Special Sale and Fun Videos!

Yeah, it’s a “two fer'” post.

First I want to announce the exciting news that Shades of Gray, previously $11.00 in paper back, is now $7.50.

That's a $3.50 savings!!


Yeah, this is that “Pro plan” I talked about, though I opted out of the extended distribution for the moment because it means I’d have to leave the price at $10.50. And,  where as it does make the books available to book stores such as Barnes and Noble or Borders, the only way my book would be there is if someone walked in, went to the counter and said, “Hey, can I get Shades of Gray by Joleene Naylor?” And if they’re doing that, then there’s a good chance that they could have just gotten the book online. In the end, with shipping and handling, they probably pay the same amount, and have it there in the same amount of time, except that they then have to go back to the bookstore to pick the book up, vs having it dropped off at their door.

I don’t know.  I might enable it later, meaning that this $7.50 thing may not be around forever. So, if you haven’t got the paper back yet, now’s the time to do it.

On a side note, I’m still waiting for the prize books to arrive. They’re supposed to be here no later than Monday, which means Wednesday for us in hicksville, so cross your fingers.

And now for the videos I promised!

I found these from random postings on the CPC Vampire vs Zombie Challenge and wanted to share them. The first one is short but hilarious:

And here’s another spoof/parody that gave me a giggle:

And as a bonus, this one isn’t exactly vampire related, but it was catchy and amused me:

The Trouble with Twilight

The Twilight Saga - (I know the book covers get blasted, but I actually like the first three. the fourth one not so much.)

Twilight. That used to be a word that meant that meant the purply-hazy time while the sun sank into night, but now it conjures different images; a teen vampire with bad hair and too white skin, a heroine that even fans want to kick, and a love triangle that’s part Sweet Valley High and part Dracula vs the Wolfman.

When I think of the Twilight phenomenon, I’m reminded of a Marilyn Manson interview from the mid nineties. In it the front man, better known as “Marilyn”, said that his goal was to be so famous,  that even a random housewife in the Midwest would recognize his name. He achieved that dream, and so has Stephenie Meyers multi-million dollar franchise.   Case in point, even my father-in-law, who is only slightly more socially informed than the crypt keeper, knows what Twilight is.

And that’s the problem with it.

You may be thinking, “No, the problem is that the vampires sparkle!” or “The characters are whiny emo teens” or even “half of the plot points are so unrealistic that I want to pull my own teeth out!”, but you have to remember that this series was written for those same whiny teens with their similarly unrealistic daydreams. You know the kind; the ones where all adults are quibbling jellyfish and the kids know everything? Pop in any Disney movie from the 80’s and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

No, the biggest problem isn’t the plot, the writing, or even the bizarre “love triangle solution” in the final book. The problem is the marketing. Twilight is written for teen girls, but marketed to males and adults, who then get aggravated with various points of the story, never stopping to think that the story wasn’t written for them in the first place.  This is an excellent example of what happens when you move beyond your target audience – or rather force your way beyond it.

Because, Twilight isn’t just marketed; it’s an all out blitzkrieg of advertising. You can’t log into a social network, go to the store, or even turn on your television without seeing an advertisement or reference to the franchise. Buy the t-shirt! Watch the movie! Read the books! Play the games! Get the key chain! Drink the soda! Sneeze in the kleenex – you get the idea. Everything that can have a Twilight logo slapped on it has and, if it hasn’t, it’s going to.

And this is what people are really sick of. After all, it can’t really be the story, which we all keep reading, or the movies, which we all keep watching. It’s all the blasted merchandise, and “how do you smell to Edward” quizzes. It’s that Edward and Bella and Jacob are shoved in our faces twenty four/seven, and the only way to escape is to hide in a cave, devoid of human contact. That’s the real problem with Twilight: it just isn’t deep or timeless enough to call for constant consumption.

Though, I can’t really think of any story that is. Can you?

The Self Publishing Debate: A Cartoon

I got this originally from Ruth Anne Nordin on the Self Published Author’s Lounge, and it was so fun that I had to share!

As a side note even *I* have sold more than 150 copies with NO advertising and almost NO effort. So the dude’s number is a little screwy!

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    Dark, light, love, laughter, death...you never know what you'll find in the shadows.

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