *cough* anyway. He’d likely have far more patience with me than an elf would, since the Rohirrim are used to short, fat, slightly scruffy little women, but once he found out I was scared of horses I imagine he’d dump me off on his sister or on one of the other soldiers. I like Eowyn, and hey, the other soldiers probably also have armor and long hair, so all in all it would be a good day.

David Tennant at Stratford upon Avon. This ima...

David Tennant at Stratford upon Avon. From Wikipedia.

3. Dr. Who

I’d take any incarnation, though I admit Tom Baker (the guy with the scarf) or David Tennant (the cute one) would be my first choices. I’d prefer to go when Rose was not around, though Sarah Jane would be okay. Why hang out with Dr. Who? Um because he’s friggin’ cool! And sometimes he’s even good looking. Plus he has that nifty blue box that takes him through all of time and space, so he can go anywhere he wants to! However, since I can’t really run very far before I black out, he’d probably get a bit aggravated with me. Assuming he’s not in his Collin Baker regeneration  I’ll assume he won’t say as much, but I think he’d get a sudden urgent message from Gallifrey and have to drop me off. Oh well. I’d have collected some souvenirs  so it would be okay.

Fred and George Weasley

by reidsrow under CC license – I was looking for hawt, but this was too cute

4. George Weasley

Another fantasy character. And before you point out the pervy old woman scenario, let me remind everyone that Harry Potter is, actually, MY age, having been born in 1980 and thus George Weasley is actually older than me. Ha! now that we have that out of the way, why George? Because he’s freaking hilarious for starters! Not to mention he can do all that snazzy magic stuff. And, well, okay, he’s hot. How do I know he’s hot? Because I just do. The Phelps kids who played them in the movies weren’t too bad, but I imagine the book version is even cuter. Sadly, after a couple of days, the fun of hanging out with a muggle would wear off, and they’d probably send me by floo powder to annoy someone else. Ah well. At least I’d have finally gotten to taste butterbeer. And hey, if they sent me to visit Snape that could always be fun. I love Snape.

Dave Lister (fictional character)

from wikipedia

5. Dave Lister

Yes, the last choice would be Lister from Red Dwarf. Why, you ask? Because I can’t help it, I always had a thing for him. Yes, I know he’s got bad manners, drinks too much, probably smells funny, and at one point spray paints his underwear to hide the hole in his jeans, but he has those hamster chubby cheeks and who can resist those? Not to mention, he’s really a pretty good guy. Plus, since his table manners are worse than a baboon, and his idea of a full day is lounging around a space ship discussing whose better looking, Betty or Wilma, AND he’s lost in deep space, light years away from earth, I think I’ve finally found a fictional character that wouldn’t abandon me. I have to be better company than Cat, after all.

And with that I am out of characters and lost in deep space surrounded by idiots, but it’s been a heck of a week so who am I to complain? Now, for tags!

  1. Julie Hoffman
  2. Bonnie Mutchler
  3. Roger Lawrence
  4. DM Yates
  5. Angie

Cattitude by Edie Ramer

This is from Cattitude the Paranormal Romance by Edie Ramer available at: Amazon Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

“You’re reading Harry Potter?”

Belle started, Max’s voice shocking her head up, her jaw open, her heart hammering. The only other time she’d been surprised by a human was the day Caroline grabbed her. Caroline had snuck in, but Max didn’t sneak anywhere. He always strode in boldly.

“Harry Potter is wonderful,” she said. “He had a bedroom in a room beneath the stairs. The Dursleys are mean to him.”

“You learned how to read that well already?” He frowned, and she wondered if he thought she was faking, like Annette on The Love Chronicles.

“I’m not faking anything.” She scowled at him. Yes, she was lying, but he should still believe her. He should believe everything she told him.

He remained standing over her, his expression hard instead of soft. She liked soft much better than hard. “Your memory could be coming back.”

“Or it could be that I’m very smart.” Or brilliant. She’d always suspected she was brilliant.  Or perhaps she was tapping into the body’s brain cells. Though Sorcha had vacated the body, maybe some of her knowledge remained. Maybe that was why she was catching on so quickly.

She shifted in her chair, then shifted back. She wanted her own knowledge, not Sorcha’s.

He grinned and she sucked in her breath, feeling as if she’d been kicked in the heart.

His smile never made her feel this way when she’d been a cat.

Bending down, he grabbed one of the books she’d set apart. “Did you read this?” He showed her the cover, a cartoon cat in a hat, tall with stripes.

She made a face, though she was glad to talk instead of think. “It’s a silly book, the worst ever.”

His eyebrows climbed up his forehead and his body relaxed, an odd look on his face that she couldn’t place. A good one, not bad. “Sure it’s silly, but everyone loves The Cat in the Hat.

She waved her hand in the air. She didn’t care what everyone liked. Everyone was human and didn’t know better.  “Cats don’t wear hats,” she said.

He laughed harder than she’d ever heard him in all the years she’d lived with him. Looking at him, she felt the kick in her heart again. She swallowed a scream that said, No, no, no! I should not feel this way about him.

“What about a book about a dog?” he asked.

The horror made it easy for her to ignore the kick and remind her that Max was not perfect, though this stupid body seemed to disagree.

“I don’t like dogs.”

“You remember that too?”

She glared at him. She supposed it wouldn’t be appropriate to give him a warning nip. “I don’t remember anything.”

One corner of his mouth quirked up. “You look so offended.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant but she nodded. From his face, offended was a good thing to look like.

“If you change your mind, I saved one of my favorite dog books.” His mouth straightened, and his mood changed. “I wish I could forget I’d read it, so I could read it all over again.”

His eyes darkened, touching a spot within her heart, making her ache for him and want to say something that would warm his eyes and curl up his mouth again.

“Why?” Her voice sounded funny to her own ears, and she couldn’t think of one thing to say that would make him smile. “Why does it make you sad?”

He shook his head and backed up, his face closing. “Just thinking. It was a favorite of my dad’s. I’d better get back to work. I have a lot to do.” He gave a sharp nod and left.

She watched him turn into the hall, the ache still heavy in her chest. Frowning, she sat and returned back to reading Harry. It stopped her from thinking about what had just happened. It stopped her feeling sad because Max was sad. It stopped her from thinking of the kick in the heart because he laughed.

Most of all, it stopped her from thinking how un-catlike she felt when Max was around.

This was not good, not good at all.



I live in southeastern Wisconsin with my husband, two dogs, and the original Belle the cat. I started writing in the 1990’s, selling short stories in the mystery genre to National magazines and two Women Sleuth books. In addition to non-fiction articles, I wrote verses for greeting cards, and I possess a drawer filled with cards for any occasion. I’m co-founder of Write Attitude, an inspirational website for writers. I’ve won RWA writing contests with four different books (including CATTITUDE and her upcoming book, DEAD PEOPLE), and I was an American Title V finalist. You can read about my journey as an independent author on my blog. I also blog at Magical Musings, along with 8 amazing and brilliant writers.

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