Interview with Starblazer

Hello! My name is Katelina, and welcome to Weekend Character Interviews. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo author magic, Jo has temporarily bent the laws of fictional space and time to allow various literary universes to converge long enough for me to ask different characters a few questions. Since I spend a lot of time in the Amaranthine series quizzing vampires on what they’re doing, where they’re going and why, Jo thought I would be the perfect interviewer. 

Today we have Starblazer who is from a variety of places – you know what? I’ll let her tell you!


S: I’m a second generation female Fajrulo, which means I’m the second to bear this name. I’m a member of one of the Magical Races of Silvery Earth and I can shift shape as I please, which means I spend most of my very long life in Human form, usually as a witch, shaman, fortune teller or seeress. I’m the thread that links the Books of the Immortals and also some related short stories. At the moment you can find me as a secondary character in Air, its short sequel The Dancer and my namesake short story Starblazer, prequel to Fire where I’ll play a bigger part as Fire is my Immortal, so my people will be more prominent in that novel (it will be out in June)

K: You said you have a long life span? How long is it?

S: Around 900 years

K: Oh, wow! Don’t things get boring?

S:  No, my own evolution is really very slow, almost imperceptible! But, my lifespan is so long, I can’t remember single events, and I sometimes confuse them with my visions.

K: Oh, well I guess that would help. I wonder if that happens to Jorick, too? *ponders* Sorry, back on topic, I bet you have time to accumulate a lot of enemies!

S: Well, there is a stupid Human tainted by a Pond of Dark Magic who kept me stuck in a single Human form for sixteen years when I was still young and rash… I wiped out a kingdom when I was freed! (that’s Air story in case you’re wondering…)

K: Since you’re basically superhuman, does that mean you have superhuman powers, too?


S: Yes, I’m very powerful, challenging me might be not good for you, especially if you’re only Human…

K: Does that make it hard to have a romantic relationship? I mean, since you’re so powerful? I know vampires seem to have bizarre issues….

S: Unfortunately Fajrulo are not equipped with a heart. We do grow fond of some people, but we’re cold even among ourselves or with our offsprings… We have mating flights or one-night stands with other races, but we don’t form lifelong couples – ask that to my half-blood son Kyler Darklight, whom you shall meet in Fire and Ether…

K: Yeah. I think that’s a symptom of the long lifespans. I guess it would get boring being with one person for 900 years-

Jorick: *pokes head in* Would it?

K: Erm, I mean, depending on the person, of course. Heh-heh.

S: Who’s that? He’s cute!

J: *looks smug*

K: *blushes* That’s Jorick. He’s my live in boyfriend, I guess you’d call him. Though boyfriend seems sort of weird… He’s a vampire.

S: Oh, really? How old is he?

K: He doesn’t like to talk about it, for some reason. But, I have managed to get out of him that he was born in the 1500’s in The Netherlands and-  

Jo: (finally makes an appearance) Would you be quiet? You’re giving things away! Yeesh!

K: Oh my God! It’s my author! She took five seconds to grace us with her presence! We should mark this day on a calendar! You know, I wouldn’t be giving anything away if you’d get that next book finished! We’re all tired of waiting! And… there she goes. She’s gone, again! Starblazer, I hope your author is better than mine! 


S: Yes, well, I bet mine had fun in exploring the alternative to one of my visions in Fire! I’m glad she also told the real story in Ether

K: Yeah, she sounds better. After all, you don;t see her appearing and being all crabby. Hrmph! Luckily I have some great readers. I bet you do , too. If you could say one thing to your readers, what would it be? 

S: Remember I’m not Human… and my true form might scare you out of your socks, so bear with me!

K: And it looks like we’re almost out of time! So one last question! What is it that you want the most?

S: Freedom to roam the world – take it from me and you’re as good as dead!

K: Yikes! She’s one serious lady! Thanks to Starblazer for coming in today. You can find her in.. well, here’s the list!


Links to the whole stuff…

Books of the Immortals – Air:

The Dancer:


Books of the Immortals – Fire:

Books of the Immortals – Air:

And a special thanks to Barbara G. Tarn for playing along!

If you’re an author and would like your character(s) to be interviewed by me, then check out this very cool page that has all the details:

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  1. I love this character. Intriguing to have a character that lives 900 years. Great idea.

  2. LOL Love that threat at the end!

  3. May I “like” the comments as well? 😉

    • I know! this theme doesn’t seem to have the star rating on the comments, LOL! I keep thinking I’ll change it but then I never do 😉

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