Blog Tour – Day Two

Join me on my first ever blog tour!

Today fellow author Ron Voigts was kind enough to host me! Check out my interview where I shoot myself in the foot and try to defend my covers! let me know what you think of them and be sure to enter on Ron’s blog for a chance to win a free ebook! While you’re there, check out his great series of Penelope books!

Check out the rest of the schedule for more chances to win:

Thanks for stopping by and helping to make my first tour a success!

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  1. Pfft! It’s fine! I read Ron Voigt’s interview. Your stories are action/adventure. Action/adventure sells too! Your covers are fine. They DO stand out, a good thing.

    Besides, it’s soooo hard to walk when you shoot yourself in the foot. There’s the limping, and your shoes don’t wear evenly, people make up nick names to call you…I wouldn’t recommend it! 😉

    • True, though romance is the number one seller – for awhile, I admit, I caved in and put them under the romance> paranormal category and suddenly had sales – but now they have expanded and have a fantasy > paranormal category, so I’ve moved them to it 🙂

      You mean like “Limpy”? Hmmmm…

  2. It was a great read. You did an excellent job.


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