Lots of Freebies, Including the Amaranthine Series


Shades of Gray is always free, but for July you can also only get Legacy of Ghosts and Ties of Blood for FREE – and get Ashes of Deceit and Heart of the Raven for only $.99 each – that’s five books for $1.98!

How do you get this awesome deal? Head over to Smashwords and enter some codes at checkout:

Shades of Gray (always free)

Legacy of Ghosts – code:SFREE at checkout

Ties of Blood – enter code:SFREE at checkout

Ashes of Deceit – (always $.99)

Heart of the Raven – code:SSW50 at checkout to get it for $.99


Get Masque of the Vampire – the newest book – at 50% off! Use code: SSW50 at checkout!

How cool is that? And mine aren’t the only free or discounted books this month:

For mor sale books, check out the sales pages at Smashwords.com

Do you know of other books on sale at Smashwords? Are you an author participating in the summer sale? Please leave your links in the comments below!

Books I am Looking Forward to in 2015

I know. Everyone posted their reading lists two weeks ago, except me. We’ve already established that I am three months behind, so a couple of weeks late isn’t too bad for me.

In the course of moving I “lost” my Kindle for several months, but now, I’ve found it. So I bring you a list of books I am looking forward to reading on it in 2015. Yay!

Discovery at Nerwolix  By C.G. Coppola

I love, love, LOVE this series. The new book came out just as I was moving, and so I hadn’t even gotten to look at it before the kindle went missing. AHHHHH! I’d call this a sci-fi/fantasy – though it has aliens in it, it FEELS more fantasy story to *me*. But then I’m sure other there are other sci-fi books that are that way. Why is it so good? For one thing Reid is hawt. Fallon (the protagonist) is a “strong” girl but she’s still a girl – not manlier than the men, and the side characters are all three dimensional and interesting. Add to that the awesome mythos and world building (including plenty of alien races) and it adds up to be awesome!

Spellbound by Tricia Drammeh

This is the first book in another series, by one of my fav authors. I’ve read her other books and loved them, so I’m looking forward to this one. As Amazon says “Formerly published under the title ‘The Claiming Words,’ Spellbound is a completely re-written, re-vamped novel featuring added scenes, additional chapters, and a new ending.” – I actually have The Claiming Words on my Kindle as well, but did not start it because a birdy told me to wait 😉 (A Tricia shaped birdie, LOL!) and I’m glad I did.

The Calling by Mark Mathews

I’ve had this one for a few months. It’s also the opening to a fantasy series. I did peek at the beginning and it starts off well with good character and plot introduction, so I am sure the rest will be as good. mark is also the author of The Protector, which I enjoyed last year.

Fractured Love…Broken Promises by J. Lee Coulter

I’ve had this one for a couple of years and have put it off, not because it’s not good, but because I owed people reviews etc etc. Well this year I am reading it! J. Lee Coulter is another of my favorite authors – I adore her Highlander series where she mixes history with fairies, magic, and mythology – so I am really looking forward to this!

Diary of a Reluctant Vampire – LC Cooper

I’ve had this one for a couple of years too, and have put it off for the same reason. This is a comedy and I know from her other work that LC is hilarious, so this one looks to be a lot of fun to read.

Jeremy by Maegan Provan

The second in the Night Touched Series. After having read book 1 (Celine) last year, I am looking forward to the continuation. Meagan has a creative and unique vampire mythos, and I am looking forward to its expansion. There are also some shorter prequels that I need to pick up.

Accendo & Mactus by Emily Guido

Okay, so this is two books, but they’re part of the same series so it counts, right? I read Charmeine, the first in the series last year, but for the same reason as the others I didn’t get to these two. I will now or else! Emily also had in intriguing vampire mythology that throws angels into the mix.

Books of the Immortals – Fire by Barbara Tarn

I’ve had this one for quite awhile but since this woman may be the world’s most prolific writer (Seriously. I have 36 items from her on my kindle and there are many I don’t own) I have been busy reading her newer stuff and never had time to back track. She has two main universes that I have delved into: Silvery Earth (fantasy) and Star Minds (soft Sci-fi). Don’t ask me to pick between the two. I’ve read enough of her work that I know this one will be good.

Three Hoodies Save the World 2 by Roger Lawrence

I’ve had this one for a bit and have wanted to read it. I enjoyed Three Hoodies number one – a mix of British humor and sci-fi told through the eyes of teenage boys – it’s hilarious! And also gross in places, just as it should be. He is also releasing The Book of Pain this year and I want to read it, too, though it is more horror, his wit still shines through in preview passages I’ve seen.

The Dogs Don’t Bark in Brooklyn Any More by Eric Robert Nolan

I’ve also had this one for about a year, waiting for me to get to it. I did start it once – it was well written and held my attention – but had to stop to do some beta reading for someone else, then we started moving and… well, you can see how that went. So I am anxious to get back to it.

Wanderers Escape by Simon Goodson

I haven’t read anything by Simon yet, but it seems we have similar taste in books, so that’s a good sign. It’s the first in a sci-fi/space opera series.

The Heart’s Discovery by Amy McGuire

Another one I have had for awhile. It’s a romance book, and who doesn’t like romance? (hint, I do!)

Vampire Syndrome by Daven Anderson

Another that has been on my TBR list for too long. I’ve read snippets and such on Daven’s blog, so I know it’s going to be good. And I also know it has a unique spin on vampires. No mushy Twilight stuff here.

Tantric Zoo by Rob Loughran

I admit, I’ve mostly read his joke books (he has a bunch), but I want to give his novel a try. I have had it for a couple of years and this is the year I will read it.

Mac Tire by Alan Dowell

“Motorcycles, mayhem, and sex,” or so the description says. Who doesn’t want to read that?

Markan Throne by Nicolas Rose

Another fantasy series starter. I’ve meant to read this for awhile now.

Zombie Hospital by Angela Verdenius

Okay, it’s a short story. But it looks fun, and I know Angela is hilarious, so….

An Irish Tale by Terrance O’Grady

Another one I’ve meant to read.

Twisted Vengeance by Jeff Bennington

Another one I’ve had for awhile. he has like a billion reviews, so it must be good (joking there, but I am sure it is good, really)

There Will Be Phlogiston by Alexis Hall

The description amused me. The author bio sold me. If it’s half as witty as either it’s going to be a good read.

Teddy Bear Cannibal Massacre Anthology

This was one of the first books I got on my Kindle and I have never finished it, though I have read about half of it. The stories are strange, though there are no cannibal teddy bears. However they’re good and I am determined to read them all.


What books are you planning the read this year?

Smashwords Interviews

Image representing Smashwords as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

Smashwords introduced author interviews several days ago, but being the pokey puppy I am (does anyone else remember that children’s book?) I’ve only just gotten mine done.  You can check out my Smashwords interview here.  And, for the sake of some meat in this potato-style blog, here’s one of my answers.

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in the south west corner of Iowa in a tiny pocket of unreality; a place that time literally had not caught up to (and still has not). Everything was a little slower, a little smaller, and a little quieter. Farmers with withered sun tanned skin woke up at five in the morning and had coffee in the small cafe at seven. Carhart and coveralls were the fashion, the county fair was one of the big events of summer and the volunteer fire department still had dances in the street. I dreamed of escaping to a metropolitan area that was “like TV”, but moving doesn’t matter. Those kind of places aren’t only around you, but in you, and you can’t run from what’s inside. It oozes out in my writing; in my settings and my descriptions. There is nothing creepier to me than a dark field of corn or an abandoned barn. The backdrops of my books are small towns, slowly dying, with grass choked parking lots and rain striped motels. My monsters lurk in the woods and live in the abandoned farm house. They drive down old highways and shop in the local chain stores. And why not? There’s a subtle beauty in the Midwest; in old gray barns and rusted windmills. I only hope I can capture it.

I promise the rest of the answers aren’t as long winded.

And while you’re there check out DM Yate’s interview. I loved her answer to “What do your fans mean to you?”

“Readers of my work are precious to me because they’ve taken the time to read what I’ve written. I enjoy introducing readers to my new world and waiting for their reactions.”

and Roger Lawrence’s interview. His answer to “What is your writing process?” is similar to what mine would be:

I just get it all down as it comes out and edit much later, since the majority of my books are written with no planning. I just begin with a sentence, or perhaps a line of dialogue and see how it goes. This often results in dead ends and frustration, but for me is the only way to write. That includes my newest book about the potentially eternal man. I knew how it would begin and even knew what would happen in the middle, but I let the end take care of itself. In fact I have two endings written and shall let my wonderful beta readers advise as to which they think is the better.
There are hundreds of other interviews, so take some time and browse around. You might find a new favorite author.
if you’re an author and you’ve done a Smashword’s interview, leave us the link below.
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Legacy of Ghosts gets a Touch Up

cover mess - 250I breezed through Shades of Gray last year and, with the help of the wonderful DM Yates, caught and corrected some typos. It was time that Legacy of Ghosts got the same treatment, but alas I did a bit more than touch up typos. I know, I know. I didn’t change a lot; I just edited the scene with the letters a bit, added a couple of very short scenes based on two of the Lost Chapters and tightened up some of the conversation and such. If you’ve already read the book then it’s not worth getting a new copy of it (wait, a minute, aren’t I supposed to encourage you to re-read it? Oh well…), but if you haven’t  now might be the time to go check it out.

You can grab a copy at:

There are other places (like Kobo, apple, etc.) But it’s not updated there yet.  I may go through and do this to the others, including Shades of Gray again as I need to reread them all to make sure my plot… erm.. development for book six, Children of Shadows,  will work. Alas, I forget what ends up making the final cut and what doesn’t. I need a keeper. 😉

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PS – I have added some polls about the book covers – check the upper right corner in the top link bar for the Polls drop down.

Diary of a Reluctant Vampire – Free Ebook from LC Cooper!

Because I’ve been behind weeding through my email, this deal is about to run out . But don’t fear, it’s not over yet! Until August 14th you can pick up a copy of LC Cooper’s new book “The Diary of a Reluctant Vampire” for FREE by entering the following code on the Smashwords checkout page:


Eugene faces more than the usual challenges of a young teen. He’s given a very short time to decide whether or not to become a vampire. He trips into love, but is it too late? What will his stepmother and stepsister say if he joins the forever-damned? The perks are incredibly tempting. Oh, what’s a goofy little kinda-vampire to do?

I already grabbed my copy, so don;t forget to get yours. 😉

Love in the Kitchen

Get a copy today!

It’s almost Valentines Day, so I thought I’d repost this as it seems fitting. 


Jorick and Katelina are cooking up a storm (erm, sort of..) in the a flash fiction story That Certain Sparkle, which you can read in the  FREE flash fiction/cookbook collection Love in the Kitchen: Recipes and Flash Fiction compiled by Ashlynn Monroe.

Jorick and Katelina aren’t the only ones serving up their own brand of romance. You can also find stories and recipes from authors Ryan Loveless,  Leanne Dyck, Julie Lynn Hayes, Eden Baylee, J.M. Kelley, Berengaria Brown, Amy Valenti, Valerie Holyoak,  Lily Sawyer and Ashlynn Monroe. 

Get your Free copy from Smashwords and get to cookin’!


All Romance






Kariss now on Smashwords!

The eleventh Vampire Morsel, Kariss, is now available as a free read on Smashwords.com.

Short Story. Not a children’s story. The eleventh in a collection about different vampires from the Amaranthine universe. Told in flashbacks between 1784 and 1820, Kariss must come to terms with her owm immortality and her mother’s death. You can also find Kariss in the novel legacy of Ghosts. 

It’s been approval for the extended distribution, so should soon filter through to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.  

Meanwhile, if you haven;t yet, you can either read the other ten stories free on Smashwords/Barnes & Noble/etc. OR you can purchase all seventeen for $.99 from Amazon, Smashwords, B&N etc.

And leave a review! Ha ha! 

Lots-O-Links #28 – ebook sales!

This is a special edition of Lots-O-Links, posts where I randomly share links. Fun, huh? I can now call it the weekly post that four (real, I presume) people have gone on record as liking. Pretty cool!

This week I am posting ebook deals! Drop in to Smashwords and pick up some of these awesome books!

Everything by Unicorn Productions (aka Barbara G. Tarn) is 50% off! This includes her Immortals series, which I highly recommend!

All of LC Cooper’s books are FREE – including the super creepy “Legacy”. It was months before I could look  at… ah, nope, not giving it away 😉

Though not officially part of the “sale” Steve Evans has slashed his prices – they’re down 60%!  I just finished his novel “The Russian Idea” and the rest are on my tbr list.

Terry O’Grady has various deals on his collection of novels – and like his sale, his offerings are also a variety – from a YA novel to a civil war piece. Check ’em out!

CM Barrett has marked all of her books down 25% except for those which are always free, of course.

Phillip Frey has one book FREE and another at 75% off! Talk about deals!

and of  course Bonnie Mutchler’s poetry books are always FREE 😉

Do you know of anyone else offering deep smashwords discounts? Are you? Leave me the links the the author’s page and I will add them 🙂

If you have any links to share please mail them to me at Joleene (at) JoleeneNaylor (dot) com or else post them in the comments! And that’s all I have right now. Have a great week everyone!

July Sale!

I’m Guilty. I can’t resist a good sale, and that’s exactly what is going on over on Smashwords! It’s the big July summer sale, and the Amaranthine universe is participating!

If you haven’t picked up your ecopies of the books, now is your chance! Just follow the links below (click the titles or the covers!) and enter the relevent codes at checkout to get your sale price!

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray:  $2.00FREE


Legacy of Ghosts: $2.99 – $1.50


Ties of Blood: $2.99$1.50


Ashes of Deceit$2.99$1.50


Remember, these prices won’t last forever, so grab your vampire goodness while you can! And of course, the Vampire Morsel short stories are always free!

Jesslynn now on Smashwords!

The tenth Vampire Morsel, Jesslynn, is now available as a free read on Smashwords.com.

Short Story. Not for children. Part of a collection called Vampire Morsels about vampires from the Amaranthine universe. When Jesslynn’s baby gets sick, she sees only way to save him; by discovering whatever dark ritual keeps their neighbor, Jorick, healthy and eternally young. She gets more than she bargained for. 

It’s still pending approval for the extended distribution, but once it is approved it will filter through to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.  Ashes of Deceit got approved quickly, so hopefully only a couple of weeks.

This is the last freebie I will post for awhile because later this month I will publish the Vampire Morsels collection featuring all seventeen stories in one book.  And, yes, I am going to charge for it, which means Amazon will finally get the Morsels. 😉



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