Interview with Dakota

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

Today we have Dakota from the Emily Dahill, CID Part by Lindsay Downs! You might remember that we had Gerri and her cat recently? Well, I did say we should have a dog to make things even and guess what?

We do!

Even cooler, the laws of literary universes have been further bent so we can have a conversation with Dakota! Let’s give a big welcome to our furry visitor!

Emily Dahill, CID Part 1

Katelina: Welcome Dakota! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Dakota: It is just so cool being here and away, even for a little while, from work and mom. There’s really not all that much to tell. You know, everyone thinks us collies all look alike. In other words those silly humans think of me as that one from TV and the movies…oh what’s her name. (deep in thought he scratches his muzzle with a hind paw) Oh yeah, Lassie. Well, let me tell you we’re as different as you people. I’m what’s called a tri-color, meaning I have black, tan, or as I like to call it sable. Sounds classier, don’t you think and white. All three are distinctive, as you can see. (Dakota chuckles as he pirouettes to show off his coloration). Mom, that’s Emily, says I have the most expressive deep brown eyes she’s ever seen.

K: You do have very pretty eyes. –

Jorick (appears) Now who has pretty eyes? If it’s another one of those fantasy heroes-

K: *sarcastically* It’s a dog, Jorick. A dog. See?

Jorick: Oh, right. Is it house trained?

*Dakota and Katelina give him a disdainful look*

K: Moving on. I’m guessing you live with Emily?

D: She and I share a really nice log house sort of buried in the woods. We even have a family of wolves that live nearby. Sometimes I’ll sneak some table scraps to take them so their mother, when she has trouble getting out to hunt, can feed the kits.

K: That sounds nice! I wouldn’t mind a trip out to the woods for a few weeks – provided there’s a TV. Though I guess TV probably isn’t a priority for you, huh?

D: Don’t forget, I’m a collie and to me the important things in life are food, sleep, play, food, play, oh did I mention sleep and food and helping to catch bad guys.

K: You mention bad guys. Do you have any enemies?

D: Not so much me but mom have a nemesis. From what I’ve been able to understand mom doesn’t know the guy’s name. Only that he has brown hair, so that’s how we refer to him as ‘the brown-haired man’. The best way to find out about this person and there’s no guarantee the name used is even his real one is to read the first story Final Mission. This happened before Emily and I hooked up. But I did have a chance meeting with the bum in the story A Body in the Snow. That’s where I first caught his scent. And let me tell you, he had a stink that could raise the dead. I knew he to be a danger mostly to mom so I quickly developed a special deep throat growl when I get a whiff of him. It’s happened since that story was first told. You can learn more about him and me in A Body in the Attic where he reappears.

As far as the how’s and why’s he became the enemy, I don’t think even mom knows.

K: Is he going to be back for future stories?

D: I don’t know. I’ve heard that Emily is talking to someone about other stories but don’t really know anything about that.

a collie in profile.jpg

photo by Joleene Naylor

D: Right! I’m sweet, adorable, loveable, and a good partner, always looking after her back. Oh, did I mention sexy as hell. All the girls just love me. Must be my killer smile. (He smiled at me to show off that smile). Seen better.

K: Ha ha! So if all the girls love you, does that mean you have a little Collie sweetheart somewhere?

D: Not. I got snipped as a puppy.

K: Ouch! You’re author sounds like a killer – well, a snipper. *heh-heh* If you could say one thing to her, what would it be?

D: Lindsay, “Stop giving mom all the good scenes.”

K: Sounds like a fair enough request. And if you could say something to your readers?

D: Woof, woof. If you want to laugh and cry tears of joy then Emily Dahill, CID Part 1 is the book for you. And you’ll love what I did to that poor soldier’s rifle.

K: Now I’m curious! Though I think my worthless author knows… not that she’ll make an appearance.

Jorick: She never bothers.


not quite a t-bone....

D: You mean beside getting a one inch thick t-bones steak medium-rare every night for supper. I guess keeping mom safe really would be at the top of the list. Okay, equal to the steak.

Before I go, I have a question for your friend *eyes Jorick*. Well, you see mom wants me to be a werecollie for Halloween. Now, how anemic is that. What I’d love to know is where did you get those fantastic fangs? Boy, with a set of chompers like those hanging out of my mouth I’d make a super vampire collie. See, I could walk around on my hind legs (he hops up and walks around the room). Now that would really scare the people. So, my question, is where did you buy them and do you think they’d have a pair in my size?

K: You know, this brings up an interesting question-

J: Try Fangs R Us. I hear they have quite a collection.

K: Fangs R Us? You just made that up!

J: And with that we’re out of time!

K: Hey! That’s my line! A big thank you to Dakota for giving us all a dog’s eye view of his world. (heh-heh) You can find more of him in the Emily Dahill, CID Part by Lindsay Downs.


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And a special thanks to Lindsay Downs for playing along!

If you’re an author and would like your character(s) to be interviewed by me, then check out this very cool page that has all the details:

Emily Dahill CID Part One by Lindsay Downs

Before I get to the book itself I have to comment on this awesome cover. The cover artist for Astraea Press has a fantastic eye.

Okay, now that I’m done drooling, on to the review!

A collection of four stories, Emily Dahill CID, Part One, starts off heavy and ends with a big laugh. The first tale, Final Mission, recounts Emily’s near fatal copter crash in Iraq. She heals, but can’t seem to shake her new fear of helicopters. Even the sound of one flying overhead is enough to fill her with panic – until she meets her new partner. Dakota follows her into story two, A Body in the Snow, where he helps her to capture “the bad guy”. With a partner like that, bunny slippers are just fine for making the arrest.  In the third story, Right Place, Wrong Day, Dakota and Emily are both in for a little surprise when they agree to meet her friends for a camping trip, and the laughs continue in story four, Dog on Fishing where Dakota shows Emily and her friends the real way to fish. Told partially through Dakota’s eyes, it’s really a dog’s eye view!

Emily and Dakota have a special bond, and Lindsay shows this very well, not only with Emily’s thoughts, but also in their actions and reactions with and to one another. You get a sense of a very close and unique friendship that leaves both parties the richer for it. Her descriptions are rich, but not too wordy, so that you get a real feel for the scenes; from the sound of the bullets crashing around Emily and her team, to the cool lapping of the river.

If I had to pick a favorite line it would be“You know Special Agent Emily Dahill, I’ve been detained by all sorts of police, military and civilian, but I swear this is the first time by someone wearing bright pink, floppy eared, bunny slippers.”  That picture was just too much for me! Hee-hee!

Get your copy today from Astraea Press:


check out Lindsay’s website at:

Target Identified by Lindsay Downs

Today’s excerpt comes from the Mystery/Thriller Target Identified by Lindsay Downs

The body count continues to rise. Unexplained stock transfers persist. Is there any connection between the two, or is it coincidence?

Ezra Swanson receives a mysterious note. Far more cryptic than the one he’d received the year before.

On the anniversary of her brothers funeral Alison Swanson observes a soldier place something by his headstone. Could this person hold a clue to what’s been going on, or is he the stranger she’d met twice before?

When she returns to Myrtle Beach, Sergeant Richard Bosch, the soldier from the funeral, is also staying there along with his collie.

Alison and Richard return to her parents’ home in DC only to find someone has kidnapped her father.

During their attempts to rescue her father, Alison and Richard confront a possible suspect, Shane Goodrich. Unfortunately, he has the perfect alibi.

Richard is captured when he sets out, with the help of several special ops friends, to rescue her father.

Now it falls on Alison, her feminine logic and planning to save not only her father but also Richard.

Identified and cornered will the perpetrator of the murders, kidnapping and stock thefts escape; or will they get what is coming to them?

“-Let’s put it this way, she’s suppose to be mine and was,” Richard stared daggers at Alison, “until she came along. Now I can barely get her to do anything. Like swimming. Before her, she’d never go near the water even at Aunt Maddie’s, now, she loves it. Either that or she does it to annoy the hell out of me.”

Janice didn’t have to think on how to answer that particular question. Since she’d done it so many times in the past. “Alison,” she beamed a loving motherly smile to her daughter. “has always been like that. Even as a child. For some reason, dogs, in particular collies, seem to respond to her. For example, several years ago we, Ezra, Alison and I were down at ‘Mother Rucker’. We saw a guard dog, leashed. Course you know how they behave, all bark and threatening. Well, Alison looked down at the dog and said, ‘why don’t you sit down and stop talking’ in that calming tone she has. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the guard dog did just that, much to the consternation, anger, frustration and embarrassment of the MP. She then walked right up to the dog, gave him a pat on the head.”

Richard shook his head, first looking at Janice then her daughter in total disbelief.

Alison could tell from the look Richard flashed at her that he didn’t believe a word her mother had said. She did her best to suppress the urge to bite his head off, but she pushed her chair back almost knocking it over. “Fine if you think it’s bull shit, sorry Mom, then I’ll prove it.” Intentionally she left out ‘I hope.’ “Go stand in front of the pool,” In anger, some at herself, but mostly at him she growled the words.

With a smug, ‘yeah, good luck’ expression in his eyes he followed her direction but made sure he grabbed his beer. “I’m waiting, for what I don’t know, probably nothing, is my guess.”

Alison, fought to keep her anger down which would only be counterproductive and walked over to Kebi. Getting down on her hands and knees she whispered in her ear, “Kebi, push daddy in the pool.”

Before Richard had a chance to blink, he went flying backwards into the pool.

Kebi, overly pleased with herself, lay down at the pool edge, ears perked up and cocked her head side to side. She watched as Richard struggled to the surface. A distinctly unhappy look on his face, which pleased Kebi so much she looked back at Alison for a reward. Food, which she got.

Alison watched the water glisten off his deeply tanned, lovely muscled chest. Her gaze slipped down to his damp stomach. The muscles now more pronounced from the mix of water and sun. She felt a dampness form between her thighs. She could feel her nipples pebble with the want of his chest pressed against her. His mouth suckling them. A desire to feel his naked skin on hers was growing. But, a cough from behind her quickly deflated any and all ideas of they could do if left alone. And in the dark, or light for that matter. She wasn’t particular.


About Lindsay Downs:

I live in Connecticut and am the product of a dysfunctional family. Dad was Navy. Mom Army. If you know anything about the military that’s almost as bad as having one parent in the Army, the other a Marine. Since I never really took to the water, when I started writing my stories tended to have Army slant to them. But that wasn’t enough. I knew that the best stories, don’t forget I write mystery/thriller and suspense, had to have a little humor in them and since I have a collie I thought that including one in the story would be the perfect foil. So that’s how, in this case, Dakota, a tri-color rough collie, and Emily ended up together. One smart. One smarter. Some of Dakota’s personality comes from the collie that owns me.

You can get your own copy of Target Identified from:



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