Interview with Kol-ian

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer.

Today we are interviewing Kol-ian from Barbara Tarn’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories Technological Angel and Mind Link..

Katelina: Tell me a little about yourself.

Kol-ian: Hello, my name is Cole – well, that’s what I’d say if we met somewhere on your planet, actually. If we got to chat a little, you’d probably manage to find out my real name is Kol-ian and that I’m a Sire – or alien Humanoid. I’m a telepath. I reached your planet in 1933 and left in 1982. I’m currently orbiting around Earth and hacked through your internet to chat with you. My main physical feature is black bat-like retractile wings, hence the definition of Technological Angel. That’s me and the title of the book, the first of the Star Minds series by Barbara G.Tarn out at the beginning of December in e-book format – for the print version please be patient until the new year.

K: Did you enjoy your stay on Earth? How well do you get along with Earthlings?

Kol-ian: Yeah, I love Earth’s music. Do I get along with Earthlings? We’re very much alike. I blended in perfectly during my stay. Although I have “something” that makes me irresistible to you all – but don’t tell Daniele, he still thinks he’s Casanova, so he’d never admit he likes me!

K: Why did you come to earth?

Kol-ian: A broken heart. I had a crush on a winged being you’d call angel (he has white feathered wings, but he’s probably a little too dark-skinned for your Christian god) but is actually an alien hybrid (half Humanoid and half Carian – they’re the bird people, FYI). He’s gorgeous, but also heartless. But they tell me I’m heartless too, so I guess I deserve him…

K: So you’re not in a relationship, then?

Kol-ian: Not in this book. Okay, sort of. Before leaving Earth I met Chantal in Paris, France and she asked me to take her to the stars, which I did. She loves me, but I can’t say I love her. Hence they tell me I’m heartless. I’m not. I’m still recovering from my unrequited crush for the hybrid, that’s all.

K: Do you have an enemy or nemesis?

Protection pale color

Not quite Kol-ian but hot just the same – by me 😉

Kol-ian: In Earth years I was 20-25 when I lived on Earth, and my nemesis was my father, no, actually, my whole family, damn them! Heartless control freaks all of them!

K: So is your biggest challenge dealing with your family, or something else?

Kol-ian: It’s to try getting rid of invulnerable people – or better, people with genetically reinforced skin. You might end up chased all over the galaxy and killed by a bounty hunter like my sister’s father-in-law!

K: Wow, that sounds pretty dramatic. Are those events that helped shape your personality, or is there something bigger?

Kol-ian: That would be a big spoiler… When I left your planet, I wasn’t really thinking about revenge or anything, but then that happened and sent me on the warpath… I couldn’t forgive, no way!

K: What is the one thing you want the most in the whole world?

Kol-ian: I don’t know. At the moment I’m simply grateful they didn’t lock me in a prison forever. And I’m kind of sick of seeing people falling in love around me.

K: Well, maybe if you weren’t heartless *cough* no, no I didn’t say anything. Um.. where am I? oh, yes, if you could say one thing to your readers, what would it be?

Kol-ian: Please come and meet my crew! I stole an abandoned starship back in 1982, had a complete makeover done and called it Falstelo, which means Shooting Star. I have “hired” (we work together and I don’t really pay them, we earn our living as adventurers and rogues) a female cyborg, a mutant, two Earthlings (Chantal and the very Italian latin lover Daniele – actually, he’s a sci-fi geek, LOL) and more came on board later, so come over and visit. Of course you’d need a space shuttle, try asking the guys at, they look for volunteers for orbital flights – that’s all you need for now! But hurry, as we’re supposed to go back to Marc’harid (my home planet) soon…

K: Are they in the next book, Mind Link, too?

Kol-ian: Yes. If you enjoy Technological Angel, stay tuned. Star Minds is a series, so you will have more. We’ve been tormenting our Author to write it down for a few months now (hence her fantasy world suffers, mwhahahaha! We stole all her free time!). I mean, she already wrote a couple of versions in the past (in Italian), but she’s finally fine-tuning our adventures and finding more to say about us – better late than never.

In fact she might copy your author at some point, and add short stories about secondary characters when the main storyline is done. I’ll let my future lover answer these same questions and tell you more about the rest when book 2 comes out (just before Christmas, so not a very long wait)!

K: and speaking of authors, do you have anything to say to yours?

Extrasolar planet WASP-11b/HAT-P-10b

by Raven Vasquez via Flickr

Kol-ian: I know what you plan for me and my soon to be lover and I hate it! You’re the true Master Sadist, you wicked Author!

And with that we’re out of time! You can find Kol-ian in Barbara Tarn’s upcoming Sci-fi/Fantasy Mind Link as well as Technological Angel available at Amazon:

 & Smashwords:

Also stay tuned for book 3 – The Slave Trader, or maybe some Star Minds snippets on barb’s blog that will give you insight into the characters past.

And a special thank you to Barbara Tarn for playing along!

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Kindelgraph: Not Just for Kindle Anymore!

In August, I posted about the very cool Kindlegraph, a site that lets authors autograph Kindle books for their fans. At the time, it was only compatible with Kindle devices but now *drum roll* not only does it have a new name – Authorgraph – but, in their own words:

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Interview with Starblazer

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

Today we have Starblazer who is from a variety of places – you know what? I’ll let her tell you!


S: I’m a second generation female Fajrulo, which means I’m the second to bear this name. I’m a member of one of the Magical Races of Silvery Earth and I can shift shape as I please, which means I spend most of my very long life in Human form, usually as a witch, shaman, fortune teller or seeress. I’m the thread that links the Books of the Immortals and also some related short stories. At the moment you can find me as a secondary character in Air, its short sequel The Dancer and my namesake short story Starblazer, prequel to Fire where I’ll play a bigger part as Fire is my Immortal, so my people will be more prominent in that novel (it will be out in June)

K: You said you have a long life span? How long is it?

S: Around 900 years

K: Oh, wow! Don’t things get boring?

S:  No, my own evolution is really very slow, almost imperceptible! But, my lifespan is so long, I can’t remember single events, and I sometimes confuse them with my visions.

K: Oh, well I guess that would help. I wonder if that happens to Jorick, too? *ponders* Sorry, back on topic, I bet you have time to accumulate a lot of enemies!

S: Well, there is a stupid Human tainted by a Pond of Dark Magic who kept me stuck in a single Human form for sixteen years when I was still young and rash… I wiped out a kingdom when I was freed! (that’s Air story in case you’re wondering…)

K: Since you’re basically superhuman, does that mean you have superhuman powers, too?


S: Yes, I’m very powerful, challenging me might be not good for you, especially if you’re only Human…

K: Does that make it hard to have a romantic relationship? I mean, since you’re so powerful? I know vampires seem to have bizarre issues….

S: Unfortunately Fajrulo are not equipped with a heart. We do grow fond of some people, but we’re cold even among ourselves or with our offsprings… We have mating flights or one-night stands with other races, but we don’t form lifelong couples – ask that to my half-blood son Kyler Darklight, whom you shall meet in Fire and Ether…

K: Yeah. I think that’s a symptom of the long lifespans. I guess it would get boring being with one person for 900 years-

Jorick: *pokes head in* Would it?

K: Erm, I mean, depending on the person, of course. Heh-heh.

S: Who’s that? He’s cute!

J: *looks smug*

K: *blushes* That’s Jorick. He’s my live in boyfriend, I guess you’d call him. Though boyfriend seems sort of weird… He’s a vampire.

S: Oh, really? How old is he?

K: He doesn’t like to talk about it, for some reason. But, I have managed to get out of him that he was born in the 1500’s in The Netherlands and-  

Jo: (finally makes an appearance) Would you be quiet? You’re giving things away! Yeesh!

K: Oh my God! It’s my author! She took five seconds to grace us with her presence! We should mark this day on a calendar! You know, I wouldn’t be giving anything away if you’d get that next book finished! We’re all tired of waiting! And… there she goes. She’s gone, again! Starblazer, I hope your author is better than mine! 


S: Yes, well, I bet mine had fun in exploring the alternative to one of my visions in Fire! I’m glad she also told the real story in Ether

K: Yeah, she sounds better. After all, you don;t see her appearing and being all crabby. Hrmph! Luckily I have some great readers. I bet you do , too. If you could say one thing to your readers, what would it be? 

S: Remember I’m not Human… and my true form might scare you out of your socks, so bear with me!

K: And it looks like we’re almost out of time! So one last question! What is it that you want the most?

S: Freedom to roam the world – take it from me and you’re as good as dead!

K: Yikes! She’s one serious lady! Thanks to Starblazer for coming in today. You can find her in.. well, here’s the list!


Links to the whole stuff…

Books of the Immortals – Air:

The Dancer:


Books of the Immortals – Fire:

Books of the Immortals – Air:

And a special thanks to Barbara G. Tarn for playing along!

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Interview with Dreibrand Veta

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

Katelina: Hello Dreibrand, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Dreibrand: I am the second son of the House of Veta, one of the original noble families in my homeland of Atrophane. Although I have a serious face, I have a sense of humor and a sincere smile. I’m trained in the martial arts. I graduated from the Darmar’s military academy with top honors. I am skilled with weapons and can fight on foot or from horseback. I grew up in Atrophane, but since becoming a commissioned officer with the Atrophane Horde I have been traveling west and exploring new lands.

I am one of the main characters in Union of Renegades, The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, and The Borderlands of Power by Tracy Falbe. These novels are The Rys Chronicles.

K: Wow, that’s a lot of books! I bet your character changes a lot through the series (though hopefully not the hair…)

D: At first I am solely focused on my own ambitions, and I’ll do whatever its takes to achieve my ends. Killing people and making war were my main means of advancing myself. Then I fell in love with Miranda and that begins to change things for me. Going into battle knowing that she is relying on me made things harder. I had to start taking her needs into account and fighting for them too. Eventually we start a family and my thoughts turned to building a legacy for my descendants. This affects me powerfully as I try to transition away from the bloody destruction of war and find new and peaceful ways to maintain my hard-earned wealth and power.

K: That’s sweet. So Miranda sort of helps you change for the better? I assume she’s your girlfriend? Wife?

D: As I said, I’m in love with Miranda. Of course I enjoy her physical attributes, but I love most how I can trust her. She is entirely on my side and I know that she would never betray me. I’m the first person in her life that ever helped her or protected her. She had only known slavery and abuse, but this history has given her great strength. She knows what it means to be powerless and that makes her understand the true value of being powerful. I know that she would never let my enemies succeed against our family, even if I died. She’s filled with love and compassion but I also see how she could be totally ruthless if she needed to be.

K: Wow. That is sweet! *swoon*

Jorick: *interrupts* Perhaps you’d like some help with this interview?

The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Book II

K: What? Oh. Um, no, no, everything’s fine. *cough*. Um, right. So, Dreibrand, we were talking about, uh, character shaping. What’s something that you think helped shape who you are? Other than Miranda.

D: When Lord Kwan told me I would not be part of his historic expedition into the Wilderness after I had served him so well and faithfully for years. This drove me to realize that I was never going to achieve my ambitions by serving the powerful among my countrymen. I had to make myself powerful, no matter the risks.

K:  You say risks. Do you have a lot of enemies?

D: Yes. Right from the beginning my main rival among the Atrophane was Sandin Promentro. He had wealth and influence that I did not have, but he still felt threatened by my ambitions and tried to keep me back. But then I found worse problems than him for a while. I sided with Shan, the rival of the rys Queen Onja, and served in that terrible war. Then when I thought that I had finally won a peaceful future, ancient magical beings called tabre rise from hibernation and try to take it all away.

K: Holy cats! Your author sounds as bad as mine!

D: Yes. I have a couple things I’d like to complain to her about but doing it in public would give out spoilers for the series. But for the sake of answering, I’ll say that some more sex scenes would have been nice.

K: Oh man, I am in the wrong series-

Jorick: *ahem* I believe we’re running out of time. Since you’re discussing characters and challenges, what’s the biggest challenge you face, Dreibrand?

D: Apart from staying alive and not being betrayed by my allies, I have to say the worst challenge was when Shan became corrupted by his power. His killing rampage that seized the souls of the dead was pure horror, and I was disgraced to be called his friend. After that he abandoned me and I had to face my enemies without his magic.

K: What? Oh, yes. Running out of time. *ahem* What’s the one thing you want the most in the whole world?

Judgment Rising: The Rys Chronicles Book III

D: I want to establish a legacy of wealth and power to pass on to my children and allow them to live without fear of war.

K: And if you could say one thing to your readers, what would it be?

D: I’m a great guy and my men love serving me.

K: Oh yes, I can certainly see why the… erm… men… would.. *looks at Jorick*. Never mind.

J: Thank you, Dreibrand for consenting to be interviewed by someone who can’t manage to focus.

K: I’m focusing (I just don’t think we’re focusing on the same thing…)


K: You can find Dreibrand Veta, inThe Rys Chronicles fantasy series by Tracy Falbe

To begin reading The Rys Chronicles download Union of Renegades for free at  

 The Rys Chronicles by Tracy Falbe can also be found at:


Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook  

Apple iBooks

Sony Ebook Store


 And a special thank you to Tracy Falbe for playing along! 

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Interview with Verchiel

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

Or maybe not. You see, today it isn’t a character from another literary universe, instead it’s-

Jorick: is this absolutely necessary?

Katelina: Yes, it is. And it’s not your turn. We already did your interview, remember?

The cover in question…

J: How could I forget? I don’t understand why he needs one.

K: If you didn’t notice, he is on the cover.

J: I noticed. Trust me. I noticed.

K: Without further interruption, today we have Verchiel – um, well, I don’t know his last name. But, anyway, he’s from the third book in the Amaranthine series, Ties of Blood.  Before he shows up I do have to ask that you not stare at his hair. I don’t know why it’s bright red or why he insists on wearing it like that.

Verchiel: Well, hello, Kately! Thanks for having me!

K: It’s Katelina, not Kately.

V: And I see our friendly neighborhood Jorick is here, looking as cheerful as ever. How have you been?

K: I’ll ask the questions here. So, Verchiel, you randomly appear in Ties of Blood. Is there-

J: Any particular reason your character exists at all?

V: To annoy you, probably. Oh, come on. I’m fun. There can’t be book after book after book of you glooming around being all macho-emo and Kately whining and Oren moaning and being depressed. It’s boring. People like humor, and I am humor.

J: you’re something all right. What makes you think anyone wants humor? These are vampire books.

V: So? People still like humor. There have been a lot of compliments about the humor in the first book. Then the second book was so emo-mushy-squishy with you two trying to get your boring relationship cemented away. The whole series could use an injection of funny.

K:  *to Jorick* I can handle this, thanks. *to Verchiel* Surely your character is more than just humor?

V: Of course. Though you may not realize it, I happen to be a driving force behind a lot of the events in the third book.  Let’s just say that without me, it would be a very different story.

J: You could say that again!

K: Why is it that you and Jorick seem to hate one another so much?

V: Oh, I don’t hate him at all! *Smiles innocently* The problem is we’re polar opposites. For his every gloomy, forethought plan I have one cheerful, seemingly slapdash spur of the moment idea. He doesn’t like that.

K: How do you and Jorick know one another?


By Joleene Naylor

V: I know Jorick by reputation, which I have to say is pretty accurate, by the way. I also know that we will be spending more time together in book four and, if that lovely author of ours really gets cracking, I believe we’ll see an especially large amount of one another in book 5.

K: There is a school of thought that feels not a lot happens in this particular book. What’s your take on that?

V: I admit, there’s a lot of setting up for the next book, but things happen. You meet a lot of new characters. There’s some fights. A few vampires get killed. You guys have sex a time or two. *heh-heh* Look, how many battles do you think one author can cram into one book before it gets ridiculous? Surely there’s a point in your lives when someone is not trying to kill you? Besides, I get introduced. What more do you need?

*crickets chirp*

J: Which we could do without.

K: I could have done without Malick.

V: What? No, no. That’s a good scene! In fact, after the meeting with Malick is one of my best scenes! Sure, it’s subtle, but you get to see that I’m not really a heartless bit of fluff. I mean, I do my best, you know. What you could have done without is Oren.

K: I get the impression you don’t like him very much.

V: I wouldn’t say “don’t like” exactly… He’s just so gloomy. Yeah, I know, I know, his wife and children and all of that, but come on. How many books can he be a ticking time bomb for? It has to end eventually, doesn’t it?

K: I dunno. You’d have to ask our author. Not that I think she’ll make an appearance.

*nothing happens*

so many beautiful crosses.jpg

By Joleene Naylor

J: I imagine he’ll have his war in book 4 and get killed.

K: You don’t know that he’ll get killed! Don’t say that! People take that stuff seriously.

V: Nah, the author won’t kill him off. She’s gotten too soft for something like that. We could place bets though. It could be fun. Will Oren die in book four? Yes? No?

J: I wouldn’t be so flippant if I were you. You’re not exactly a necessary character, after all.

V: Yes I am. You note *I’m* getting the interview and not Oren, even after three books. So which of us is more important?

K: It just means you suck up more.

V: Okay, there is that.

K: Can we get back to the real questions? Geeze! Anyway, are you romantically involved with anyone?

V: *winks* Are you asking because you want to know?

J: *growls*

V: Ah, relax Mr. Crabby Boots. No, not with any one girl in particular, if you get my drift. *winks meaningfully*. Eternity is too long of a time to settle down in.

K: Alright. What’s one event that changed your life?

V: Besides being turned into a vampire? I think that was the big one. I could be wrong, but I’m going to go with it, anyway.

K: Okay. What is the biggest challenge you face in-

V: These are pretty boring questions, you know. Just saying.  You do a better job with the other people.

K: They’re less annoying. Now, what is the biggest challenge –

V: Can anything really be challenging when you’re as awesome as I am?

J: That’s it. Right there. That’s why I don’t like him. He’s a clown headed ego on feet.

K: I know. I’m amazed his ego fits through the door. Moving on. If you could say one thing to our author, what would it be?

V: You’re a dear, lovely little writer. Don’t listen to all the other complaining characters. Hey! You know what would make you even cooler? If you dropped the rest of the group and did a series about me.

J: Ha! Only if she wanted to give up any hope of making a name for herself! People thought the last book was “ridiculous”. I can just imagine what they’ll say about you! I foresee a lot of one star ratings.

V: You’ll be sorry if it turns out people love me.

K: *clears throat loudly* Anything to say to your readers?

V: *waves* Hello!

K: Well, if that’s it, I think we’re out of time. A special, if reluctant, thank you to Verchiel for sort of being interviewed today.

You can find more of him in Ties of Blood, which is slated for a September 2011 release. Look for sneak peeks coming soon. And please don’t hold him against all of us. He wasn’t our idea.

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Interview with Dr. Laura Covington

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

Today we have Dr. Laura Covington from Lessons of Evil, A novel of Psychological Suspense By Linda B Myers

Very cool Lessons of Evil cover

Katelina: Hi Laura! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Laura: Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Laura Covington, Doctor of Psychology. My clients call me Dr. Laura. I call them Diaper Man, Weasel, Candy Rapper or whatever else they request.

K: Ha ha! So were you always a psychologist?

 L: I left my corporate job in Portland, Oregon for a small town in the high desert to work for community mental health. I wanted a grittier, needier caseload … and boy did I ever get it. On a personal note, the move might have gone smoothly but at the last moment I had to take along my barracuda of a mother and a little boy whom I know almost nothing about. I hadn’t expected to become a mother myself at the age of forty.

K: I could be totally off base here, but it looks to me like you’re dressed for the 1980’s?

L: As a matter of fact, I am! Like most women of the 80s, I have a couple different styles. During the day its conservative khaki slacks and maybe Izod top; for a date I fluff and mousse my curly chestnut hair almost as big as the Flashdance cast. I shimmy into acid wash jeans then add an extra large sweater cinched with a wide belt. Put on my pointy-toed ankle boots and I’m bodacious, dude.

K: Oh! I didn’t realize this was another time traveling interview *glares at her author* She never tells me anything! How cool is that, though? I remember the 80’s! That was a fun time. 

L:  I really hate this 80s slang. Gag me with a spoon.

K: hee-hee! Okay, so your author isn’t much better than mine?

blood on metal

by Joleene Naylor

L:  I just hope next time she puts someone else through all this murder, terror and mayhem!

K: I hear you! But, speaking of terror and mayhem…

L: I’ve always considered myself a pretty together person, but events knock me off my pins. I realize I’m not as in-control as I thought. And that some things can’t be solved in a psychologist’s office. Sometimes you have to use methods more cold-blooded than your adversary.

K: You used the word adversary?

L: Yes. In the 1980s, Oregon was the World Capital of Weird. Every crackpot cult got a foothold. Some were just foolish, but the one brutalizing my clients was deadly. As I fought to free them from this psychopath, he upped the game. After he attacked my family, I quit playing by the rules.

K: I don’t blame you! It sounds like the fruit loop crossed the line. (It is okay to call him a fruit loop, right?) I usually ask about the biggest challenge character’s face, but I’d bet fighting that guy is yours.

L: Actually, I was bequeathed a troubled little boy by a client who had nobody else. I was not prepared for motherhood and had to learn to be good at it even when I resented his claims on me and my time. But the more I got to know Wade, the more I realized this child needed me even more than my clients do. I knew I would care for him … but could I learn to love him?  And if so, could I save him?

K: That’s actually kind of sweet. Not that I’m looking for kids or anything. Jorick is enough to handle *coughs* Um, anyway, speaking of men, is there anything exciting in the romance department?

L: Much to my surprise, yes! After my ex dumped me I didn’t expect to tumble again. A little mattress dancing was fine, but no permanent bunk for me. Then Rob marched straight into my heart and shortly thereafter, my bed. Long, lean. Yum. Full of secrets and smart enough to keep me guessing.

Day 137: Bed Time

Photo by Tom Small via Flickr

L: As a psychologist, my role is to help people gain control over their own lives. But this psychopath? He terrified my boy. That event taught me that true evil exists … and you have to be willing to fight dirty to stop it.

K: And it looks like we’re almost out of time. real quick, if you could say one thing to your readers, what would it be?

L: Trauma victims are punished a second time when they are overlooked or not believed. Multiple Personality Disorder may be a child’s response to trauma as surely as a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is for many battle-weary soldiers. Be open to its existence.

K: It never hurts to be open minded about a lot of things, after all, who knows what someone else has gone through? Thanks again, Laura! It was great having you here!

You can find Laura in Lessons of Evil, A novel of Psychological Suspense By Linda B Myers. There is a free excerpt at

And the eBook available now on



and other eStore locations


 And a special thank you to Linda Myers for playing along!

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Interview with Ron Calvin, Tik Michi and Gus Ugde Ghaolh

Each weekend I let Katelina, the main character from my Amaranthine series, conduct interviews. I use special author mumbo jumbo magic to allow her to talk to characters from other authors’ books. However, this week Katelina is busy so I’m going to fill in for her!

Today we’re interviewing Ron Calvin, Tik Michi and Gus Ugde Ghaolh from Terry Compton’s Alien Abduction (which is free on Smashwords through July!)

Joleene:  “Tell me a little about yourself, what do you look like, where do you live, what book are you in.”

“Well, I guess I can start.  I’m Ron Calvin from Kalispell, Montana right here on Earth.  I’ve been traveling with these two super-heroes for almost three years now….”

“Big boy, can you read lips?  Pbbbt!” Tik interrupted.

“You two better behave.  Joleene is trying to do a serious interview,” Gus exclaimed.  “I’m Gus Ugde Ghaolh and I’m from Prokne in the Coddington’s Nebula.  I’m a Sandghost and I have to put up with this all the time.  Ron is much more involved in rescuing planets and damsels in distress than he lets on.”

“Yeah, the two big boys keep me hopping to keep up.  I’m Tik Michi from Vesta IV in the Melpomene Galaxy.  As you can see, I’m the little one of the bunch.  Gus is over seven feet tall and must weight close to 400 pounds.  Ron is six feet one and I think he is almost 250 pounds now…”

“Wait a minute, I’ve been losing weight ever since we picked up Dolores and I’ve been eating right.  I’m in really great shape for someone sixty-three years old.  Besides, appearances can be deceiving.  Look at you; you’re only thirty inches high when you walk on two legs and a little over twelve when you walk on all four paws.  You could be mistaken for a small dog on Earth…”

“Yeah, until she opened her mouth.  Then they would have no doubt that she isn’t from Earth.  If they said something to her that she didn’t like, she’d probably bite them,” Gus said with a grin.  “Joleene, just watch her tail.  If it stands straight up in the air with a little curl on the end, that’s the ‘fight mode’.  Someone is about to be in trouble.”

“Keep it up and we know who will be in trouble.  Stick your finger over here and I’ll show you a thing or two,” Tik said, but she grinned and ruined the threat.  “You have to be careful with these big sand creatures.  Gus looks like someone started carving him out of rough sandstone and forgot to smooth out all the corners or finish sanding the skin but when you need someone to move heavy things, those broad shoulders and big arms come in handy.  Look at the size of those hands.  Its hard to believe that something that big can make machinery work like he does.  Several bureaucrats have learned the hard way that those hands can help uncooperative bureaucrats change their minds on a lot of things.”

“Tik, we weren’t going to talk about that.  Remember?  One of those involved might read this blog and be embarrassed.  What’s your next question, Joleene?” Ron changed the subject.

Joleene:  “How do you evolve during the course of the story/series?”

“I think we become a team during Alien Abduction.  Later in The Alcantaran Key, we become a family or at least we are joined by Gus’ and Ron’s families….”

“My daughter Xator and Ron’s granddaughter Jessie will never be the same since they met up with Tik.  I must say that I don’t worry as much about their safety anymore.  She’s taught them some nasty self-protection ideas.  She has taught both of them to be pretty fair pilots as well,” Gus replied.

“You’re getting off the subject.  How did we evolve?  We are a team now and we have grown in self-confidence in what we do.  We have decided to be space traders around the universe and to explore new planets.  We actually have a plan sometimes now instead of just firing from the hip,” Ron steered them back to the question.


by Sweetie187 via Flickr

  “Do you have an enemy or nemesis?  If so, who are they and how did they become an enemy?”

“The Bugs,” the trio said in unison.

Ron explained, “The Bugs are Challeka Traders of Elgebar V.  They are like giant cockroaches that can walk upright.  They stand almost 4 feet high and they wear a robe with a hood that covers them from head to toe.  They have a full mask inside the hood to block all light.  They kidnapped the three of us off our home planets and forced us to work as slave labor until we escaped.  We will do everything we can to stop this….”

“Yeah, and I don’t care if they read this and get their feelings hurt.  If I get half a chance, I’ll do more than hurt feelings.  They are the sewer crawlers of the universe and deserve to be squished under foot,” growled Tik.

“I agree with Tik.  If we can help it, they won’t come anywhere near Earth, Vesta IV or Prokne ever again.  We’ll try to stop them wherever we find them.  Read this Bugs, and be warned to stay away from us!” Gus declared.

Joleene: “I can see none of you like them.  What is the biggest challenge you face in the story?”

“That’s easy.  At first it was the escape from the Bugs and now it’s trying to figure out the Galactic Antiquarian or Auntie as we call her.  She’s our space ship which was built by the Alcantarans.  They disappeared roughly 25,000 years ago and left a big mystery of what happened to such an advanced race.  Auntie has features which are even more advanced than anything our friends the Dar Es Salaam traders have.  It seems we learn something new about every day,” Tik jumped in.

Joleene:  “How about you two?  Do you agree?”

Ron and Gus nodded yes.

Joleene:  “What is the one event that you feel has helped to shape your personality?”

Ron thoughtfully said, “I think the struggles we went through to get ready for the escape and then the struggles to stay free.  Gus’ wife Kikula says that we are stronger than the sum of our beings and I have to agree.  We have built a team and relationship that was forged in the fire, so to speak.  We have fun with each other but don’t try to mess with any of us.  You will get all three responding.”

“I agree.  We are one team and even their families are now my family,” Tik replied.

“Me, too.” Gus said.

Joleene:  “Are you involved in a romance?  If so, with whom and what is it about them that you find appealing?”

Gus started, “My romance is my wife of seventeen years.  She is the light of my life and I try to show her all the time.  I’m just sorry that she had to be alone for four years before I could get back to her.”

“Mine is my wife Jill.  She was my high school sweetheart and we’ve been married for forty-three years.  I only was away for a little over two years, but now we are together in Auntie and that’s the way I plan to keep it.”

Joleene:  “What about you Tik?”

“I don’t have any romance in my life.  I’m too busy working on the computer on Auntie trying to unlock secrets.”

“Oh, how about Sim Sulawesi?  He sure gets this funny grin every time he’s around you,” Ron teased.

“I seem to remember someone almost breaking the sound barrier in Los Angeles trying to get to him when you heard he’d been attacked,” Gus joined in.

“I was only in a hurry to check on the kids,” Tik protested.

“Didn’t Xator say something about being snapped at when she didn’t carry Sim to the fliter?  He wasn’t even injured.  It was the thug’s blood on him.  And who was it that had to keep an eye out for him when we captured those pirates’ space ships?” Ron snorted.

“He’s just a scientist studying the Alcantaran relics and; besides, he’s not even a full time scientist.  He teaches at a college on Vesta IV and does his anthropologist studies on his own time,” Tik sniffed.

“But he sure knows his sword fighting.  I will admit that he’s helped all the rest of us even if you won’t,” Ron grinned.

“I will admit that and also that he’s pretty good with computers.  He can’t keep pace with me but for a scientist he doesn’t do too badly,” Tik agreed.

Joleene:  “It seems there is a developing story here.  What is the one thing you want the most in the whole world?”

“The Bugs to stay away from our planets,” the trio said in unison again.

“I would like to see our planets have the opportunity to expand into space.  We as a team have just barely started and have already seen some wonderful places.  Just look at the covers on our books to see some the beauty we’ve already seen,” Ron said.

“I want my kids to have the opportunity to travel in space if they choose.  So far, they are having a blast and have been a big help.  Hopefully, more of my countrymen will want to go into space later,” Gus said.

“Right now, I want those secrets in Auntie’s computer opened up.  I do want my planet to have access to the stars, too,” Tik said.

Joleene:  “If you could say one thing to your readers, what would it be?”

“Well, I would warn them not to start these stories at night if they have to get up the next morning.  Some of our adventures get pretty intense and you hate to put them down,” Ron explained.

Joleene:  “Do you two have anything to add?”

Both shake their head no.


by Sweetie187 via Flickr

  “If you could say one thing to your author, what would it be?”

“Quit putting layers in the computer and let me solve the secrets,” Tik said.

“Make sure our families stay safe,” Gus said.  Ron agreed.

Joleene:  “Do you think there are questions I should have asked or do you have comments?”

Gus said, “I noticed you looking at our weapons and didn’t ask about them.  I just want to explain that we wear them to save the Bug’s allies lives as well as other evil doers’ lives.”

Joleene:  “How do they save someone else’s life?”

“If we weren’t wearing them, they might try something stupid.  When they see us wearing them they are hesitant to start anything.  If they’ve heard any of the stories, they know better than trying anything.  If they see them and still start something, we improve the universal gene pool by eliminating undesirables.”

Ron said, “You didn’t ask how you could talk directly to Tik and Gus.  Their language is normally beyond our ability to speak or hear.  We have a personal shield that also has a built in translator.  These were made by the Alcantarans and made our lives much easier once we discovered them.”

Joleene:  “Tik, any last words?”

“Just remember, ‘Well behaved women seldom make history or headlines.’  I think the women on Auntie will make both headlines and history.  Thanks for having us on your blog.”

Ron and Gus chimed in, “Yes, thanks for having us here.”

(This very fun exchange was written by Terry Compton!)

Thanks so much to Ron, Tik and Gus for stopping in. You can find them in Alien Abduction available on


Smashwords: – where it is free for the month of July!

And a special thanks to Terry Compton for playing along and writing up this great exchange!

If you’re an author and would like your character(s) to be interviewed by me, then check out this very cool page that has all the details:

I want your opinion….

on my blurb. Yeah, I know, exciting stuff, huh?

Anyway, here it is:

With Kateesha dead, there’s no one to hunt Katelina and Jorick. That means it’s time to face the consequences – in both worlds.

When Katelina accepted her new life of night and vampires, she left behind a worried mother and an abandoned apartment. However, instead of wrapping things up, a trip home starts a chain reaction. First, they meet Verchiel, a strange vampire who seems too eager to befriend them. Then the police arrest Jorick for kidnapping. Even worse, the vampire’s government may want to question Katelina concerning Kateesha’s death.

And they do. Despite Jorick’s best efforts, he and Katelina go from being prisoners of one world to prisoners of another and must go before Malick, the oldest of the vampires and head of The Guild. Does Malick want to punish Katelina for killing Kateesha, or is he after something else? And why does Verchiel keep popping up? What is he up to, and why can’t Jorick read his mind?

In the third installment of the Amaranthine series, events are set into motion that could change both Jorick and Katelina’s lives, if not the world.

That’s the longer version for the back of the book. I’ll have to tighten it up into 80 words or so for other places.

If you’re an Indy author with your first book there’s a tip: always have different length blurbs – have your long one, one that’s around 100 – 80, and one that’s around 50 or so because different people and sites want different things. The more you have ready, the faster you can advertise. I learned the hard way with my first book.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Too melodramatic? Not melodramatic enough?

Interview with Jenny Reed

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

Today we have Jenny Reed, the main character from Red Wine for Breakfast by Raven West.

Katelina: Hello Jenny, thanks for coming! No offense, but you look like you’re kinda pissed off…

Red Wine for Breakfast by Raven West

Jenny: Yeah, I am. I’m the host of my very own radio show “Reeding In The Morning” on KTKM FM radio in Los Angeles, California. The station manager just informed me that he hired some jerk by the name of Johnny King to be my co-host. He came to the station with a bottle of Beaujolais to celebrate and now the boss wants to change the name of MY show to “Red Wine for Breakfast” Can you believe the nerve? I’ve been here for more than five years, and just because this King jerk is the boss’s brother-in-law, he gets to rename my show. I guess sleeping with the station manager wasn’t such a great idea after all.

K: Oh crap! That’s a great how do you do. So what’s this Johnny King like?

J: He’s brash, he’s full of himself and a real egomaniac. The problem is that he also has THE best radio voice I’ve ever heard, although I would never tell him.

K: Can’t say I blame you! It sounds like it’s going to be a real challenge to work with him.

J: I wish I could say he was the ONLY challenge, but in the world of radio, there’s a different challenge almost every day. First, I found out that I was going to have a co-host for my show, then I find out that he’s the station manager’s wifes’ brother, and I just broke off my very non-committal  affair with him. I’m single, over 30 and my job has always been my life, but now I’m not so sure I made the right choice.

There is a rumor that the station is going to be sold, and that we may change formats from music to all talk, which I hate. I was in control of my life, but now it seems that the only thing I can control is writing my resume, which I’m going to do right after my shift ends.

Author Raven West

K: Thank you! I get some slack for the non-committal “situation” I used to have with Patrick. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to leap down the altar! So what happened to end the relationship, and do you have your eye on anyone new?

J: I broke it off mostly because I got bored and he got boring. Right now I don’t see anyone here at the station that I’d be interested in, although I hear the new owner is a pretty sexy Italian, so I’ll keep my options open. Just as long as I keep my door closed where Johnny King is concerned.

K: You said you’re from LA, right? There’s probably a lot of masculine candy running around there-

Jorick: (in the wings) *glares*

K: Moving on… Um, LA, huh? *nervous laugh* Are you from LA or did you move there?

J: No, I’m from New York.

K: Do you think that moving from the East to the West made a big difference in your life (besides the obvious ones)?

J: After I moved to Los Angeles, I also changed my name from Doris Cohen to Jenny Reed, dyed my hair blond and lost a ton of east coast flag. Along with those transformations, I’ve developed a great deal of self-confidence, which was going strong until this Johnny King threatened to take everything away from me. If I lose my job at KTKM, I have no idea what I’ll do. Radio is the only thing I’ve even loved, or so I thought.

K: Speaking of changes, how do you change during the course of this story?

J: I discovered that first impressions aren’t always correct and that sometimes men can surprise you in a good way.

K: It sounds like it works out for you then. You must have a good author.

J: I do. I thank Raven for not making me a typical female victim who needs saving, even when she faces the worst day of her life.

New Studio A!

photo by Atomic Taco via Flickr

K: So no running, screaming and twisting your ankle? *laughs*. I’m not sure how that could get worked into a radio station anyway.

J: Definitely no running, screaming or ankle twisting. But, this is not a story about what happens at a Los Angeles radio station, it’s a story about a strong, independent woman, ME, who is drowning in a sea of testosterone and manages to beat the odds.

K: It looks like we’re running out of time, so before we have to go, what is it that you want most in the world?

J: For my show to continue to place #1 in the Arbitron ratings every week!

K: Doesn’t sound unreasonable to me. Last question. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

J: I really hope that you’ll read my story and get to know the real Jenny Reed, and not believe all those terrible things that Johnny King has been saying about me! Please read the story and  let me know how you liked it! Then, you can meet my favorite writer, Rachael Coark, when you read “First Class Male”, also by Raven West!

K: Thanks so much to Jenny for stopping in and answering my questions. You can find her in Red Wine for Breakfast, available on

Smashwords –

Barnes and Noble –

And a special thank you to Raven West for playing along!

If you’re an author and would like your character(s) to be interviewed by me, then check out this very cool page that has all the details:

Interview with Riley Abbott

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

 Today we have Riley Abbott, one of the Characters from the Remember the Eyes Trilogy by Beth Muscat. Riley looks to be about 18 with brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. Let’s see what she has to say. 

Book 1: Remember the Eyes

Katelina: Hello Riley, thanks for coming. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

 Riley: You’re right, I’m 18 years old. I come from a small town called Bent River in Ontario, Canada, and I now go to school in Shrevedale. I attend university there, where I’m taking Art History.

 K: Wow. So you’re an artist?

 R: I’d like to be an art restorer when I’m finished with school. During the summer I worked in the local art gallery, and while all the paintings are intriguing to me, one in particular captures my eye, and my heart.

 K: Oh, I see. Can you tell us about this painting?

 R: The painting totally enthralls me; I can’t stop looking at it. But, that’s not all. I start having these dreams. Come to find out, they’re really past life dreams that I’m having, and one of the dreams centers around this painting at the gallery. Not only are the dreams from my past, but they’re so real. Sometimes, after having one of the dreams where I push a heavy fruit and vegetable cart down the path to the marketplace, I wake up in the morning with aching hands, as if I had been the one that was pushing the cart. I guess in a way it was me…just me from another time. I have several of these past life dreams, but not all of them end pleasantly.

 K: Oh wow! Do you usually have psychic dreams like that?

 R: I do have some special abilities like telekinesis, mind-reading, the ability to astral travel and being psychic (to name just a few).

 K: That’s cool! Do a lot of people know about your abilities? How does your family handle it?

 R: I grew up with very loving and supportive parents. They didn’t always understand everything that I could do, but we were all lucky to have our friends, George and Vera to help. George and Vera both are mind-readers, although they can’t do all the things that I can do. But, they’ve helped me to hone my special abilities and to only use them when I was alone. Most people wouldn’t understand my abilities. I make that mistake with my boyfriend when I tell him that I can read minds. He didn’t understand at first. I don’t blame him for running away from me.

Book 2: Nothing Without You

K: So you have a boyfriend, then? Or, at least start the series with one?

 R: Yes, I’m in a relationship with Michael. Michael Stone is his name and he’s from London, England. He came over here to Canada for the music program here at the university, but he’s told me it was more. He’s told me that he felt a ‘pull’ to come here that he couldn’t explain. But, when I looked into his eyes, I knew what that pull was. Remember those past life dreams I told you about? Well, he was the man in my past lives. He was there with me, my husband and my prince. You might ask how I know it was him…our eyes. Our eyes are the same as the eyes from the people in my past life dreams. That’s why I knew that I could never be happy without him. We were meant to be together.

 K: That is SO romantic! *sighs* I suppose your author is as cruel as all the others and has to throw something evil at you.

 R: Yeah, that’s an understatement. The “something evil”‘s name is Brenda Coxwell and she’s got her claws in my boyfriend. She’s got green eyes, fiery red hair, and a killer body that any woman would love to have. I’m plain compared to her. But, she’s mean and nasty, and according to my premonition, willing to kill to get what she wants. And, what she wants is my boyfriend. Oh, and she’s also a mind-reader, so she knows everything about me.

 K: Holy crap! Your author is out to get you! Do you have anything you’d like to say to her?

 R: I guess if I could ask her something, I’d want to know why she made my good friend Maggie just cut Jess and I out of her life. The three of us had always been inseparable, but then the three of us get separated because of school. But, Jessica and I remain friends; Maggie stopped calling and stopped answering her messages. She doesn’t even reply to her emails. I guess she found new friends at her new school. Cooler friends. Still, Jess and I miss Maggie.

 Beth Muscat: *leans in*  You find out in the third book (called “Infinite”) what happened to Maggie.

 K: Wow! Instant gratification! Your author’s more professional than mine, anyway! *cough* Even if she’s not nicer. Are there any other challenges that you face in the story?

 R: There’s someone that I need to protect during the course of the series. I have these terrible premonition type dreams as well, where someone I love is in danger. These aren’t the past life dreams I spoke about, but rather dreams that could actually come true in this time. I have a shield of sorts (amongst my other special abilities) that I can use to protect myself. But, I want to try to protect my boyfriend as well. He’s the one I’ve been having the premonitions about. I’ve been having some difficulty with this task but I want so badly to protect him. I can’t let anything happen to him; my only hope is that if the time ever arises, I will be able to protect him.

Book 3: Infinite

K: It looks like we’re running out of time. What’s the one thing you want most in the world?

 R: For Brenda to leave us alone. She just won’t quit. Michael tells her that he doesn’t love her and that he never did. (There was a period of time when Michael was unsure about me. I’d told him about my special abilities, and he didn’t quite understand them.) But, when he comes back to me, she just doesn’t get it that he doesn’t want her, but instead, wants me. I just want her to leave both of us alone. She’s the one that I’ve been having the premonitions about.

 K: I could tell you how I got rid of the competition, but I guess you’d probably get in trouble for that. It is effective, though. *cough*cough* Okay, okay, last question. Do you have anything you’d like to say to your readers?

 R: Never give up. During some of my past life dreams, I gave up when I should have fought harder. Once, during a pioneer life, my family and I were being attacked by some awful drunken men from the saloon. People were watching what was going on, but no one would help us. I started to give up, but my husband wouldn’t. He fought the men, but paid the price with his life. They shot him. During another past life dream, I was a lonely old poet man who was too afraid to speak to the woman I was in love with. I’d given up all attempts to show her that I loved her. So, I would say, “Never give up.” When it came to Michael, I didn’t.

 K: I love that advice! Thanks so much for stopping in and letting me interview you!

 R: I thank you for the wonderful interview, and I hope I was able to answer the questions effectively for my readers to understand a little bit about me. I’m simple, yet complex with my special abilities, but the love I feel for Michael is what keeps me alive. Look for our continuing love story in the second book in the trilogy (called, “Nothing Without You”), where both Michael and I discover that I’m not the only one with special abilities

 You can find Riley Abbott in Beth Muscat’s Remember the Eyes trilogy

On Amazon:

On Smashwords:

And a special thank you to Beth Muscat for playing along!

If you’re an author and would like your character(s) to be interviewed by me, then check out this very cool page that has all the details:

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