Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time again for Six Sentence Sunday, the cool blog group where participants post six sentences of something they’ve written. Be sure to check out the other participants.

I usually set this up ahead of time but with holidays and bad weather got behind this week, so you’re getting six sentences from Arowenia, the free short story I uploaded to Smashwords the other day.

She leaned delicately on the veranda railing and closed her eyes, savoring the early summer evening. The smell of fresh cut grass wafted on the breeze, and she could hear the bugs and the bullfrogs calling to one another. It reminded her of another time and another place; a world before Claudius and his “brothers” stormed her father’s castle and butchered everything in their path. Sometimes, in her dreams, she could still hear the guards’ screams, but she was numb to them now. It was so very long ago, and time healed all, or how else could they continue living year after year, century after century?

“Oh, uh, hey.”

(at this point she looked up to see the newest fledgling of their coven, however as this is six sentences, I’m outta here!) 😉

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check the other participants. I’ll be running late this week due to easter, but I’m hoping to actually get to read them on the PC (instead of the phone) so I can actually leave comments this week! woo-hoo!

Six Sentence Sunday

it’s time again for Six Sentence Sunday, the awesome blog event where writer’s share six sentences from something they’ve written.

This week I am taking a break from Ties of Blood to share a snippet from Adam, a short story available for Free on smashwords

He’d heard something, but he didn’t know what, only that it had been something; something that shouldn’t be there. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck stood up, and a sudden, unexplained chill danced down his spine.

He walked towards the end of the alley where he instinctively felt the noise had come from. A row of weather stained garbage cans shone dully under a flickering light. The effect was eerie, but there was nothing there.

And then the light went out.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out the other great participants!  Also of note, if you missed the announcement, sign ups will now start Tuesday instead of Wednesday because of the number of participants! That means lots of good reading!

Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time again for six sentence sunday, the fun blog group where participants post six sentences from something they’ve written. It’s a great way to find new writers, so be sure to check out the other participants!

I spent the last week catching up and got my website updated and some miscellaneous stuff done, though haven’t gotten to the Claudius story, so I thought what the heck, let’s do one more from Ties of Blood.

(working cover)

This is a continuation from last week. Jorick and Katelina are laying on the bed in their “room” at The Guild’s citadel.

“It won’t be for long.”

“I know,” she agreed, though truthfully she didn’t.  She gazed into the deep, dark pools of his eyes and felt herself sinking into their depths. As she had many times before, she let herself drown in them, like going under in a warm summer pond.

He captured her lips in a kiss, and she responded eagerly. Her lips parted for him and he swept his hot tongue into her mouth, tangling with hers and vying for supremacy.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to check out the other participants!

Have a great Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time for six sentence sunday, the weekly blog where participants post six sentences of something they’ve written. It’s a great way to discover new writers, so be sure to stop by the blog and check out the other participants!

Today’s six come from Ties of Blood, which is finally finished (yay!) and shipped off to the editor and the beta people. I thought I’d find a Jorick snippet for Sharon – who by the way is guest posting over at Love Romance Passion, so if you’re inclined stop and show her some love!  🙂

(working cover)

(This is after they’ve come back from seeing Malick. Initially they have a fight with Oren, and then some alone time where he finally asks her if she is all right.)

Jorick drew a deep, frustrated breath. “I’m sorry, I should have asked that first,  I just…” he broke off and cleared his throat. “I’m not used to feeling helpless, anymore.”

“It’s all right, I understand.”

“It’s not much of an excuse,” he muttered. “But what’s done is done.” He rolled over to face her and cradled her cheek in the palm of his hand.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other participants.

It’s an Anniversary Give Away!

No, it’s not my anniversary, but it is the anniversary of Six Sentence Sunday, and to celebrate there is going to be a really awesome give away this weekend, including a chance to win an ebook copy of Shades of Gray and Legacy of Ghosts!

To play, come comment on participants post this Sunday ( February 27th) and you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing. But wait, what could you win?  Here’s a partial list of the prizes:

  • eBook of choice from backlist – Sara Brookes
  • eBook copy of Healing Hearts – Taryn Kincaid
  • Print copy of The Doctor’s Deception – Kathleen Grieve
  • Autographed copy of Not Without Risk – Sarah Grimm
  • $10 eBook Bucks from & – Jessica Subject
  • Choice of backlist – Rebecca Royce
  • Autographed copy of Damaged Cargo (see website for blurb) – Sandra Sookoo
  • $10 ebucks and an ecopy of When A Mullo Loves A Woman via All Romance – Joanne Kenrick
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card – Lisa Fox
  • $5 gift certificate at MuseItUp Publishing Bookstore – Marsha Moore
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  • eBook copy of Shades of Gray and Legacy of Ghosts – Joleene Naylor

And LOTS more! To see the complete list – or to sign up for this week’s Six Sentence Sunday, please visit the blog at .

Hope to see you there!

Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time again for Six Sentence Sunday. Every week participants post six sentences from something they are writing – or have written. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to meet new writers!

This week’s are from my WIP Ties of Blood – again.

(working cover)

The idea filled Katelina with terror. She didn’t want to be a vampire, let alone one under Malick’s infamous tutelage. Jorick had been clear enough at the horrors that entailed.  She struggled uselessly and bellowed, “I’m not going anywhere!”

“Sorry,” he repeated. “But we are.”


No, not Jorick talking to her, but someone else.

Be sure to check out the other great participants, and thanks so much for stopping by!

Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time again forSix Sentence Sunday, the cool blog group where writers post six sentences from a work in progress, a published work, or even something they are shopping around. It’s a great way to discover new writers!

(working cover)

This week’s comes from my work in progress, Ties of Blood.  Since I posted part of the argument last week, I thought the result would be fun to post this week:

“Yes, Mom, this is Jorick-” she nodded from one to the other, “-and Jorick, Mom.”“It’s a pleasure,” Jorick responded politely, his full lips concealing his long vampire teeth. “I’ve heard a great deal about you.”

Her mother surveyed him critically. “I wish I could say the same for you.” She moved towards him, her expression almost hostile.  “I suppose you’re one of Patrick’s friends, aren’t you?

Be sure to check out the other great writers and thanks for stopping by!

Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time again for Six Sentence Sunday, the cool group where, every Sunday, participants post six random sentences. It can be from a WIP, from a published manuscript, or something you never plan to publish.

This week’s six sentences are from my Work in Progress, Ties of Blood.

(working cover)

Worried about her mother’s safety, Katelina has just announced to Jorick (her vampire boyfriend) that she wants to visit her – and she expect Jorick to go with her! Of course, he isn’t happy about it….

“Checking to see that she’s all right and introducing us are hardly the same thing!”

Katelina’s hands went to her hips. “What? Would you rather just sit at her window like a vulture and peer in on her?”

He nodded encouragingly, a brief light of hope in his eyes. “Actually, yes, that’s what springs to mind.” She continued to glare at him stubbornly and he snapped, “Katelina, I do not meet parents!”

Hope you enjoyed these six sentences. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out the other participating authors!

Six Sentence Sunday

It’s time for Six Sentence Sunday, the blog group where participants share six sentences of something they’ve written, whether it’s a work in progress, something that’s published, or something that will never see the light of day.

I used the ultimate in random, again, and this week’s sentences come form Legacy of Ghosts:

Setup: Katelina and Jorick are discussing vampires and sex, and she says the wrong thing….

“Slurp?” Jorick cried, offended. “Now who’s disgusting?”

She rolled her eyes. “Sorry, do you have a better word for it?”

“Yes, I do, actually,” he retorted. “’Sharing blood’ is much nicer, or even ‘exchanging blood’. Of course there’s always ‘coupling’ or the far more picturesque ‘making love’, which I happen to prefer.” He sniffed. “Slurp, indeed!”

Be sure to go read the other participants! Six sentence Sunday is a great way to find and meet new writers.

Six Sentence Sunday

(This was supposed to have been up earlier however due to a technical glitch – aka I scheduled it for the 10th, not the 9th – it wasn’t up. Oh well, here it is now, anyway)

It’s time for Six Sentence Sunday, the cool blog event where writers share six sentences from their work. It can be from something that’s published something that’s not published, or even a work in progress.  It’s a lot of fun, so be sure to check out the other participants by following the link.

In the spirit of Randomness, I let Jonathan (aka Jissilly) choose this week’s excerpt. This is from Shades of Gray:

(Katelina has gone with Jorick to meet Kateesha for the first time)

The woman seemed to appear from nothing. Her dark skin gleamed in the pale light, and her long black hair flowed behind her as she came across the dusty room. Her long dress was low cut and barely contained her ample breasts.  The fleshy mounds threatened to break loose at any moment.

She walked towards them slowly, with an almost liquid motion. Her eyes landed on Katelina and she licked her lips delightedly.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and hope you all have a great week!

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