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Hello! My name is Katelina and I’m from Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo-author magic, Jo has had me interview other authors’ characters but now I’m finally going to interview my fellow Amaranthian’s. Even better, the questions come from you, the readers! So let’s get this party started!

Katelina: Today we are interviewing Jamie, one of the Executioners. He was a write in vote, but he got voted for none the less, so here he is. Hello, Jamie, thank you for stopping in.

Jamie: Hello.

K: Though we only had a couple of people ask questions, we got a LOT of questions, so we’d better get started.  Bonnie and Donna both asked “Why are you an Executioner?”

J: Someone must be one. Originally Malick recruited only those whose skillset was similar to his own, and as I am also a whisperer, he recruited it me. It never occurred to me to say no.

K: Of course it didn’t. *under breath* Perfect Executioner material. *louder* Bonnie asks, “You don’t seem to be as nasty to humans as some of the others, why is that?”

J: I see no need to apply extraneous force. There are those who need to prove themselves and their own worth, basically to prove that they are strong enough to be in the position they’re in. I don’t need to prove anything.

K: I can think of someone who uses extraneous force. Speaking of your fellow Executioners, Bonnie also asks, “Who is your favorite Executioner to work with? Your least favorite?”

J: Of all time? There have been changes to the “line up”, if you will. For instance Bren was never a favorite of mine, and neither is Greneth. They remind me of one another.  Kateesha was also very troublesome to work with. As for my favorite… If I could choose a partner for an assignment  I suppose it would be Ark. However, of all the Executioners, Bryn was the one I was fondest of.

K: What happened to him – or her?

J: He died. Senya replaced him.

K: Ah. I can tell you, she is my least favorite of them all. Bonnie also asks, “What did you think of Malick?”

J: What does anyone think of Malick? He simply is.

K: Simply is a sadistic lunatic, you mean!

J: He’s very old. With age comes…

K: Insanity?

J: A certain attitude. The longer you live, the more superior you feel to everyone and everything.

K: That’s putting it mildly. All right, from Donna, “do you ever hate the way everyone seems to favor or center on Jorick?”

J: No. Malick favors him, obviously, because he is like his son, and he has a certain “legend” quality because he was the first Executioner in the New World, he and Kateesha, that is, and of all of us he is the oldest. He was older even than she was. A vampire who lives a long time is one thing, perhaps they have spent their life, as Malick does, sitting in the background and allowing others to face danger. But a vampire who fights and has lived a long time is something else. It means that they have beaten all of their opponents.  Not to mention that Jorick has a certain grim attitude, which lends itself well to the job.

K: I thought you were as old as he is? As Bonnie asks, “How old are you?”

J: No, there is nearly a century between us. I was turned in 1650 and he is the late 1500’s, if I remember correctly.

K: Um, yes, something like that. Bonnie is full of questions, it seems. “Who turned you? Was your master kind or cruel?”

J: She is full of questions. It was my sister Caitrin. She was turned by her husband, whose name I’ve forgotten. We all fell under the “ownership” of a vampire who called himself Eagan. He was neither particularly cruel nor kind, like many, he simply was. It was to him we paid our blood debt. When mine was finished, I left for America, though my sister stayed behind.

K:  And as Bonnie asks, “When did you come to America?”

J: 1668, if I recall. Or somewhere very near to that.

K: So you were here awhile before you became a… before you joined Malick?

J: Yes. It was… 1715, when I joined them? Yes, I think that’s correct, it was the year Carolina went to war with some group of Indians or another – sorry, I believe it is Native Americans, now, isn’t it?

K: Yeah, that’s the PC term.

J: PC?

K: Politically correct.

J: How interesting that it’s so used it needs to be abbreviated.

K: Um… right. Anyway, the last several questions kind of go together. Donna asks, “Is there someone you love?”

J: If you mean am I in a romantic relationship, then no.

K: I don’t think that was exactly what the question was. But all right. Bonnie asks, “Have you ever been married? If so, how many times?”

J: Yes. Once.

K: I don’t suppose there’s more coming? *waits, but nothing happens* All right. Then here’s the last question from Bonnie, “Have you ever considered having a human as a lover?”

J: *clears throat* Why are you asking?

K: No! It’s not me! I already said it’s Bonnie!

J: Of course it is. *clears throat again* Where is Jorick, again?

K: No! You have the wrong idea! I swear! It’s – oh just forget it! Never mind.  Thanks to Bonnie and Donna for their questions and to everyone for reading! Next week we’ll interview Torina. That should be something to look forward to!

If you’d like to leave questions for Torina, please check out this blog and leave them in the comments section. Thanks!

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Don’t remember him? He’s and Executioner that Jorick used to work with. he had a small cameo in Ties of Blood and plays more of a part in Ashes of Deceit.

What do you want to ask him?  Leave your questions in the comments below before Friday and Katelina will attempt to make him answer them this Saturday!

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