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Hello! My name is Jorick and I’m from Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. Using state of the art-mumbo-jumbo-author magic, Jo normally has Katelina interview other authors’ characters but now we’re interviewing fellow Amaranthian’s with questions that come from you, the readers.

You may wonder WHY I’m filling in for Katelina. It’s because today’s interviewee is my fledgling Oren-

Yes, and I have no interest in answering questions, let alone from her. Why are we doing this?

J: It was part of the ridiculous contract that our hack author roped us into, if you’ll remember. Let’s get this over with, shall we? *shuffles papers*. I assume I’m supposed to pick through these…

O: No, I think you have to ask them all.

J: Wonderful. I’ll warn you, they’re an unruly lot. You should have seen the things they asked me – my underwear, for God’s sake!

O: I’m not answering underwear questions.

J: That’s a pity, because you have one. From Sharon S., “Did he bring his big girl panties to the interview?”

O: I assume that’s clever slang.

J: Yes, I think so. Oh, here’s one, from a Jonathan – Oh, I know who HE is. He’s that writer who keeps pairing me and Katelina with that ridiculous Vampire Willy. Anyway, he asked, “Can I have his sister’s phone number?”

O: *rolls eyes* She doesn’t have her own phone, and this is precisely why. We have one cellphone which we share and no, you may not have the number. She’s a big enough -I think you can imagine the word – already.

J: A lot of words fit, but they all have essentially the same meaning. Moving on, here’s one from Sue, “I’ve read about your life in the south during the civil war. Granted it wasn’t your war but was all the blood shed (yummy) worth it to the humans?”

O: They thought so. To be honest, I was on the southern side, for the most part. I wasn’t really interested in the bureaucrats in the north telling us what to do. On the other hand, the Vampire government has been doing the same thing since it started. They have one centralized location and tell everyone, hundreds of miles away, what to do, even though they aren’t there and have no idea of the individual circumstances. I will say that the war between the states made it easier to find food. If you waited, it would walk to your door wearing blue and carrying a gun.

J: Yes, it did, didn’t it? I remember once I found some in the barns. They were quite surprised.

O: *snickers* I imagine. All right, what’s next?

J: Let me see. We have this from Juli, the first part is not really a question, but I think you should hear it anyway, “First of all, I wanted to say that I am SOOO sorry for your losses. I can’t even try to imagine how difficult it would be to lose a spouse and children as violently as you lost yours. Again, I’m so sorry. You also had a great deal of losses when you were human. I’ve read that illness took more of your children before you were transformed. You’ve experienced so much sorrow in your long life. It must be very difficult for you. Again, I can’t even imagine!”

O: Erm. Well. Yes. *looks uncomfortable* Jesslynn gave birth eight times though only Alexander and Tristan lived to be older than five months, but of course, we know how that ended.

J: *clears throat* Well, yes. Here’s the question part of it, “I would like to think there must have been SOME happiness in your life, once, even if it was long ago. Do you ever look to the future and think that, maybe someday, you will find happiness again?”

O: Oh, there’s been happiness. No one can live and have all of only one thing or the other. I remember when I married Jesslynn and we were… happy. My mother wasn’t, of course. Jesslynn wasn’t… what’s the word I want? Flouncy enough? She didn’t giggle and bat her eyelashes and flirt over her fan. As to whether I see future happiness… I don’t know.

J: Time heals all things.

O: Does it? *looks away* Next question. I’d like to get this over with.

J: Yes, of course. While we’re on the subject, there are a couple more from Juli. “Sometimes talking about our deceased loved ones helps. Would you mind sharing a memory or two concerning your family?”

O: Is this necessary?

J: Since your fan club president isn’t here, Juli has been the only understanding commenter so far, in fact she said, and I quote, “he’s grown on me throughout the series. Over the years, (months in Amaranthine time) he’s become one of my favorite characters!”

O: In that case, all right. I remember when Alexander was born. It was storming… Hmm. No. That’s not very interesting. Let me think. I remember the summer Bethina came to stay with us.  She was still human then. She talked Alexander into wanting fireworks, and he spent a month relentlessly asking about them. He never whined or threw a tantrum, but at every turn it was, “Father, have you thought about the fireworks?”  Of course he got them, in the end. Jesslynn forbade his lighting them, so Bethina did it for him. He would call out which one he wanted next and she’d send it up. He was quite enchanted with them and after that we had to get them periodically. Though they changed the laws shortly after to limit what was available. Alexander was especially sad to see the “Cherry Bombs” go, though I never understood why. They were just noise.  At least the roman candles had colors and such. The interesting thing was that even after Bethina went… well, after she was turned and things went a bit wrong, she still lit the fireworks for him. It was one of the things she’d held onto, I guess.

J: Ah. Here’s another question, “What did you love most about your wife?”

O: She was strong. She could survive on her own. She didn’t need me, or anyone else to coddle her, or protect her, or take care of her. She was intelligent, sharp witted and knew her own mind without needing me to tell it to her, as so many women did – and still do, for that matter. I see stories on television even of modern, supposed enlightened women who will allow men to do atrocious things to them rather than be alone. Jesslynn would never have stood for that. I raised my hand only once to her – it was accepted in those days – and that was over my mother. She’d insulted her to her face. Of course, you can’t have that, wife or no. Jesslynn hit me back, harder than I had ever hit her, and told me if I ever so much as considered that again she’d bury me in the cemetery next to my father. I believe she meant it.

J: Hmm. Yes, very enlightened for a woman of her times. This is from Sue, and seems to go along with the general theme, “And really – you wanted to keep your family with you always, but a vampire baby, or even your older son, to be a child forever? It wasn’t fair to them. But then you were only thinking of yourself I guess, as you usually do.”

O: No, I wasn’t thinking of anything because I didn’t do it. That was Jesslynn. I told her not to, but she was convinced they would both die the way the others had if she didn’t do it immediately. I believe Alexander would have lived to adult hood, but she was right about Tristan. He was already showing the same symptoms as the others. He had no more than a month left. It’s a complex question – was it right or wrong – and at the moment I don’t feel philosophical.

J: You know my opinion on it.  

O: As a matter of fact, I do. And you know my opinion on some of your choices.

J: Like Katelina, perhaps? Interesting you brought that up, as Juli also asked, “Do you ever think you’ll be able to accept Katelina in Jorick’s life?”

O: Do I have a choice? She is ALWAYS there, like a bad penny or a skin blemish. It wouldn’t be as bad if she wasn’t so mind numbingly weak! The simplest tasks elude her, and she can never, ever defend herself, or anyone else for that matter!

J: And who else should she defend?

O: Next question.

J: All right, then here’s the last one from Juli, “You managed to keep your family “under the radar” from the Executioners for many years. Do you blame Jorick for leading them to your home? What about Katelina?”

O: Honestly? No, I don’t blame Jorick or even her for bringing them there, that was Patrick’s fault for telling Michael where Arowenia was, they’d have come even if Jorick wasn’t there, but I do blame the insipid human for what happened after they arrived. How hard is it to hide in a concealed room? It isn’t difficult, and yet she couldn’t manage it because Jorick wasn’t there to do it for her!

J: I understand you’re still emotional about it, but be careful where you tread.

O: It’s true. You insisted we put her in there with the children and Bethina what happened? They found them! We both know it was her scent that attracted them! You said they wouldn’t notice with all the human servants running around – we sacrificed them, Jorick! We willingly left all the servants out in the open as a distraction and yet the Executioners still found the children and your pathetic little human and-

J: Enough! Moving on, there are two final questions from Donna. “You’re kind of a grumper, like a diabetic without enough insulin. Have you thought about increasing how often you ‘eat’?”

O: I’ve thought about changing my diet, if that’s what you mean. I can think of someone who would make an excellent dinner and afterwards I’m sure the world would seem a far rosier place.

J: What did I say?

O: About what?

J: Don’t play stupid. I know what you meant.

O: Of course you do! You know everything! I imagine you know the answer to the final question, don’t you?

J: Yes, I do. The question is, “You’re so damned good-looking. Why haven’t you found some new lover?” And the answer is because no woman would put up with you.

O: With me? Ha! I’m far easier to get along with than you are! You’re overbearing and condescending!

J: Only because you need to be told what to do, not to mention you’re whiny, melodramatic, and you talk everything to death!

O: Excuse me if I want to make sure that there is a viable plan in place first.

J: Viable? Hardly! The plans are never viable! They’re always halfcocked and ridiculous, but we talk about them for hours anyway, we just don’t ever improve them!

O: Do you think you could do better? If so, you’re more than welcome to try!

J: Of course I could-

*Katelina interrupts* No, he couldn’t. *she grabs Jorick’s arm*. He’s not joining anything, planning anything, or helping in anything. There. Was I being a strong enough woman for you?

O: *glares*

K: *shoves Jorick through the door.* Unfortunately Jorick must leave and we’re out of time, anyway. Thanks to Oren for bothering to show up.  Join us next week when someone interviews Malick!

O: *mutters* What? Not committing to that one, either?


If you’d like to leave questions for Malick, please check out this blog and leave them in the comments section. Thanks!

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  1. government is government vampire or human

    Oh My apologies Oren – I was under the misconception that it was you who turned the children.
    He’s speaking to Jorick – why is he using third person?

    Good interview

  2. Love the interview! Oren needs a new woman, lol. Maybe one Jorick can’t stand 😉

  3. Loved this interview. Well-done. Oren did better than I could have imagined.

  4. sharonstogner

     /  May 14, 2012

    lol, Oren was actually pretty interesting here. There might be hope for him yet…:) great job on the interview. It is always nice to see Jorick again 😉

  5. Great interview and very insightful! I especially enjoyed reading about Oren’s relationship with his wife, and children. I appreciate his candor. 🙂 Yup! I’m an even bigger fan of Oren now than I was before!

    • He’s happy (in his own Oren way) to know there are now two members in the Oren fan club 😉 He secretly feels that Jorick has an unfair amount of admirers.

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