My First Blog Tour :)

snazzy graphic. Yes, you can snag it.

I’m going to try my first ever blog tour later this month (the 15th – 23rd) . There will be an ebook giveaway at each stop. Though I am mainly promoting the newest book, Ashes of Deceit, since it is a series you will be able to choose which of the four books you want. They will be from Smashwords, so you’ll be able to pick the format: epub, mobi, pdf – you name it.

I’m still in the organizing phase, but I have the stops/dates set up! I will update this as time goes by.

15 – The Intimate Vampire: Danger or safety?? – Top Shelf Books w/ Misty Rayburn –
17 – The History of Vampires – Interrupted – with Barbara G. Tarn –
19 – Dark Ramblings with Author Joleene Naylor – with The Williamson Vampires –
22- The Power of the Freebie – with Reena Jacobs –
23 –Excerpt of Ashes of Deceit – with Lindsay Downs –
Hope to see everyone there! 🙂
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  1. Am I being incredibly obtuse, but what is a blog tour?

  2. I will be at every stop to read it all. Can’t you bring Verchiel with you? To at least one? sigh.

  3. Touring looks like tiring work.

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