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I’m coming late to the sale, but it’s Read an eBook Week and Smashwords is having their usual sale – which means all of my books are on sale, most at 1$ off or more. To take advantage of the special prices, enter the codes supplied on the listing page at checkout.


Be sure to check out the other amazing deals going on this week!

More Read an E-Book Goodness – UPDATED

As if getting the whole AMaranthine series for free wasn’t enough to celebrate read an ebook week, several of my fellow authors are participating with more free or reduced books.

Your ereaders are going to be overloaded!

Craving Sci-fi or Fantasy with a twist? Check out Barbara G. Tarn’s massive, massive collection. I seriously have 35 of her works on my kindle (and I’ve read several and loved them all) and they are ALL reduced and in some cases free. Loads of hot men here, and for the guys there are plenty of hot women, too. And fighting.

How about Sci-fi or Erotica? Rodney C Johnson writes both, and he also has both free and reduced titles to choose from. He’s another author with an expansive universe, though you can make your way through any of the books without the others, it’s always better to read them all. And don’t forget his poetry book.

Speaking of poetry, DM Yates has several offerings, including a poetry book, a children’s book, and the first two books in her Always series. They are a great twist on reincarnation with a strong love story running right down the middle, the kind that makes you sigh, cry, and occasionally want to give the hero a smack. (What good romance doesn’t make you feel that way?)

And while we’re talking twists, Roger Lawrence is giving away his short story A Little Twist as well as reduced prices on his three series. Yes, three. Kongomato is for the horror lovers, Three Hoddies is fun sci-fi and  Old Geezers… well, the description alone should hook you.

Another author with multiple series is Stephannie Beman who has both free and discounted books from her hot mythical romance collections. I have one word here: Hades. And he is hot. Heck, most of her men are hot. Just as they should be.

And speakign of hot, CGCopola has the first two books in her sci-fi/romance series at reduced prices. So who’s hot? Reid, that’s who! Want to know who he is? then grab the books – you won’t be disappointed.

Juli D. Revezzo is offering two books in her paranormal fantasy series, Antique Magic, (book 1, The Artist’s Inheritance and book 2, Drawing Down the Shades) on sale. Though I haven;t read them they look good and I’ve grabbed them up.

If you like historic novels, S.G. Rogers is offering her  RONE Award-nominated novel, Duke of a Gilded Age, for 50% off.  It’s another one that looks good! 

And that’s all I have for the moment, but there are LOTS of good deals still to be had.

Are you an author offering free or reduced books? or a reader whose favorite author is participating in read an ebook week?  Leave the Smashwords link in the comments!

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