Interview with Chester and Priscilla

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Character Interviews. I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, so Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. Maybe these people will actually answer me!

 Today we have Priscilla and Chester, characters from a series of short stories by SassySue King. To introduce them, let me give you a little something Sue wrote about them:

 If you met Chester and his wife Priscilla, you would no doubt think they the perfect couple. They are each renowned in their chosen professions; he as a lawyer, she as a psychiatrist. Their home, unburdened by children, is perfectly coordinated, though a bit pristine and scrupulously tidy. They both work out regularly and for a couple in their 40s, are in good shape. You would find her a pleasant, quiet woman but without too much of a sense of humour, while his banter can be cutting and cruel at times, though his face always wears a smile. Looks deceive, behaviour illuminates; their true nature is not discernible through casual observation. 

 Sounds interesting huh? Well, let’s go meet them!

 Katelina:  Hello, Chester and Priscilla! I have to say you guys really look like the perfect couple! So, are you married, or….

 Chester: We’re a married couple -the perfect couple.

(photo by Print North East via Flickr)

 K: Wow! Really?

 Chester: On the outside we are the perfect couple but on the inside, not so much. Our personalities come out bit by bit in the stories Sue writes about us. She hasn’t decided how we will end up. One possibility is a happy ending. Or, Priscilla could end up in a psychiatric hospital which would be quite ironic, her being a psychiatrist and all and I could end up in jail where my bad temper and abusive personality can land me up. Well could still practice law for the inmates…This summer Sue plans on finishing our story. *Chester glares at Sue*

Priscilla: *glaring at Chester for his rudeness* We pop up on her blogs –

K: Ah! That sounds like the two of you have an interesting dynamic! Though, I know how annoying it is when your author won’t make up their mind *glares at Jo*. Is there anything you’d like to say to your author or your readers?

 C: To Sue; Smarten up!! You can write about us so that we are sympathetic and understandable.  If people hate us that is ok, it shows your writing is strong enough for our personalities to shine through (laughs).  And to our readers we just ask that they don’t judge us until the ending. Don’t push your value system on us. Everyone has a story to tell and this is ours.

Katelina: Oh? Does something happen at the ending that will make readers see you differently?

 C: Well, at the beginning of the stories I am disliked by everyone but by the end I am understood.

P: At the beginning everyone feels sorry for me but by the end they understand me better, too.

K:That’s great! It’s nice to be understood, though it can be challenging.

 C: Yes. I need to make the readers see me as more than just a bull in a china shop; don’t hate me I am good lawyer

P: And I need to become more assertive and not so one dimensional.

K: It sounds like you guys have the exact opposite problems. One of you is too aggressive and the other is unassertive.

 C: Yes. We’re each our own worst enemy – our personalities evolved over time until we each rub the other the wrong way. We seem so different but we’re not, really.

P:*nods head in agreement*

Chester is as angry as this bird (Photo by hj_west via flickr )

K: If you’re each your own worst enemies, then does that mean you have other enemies? No offence, but Chester kind of seems like he does.

 C: Yes. Everyone.

K: I kind of thought so. What about Priscilla?

 P: My clients became my enemies as I was so demanding of them, not letting them live their life. I judged them harshly, by my standards.

C: Due to my aggressive and abusive nature, my coworkers became my enemies. I’m good in court and usually win, so at least the clients have been happy. Also, my aggression slipped over into my personal life and I take a lot out on Priscilla.

 K: I think that happens a lot when you live with someone. I know Jorick gets blustery at me sometimes, when I didn’t do anything! (Jorick denies this) I bet you guys have reasons for the way you are, though. Was there some kind of childhood trauma that led to your behaviors?

 C: I was a lonely child and a curious one. My anger demonstrated itself by mutilating not only the family pets but the neighbour’s pets as well. I found this released the anger and calmed me. As an adult I could not mutilate people. Somehow, I ended up becoming a lawyer. So I mutilated peoples’ minds instead. This did not endear me to others and the anger, loneliness and frustration remained.

 P: My step father emotionally abused me when I was a child. Nothing I ever did was good enough. I wasn’t pretty enough or smart enough and I lost any sense of self-esteem I may have ever had. I showed him I was at least smart. I became a psychiatrist with my own practice. My intention originally was to help people cope with similar feelings. But as time went on I ended up ensuring my clients felt as worthless as I still felt.

K: Wow. That sounds really intense, and like a lot for you both to overcome. You said that by the end of the stories you’ll be understood and possibly change for the better. How does that happen?

 C: Priscilla’s nephew comes to live nearby.

P: And the group therapy helped, too.

(photo by Sara Alfred via Flickr)

K: Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

 C: When Priscilla’s sister and her nephew came back to town after her husband’s sudden death, we saw them a great deal. Priscilla always looked out for her sister. On our first visit after their return, Priscilla and her sister, Anne, went into the other room to talk. Charles, the six year old nephew, and I sat in the living room just staring at each other.  After a while Charles took out one of his trucks and started to play with it. He looked up at me and asked if I wished to play also. At that moment I realised Charles did not know my history or me at all. His grief at the loss of his beloved father was obvious and there he was looking at me for help. I understood the loneliness he felt and that feeling eventually did bond us. And changed me. No one was more surprised than Priscilla

P: At the point when both Chester and I were told to get help by our respective bosses, we joined a group therapy session. Somehow, after admitting that I needed help as much as my clients did – more so, even – my inner strength flooded me and I became more assertive. I don’t know if Chester and I should have been in different groups, but since we were in the same group we dominated the sessions and bickered back and forth. It was like the Chester and Priscilla show every week. We managed to say things to each other we’d never been able to say before and at the end of the process we both came out more understanding, less judgmental and with more humour than when we went in.

K: That sounds like a really interesting journey! I’m glad to know you guys work things out eventually. Is there anything else you’re hoping for?

 C: Forgiveness, especially from my co-workers and to be rid of my anger.

P: Forgiveness from my clients whose lives I screwed up and to be rid of my fears.

And with that it looks like we’re out of time. After all, Priscilla and Chester are both busy professionals with lots of appointments. Thanks a lot for stopping in, guys! It was great getting to know you both a little bit. And if you want to leave your business cards, I’d appreciate it. Since I spend so much time running around with blood thirsty vampires a lawyer and a psychiatrist might just be what the doctor ordered!

 Be sure to check out Priscilla and Chester and their journey on SassySue’s blog at


And a special thanks to Sue for being my first “victim”.

If you’re an author and would like your character(s) to be interviewed by me, then check out this very cool page that has all the details:

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  1. Thank you Katelina! It was our pleasure 😀

  2. How interesting, getting a character to interview others. It certainly helps reveal the character’s personalities!

    • J.C. thanks so much for reading – this is Chester who I started out on SSS – everyone hated him ….

    • Thanks! Thought it would be something different and a great way to get to know the characters 🙂

  3. Barbara Boggs

     /  May 15, 2011

    The interview makes me want to go back and reread the stories and catch up on the ones I missed. I love the way Chester and Priscilla speak so honestly here.

  4. And thank you Jo !

  5. I think I should meet these vampires

    • They are not the kind of vamps Jo writes about; they are the Human variety of vampire 😀

  6. What a fun idea, Joleen! I like how you handled the interview.

    Sue, looking forward to reading more about the bonding of Chester and Charles! and group therape 😀


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